Roma Mid-Season review Part 3 #436









Without question Roma’s biggest issue this season has been inconsistency. One of the most inconsistent teams in Europe you just never know what you’re going to get. With a lot of great teams when playing certain opposition you get a sense what the worst case scenario is. With Roma a loss is always a possibility because of how inconsistent they have been this season. I discussed the resiliency but they have also gotten on the wrong side of that as well. Roma are not losing to Warriors they are losing it to teams they should beat with no  issues. They have dropped points against inferior opponents as well. Twice this season Roma have collapsed a 2-0 lead. At the beginning of the season to Chievo Verona which at the time was one of the worst teams in the league and still are. Then the ultimate embarrassing and humiliation against Cagliari. It was the lowest point of the season. In the 84th minute away at Cagliari Roma had a 2-0 lead. Within 10 minutes Roma choked away what should have been a sure three points eventually Cagliari got a goal back and then in the very death of the match they had two players sent off with red cards and ended up still scoring on a counter attacks as Roma blew the 2-0 lead to secure a point that felt more like a loss. There have been games many times this season where Roma should have won but failed to do so. In Romans 5 losses this season only two of them I’ve come against teams in the top six. The majority of the losses have come against teams that are closer to the bottom then the top. Despite that Roma had some really good performances this season but what has been the issue is maintaining it. It is why Roma got to one of the worst start to the season in many years it all came down to her inconsistency you just never know what’s going to happen with this team. There are matches in which they have performs brilliant and others will you can’t even watch them. It is something wrong with this Roma truly need to improve on in the second half of the season in consistent performances cannot happen if they want Champions League football next season. Roma must continue to find a way to avoid stuff like this from occurring. Inconsistency is the number one thing they have struggled with this season it has been a truly embarrassing Roma to come up short against bottom table teams. Roma’s consistency is a huge problem and needs to be fixed in 2019 or you can kiss Champions League football next season goodbye.




AS Roma v SSC Napoli - Serie A

Something that may have inspired or affected the inconsistencies is injuries. Roma have hit the injury bug this season of all seasons. Roma usually under most circumstances do not really get into it all that much. It could be convenience sake it could be just a coincidence but over the last few years Roma have barely had any truly serious injury problems. In Roma the worst start to a season Roma have all that and more. It’s not just meaningless players it is important ones it is players that Roma need to rely on out of consistent basis. Players in which can dictate the results of a game while Roma have lost games with them healthy it certainly hasn’t helped them this season. There are some positivities towards that because we got to see different rotation of players play and perform but injuries has been a massive issue. Had Roma been completely healthy the whole season Roma may not be in the position they are in I’m not making the excuse but it could have deeply affected their position so far this season. Edin Dzeko Stephan El Shaarawy Daniele De Rossi Lorenzo Pellegrini Kostas Manolas Diego Perotti and others all have missed time this season. If you have noticed the majority of those players are key players that Roma need and depend on on a regular basis. Because of injuries Roma has had a shorter shift of players that Di Francesco has available to him. The depth of the team has been really thin and Roma almost certainly had to completely rely on their starting lineup to get the job done and at many times this season they have failed miserably. There are more contributing factors to Roma this season but the injury crisis certainly have not helped the situation they had been a real issue this season Roma is finally getting healthy again but this has been an issue all season long unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done to avoid it because injuries can happen at any time. Roma need to be healthy for them to chase the Champions League spot down unfortunately if Roma are unable to stay healthy their Ambitions and goals will be hard to achieve. It may be out of their control but Roma needs to cross their fingers and hope there’s no serious injuries  for Roma this team still not completely healthy it’s getting healthier but they aren’t there yet. Injuries must be avoided  at all costs for the consequences could be grave.


Leaky Defense 


One of Roma’s biggest issues this season has been their defense. Over the last two years Roma has been inconsistent defensively. Roma has had years where they were really strong and years in which they weren’t. Inconsistency of something that Roma are battling with but the defensive issues are not going to go away unless some changes made. Roma have conceded 24 goals this season in the league they have scored more than they conceded Roma is currently the third highest scoring team in the league. When you hear those numbers you would think Roma would be higher in the table than they currently are. If you look at Roma’s defensive players individually you have some really incredible players. The problem has become being able to defend late into games. Roma have a few attacking minded Defenders who are more dangerous going forward then coming back. Kostas Manolas is carrying the majority of the workload so Roma. Roma need to find a way to give him a centre-back partner. Federico Fazio has had games where he has been really excellent but he’s not been consistent enough and has made mistakes far too often this season. If Roma can find a way improve their defensive shape in 2019 they have a really good chance at Champions League football. Defensively they just have to do a better job of helping Roma hold onto leads. This leaky defense has given up a two-goal lead twice this season. As well as putting them in an uncomfortable position where they are forced the attack to orchestrate a comeback. Roma needs to have a tough defense that can hold teams late in games. They have good players there’s no doubt it  Roma have an excellent goalkeeper but what Roma cannot continue to betray Robin Olsen almost forcing him to make saves in uncomfortable situations. If issues are fixed the second half of the season could be pretty great Roma are capable of consistent play but in order to do that they need help from Roma defensively. This is a huge issue they need it to change their fortunes  I’m not sure if that means change of formation or bring and more reinforcements but something has to change it can’t go all on EDF he picks the teams but the players have to go out and perform and defensively Roma need to deliver for the hard-working attack. The difference between Roma and the top two scoring teams in the league is both Juventus and Inter Milan have a good defense that is what separates them a stronger defense could make them contenders next season but if they fail to do that it Champions League will be hard to accomplish. 

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