Roma vs Torino 5 Talking Points #452




Roma battled Torino Saturday afternoon at the Stadio Olimpico in The Opening match Serie A as League action resumed. Roma beat Torino in The Opening weekend of the season in a very tough match as Edin Dzeko hit a volley in stoppage-time to ultimately secure three points for Roma. Roma had the opportunity to not only win the season series against Torino but secure top four for the first time this season. Both Roma and Torino are on the verge of European places as they find themselves in the top half of the table. A vitally important match for both sides. Especially Roma who had an opportunity not only to get a Champions League place but create some momentum and some separation. It was a roller coaster ride of as the match didn’t start the way Roma would have wanted. Roma’s Turkish star Cengiz Under had to leave in the opening minutes of the match with an hamstring injury. Stephan El Shaarawy came in to replace them something that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Roma took the lead with a moment of absolute Brilliance from Nicolo Zaniolo scoring one of the best goals we have seen this season. Roma Double the lead at the end of the first half as Alex Kolarov converted from the spot Roma opened up a 2-0 lead. Torino despite Roma being in control deep into the second half took advantage of the opportunities Torino scored two second half goals to equalized for Torino as I got back into the match. Despite coughing up the lead Roma stayed focus and showed their true character as Lorenzo Pellegrini found Stephan El Shaarawy as the substitute scored the winner securing a very important three points for Roma. Roma get into the top four for the first time this season and have the opportunity to stay there if they continue to play As well as they have over the last several weeks. Despite having to continue to deal with adversity Roma show their true colors displaying the resilience and character of a champion in a dramatic but important win for a Roma team that most have counted out this season.



Adapting to Adversity 


Inconsistencies and injuries have been Roma’s most pressing issues this season. On Saturday afternoon they had to deal with both. The reason Roma have struggled this season as they have been unable to respond when things have not gone their way. We have seen a new turn for this Roma team. Roma’s the most explosive player Cengiz Under had to leave the match after just a few minutes. Along with that Roma allowed Torino to get back into the match after being up 2-0 in the first half. Roma showed their character and an incredible amount of focus. Ultimately Stephan El Shaarawy scored the winning goal for Roma after coughing up the lead in the manner in which they did it shows Roma’s ability to battle through adversity. Early in the season if this had happened Roma would have broken down and conceded the result. Roma did a tremendous job of staying focused and keeping their eye on the Finish Line finishing off the games have been a problem all season and in a crucial moment with not a lot of time left Roma orchestrated an opportunity and the Romans delivered at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma knew the importance of the win and simply put they conquered what was in front of them. From having another injury added to the list and a near-collapse for Roma to be able to finish off the job so is incredible progress. This team is playing at the highest level they have played this season. There is some atrocious challenges ahead but this team has shown that they are capable of dealing with anything we didn’t learn anything about Roma that we didn’t know but against a tough team like to Torino Roma have showed Italy that they are a serious threat to the champions leagues remaining place as they will continue to fight off Lazio and Milan.



Opportunistic Torino 



We already knew that Torino is a tough team to deal with. Even in a match in which the opposition was in control for the majority of it they found themselves back into a game that they had no business being in. Football as much as anything else is a game of opportunities. The teams that take advantage of their opportunities pick up serious point in serious situations. You don’t necessarily need to be the best team to win important matches. There is no reason Torino should have got back into the match after they found themselves two goals down to Roma. Roma were best team throughout the match from the first kickoff to the end of the contest. Torino had a very limited opportunities throughout the match but they put away the ones that counted. They erased a two-goal deficit because of their ability to finish off the two chances in the second half it allowed them to draw even on the road which is incredibly hard to do it was a mountain to climb. Unfortunately Roma responded and was able to deliver the game-winning goal in all honesty Roma were deserving winners but throughout the match Torino gave everything they had. You can make the argument that had they created more opportunities but when it counted they were able to deliver. Even though they lost this game they can look at this match in a positive lights as they hung with a much better team that had all the momentum opportunistic moments got them back into the game even though they were unable to finish the job.

Nicolo Zaniolo is Serie A’s Breakout Star


Nicolo Zaniolo furthermore displayed a performance of unbelievable quality. The 19 year old only continues to grow. We have not seen someone this young come into Italian football and be as dominate as he has been this season. He has been Italian football’s a breakout star not only recognized as the league’s be most exciting young player but at this point he is one of the best players in the league at 19 years old. Nicolo Zaniolo made history becoming the youngest player to score multiple goals in a single season. Both goals Nicolo Zaniolo has scored have been absolutely outrageous. Throughout this game he was an absolute nightmare to deal with dribbling skills as he carved his way through Defenders and on the goal it was a jaw-dropping moment.  Pure moments of absolute magic at least that is what it seems like. He is one of the most important players for this Roma team now and in the future. He reminds me of Francesco Totti obviously those are big shoes to fill and I don’t want to make that comparison but the way he plays is very reminiscent to Roma’s number 10. Nicolo Zaniolo scored a from the floor sitting down as he struck the ball into the top corner to give it Roma the early lead. It took unbelievable Focus Accuracy and conviction quite easily one of the best goals we have seen this season. His continued progression will only continue to Mount this season. Nicolo Zaniolo is an absolutely special talent there’s not many young players who plays at his level. In fact I would even go as far to say that out of all players 21 years old and younger I think the only player better is Killian Mbappe. Outside of him I think there’s a quite a distance between his ability and the rest in the young crop in European football. He is a guy who’s going to be at Roma for a very long time. This club may never let him go because of his impact on the game. I’ll bring this up once again he was absolutely stolen from Inter Milan a deal that sent erratic midfielder Radja Nainggolan to Inter Milan now looked like Roma had robbed the bank. At the time the perception was that Roma were clueless and didn’t know what they were doing fast forward a few months Nicolo Zaniolo is one of the best players in the league. I don’t think we have seen a player have as big of a season in their first year as he has had. Prior to the season he didn’t even have one appearance for the senior team at any level. Now he is a super Talent with  world-class potential and will be an incredibly important part of the Italian national team in years to come. He is Roma’s crowning jewel and this will not be the last time we hear about him that’s just how special he is he is progressing into and all around midfielder a player teams will not look forward to when they make a trips to the Stadio Olimpico.


Torino’s First Half Struggles



Torino’s first-half struggles largely impacted the result of the match. Even though Torino were able to claw their way back into the game even though it was only temporarily the performance in the first half wasn’t good enough. In the first half of play Torino conceded two goals as Roma completely dominated possession. With Torino’s  very limited amount of opportunities in the first half they failed to convert on all of them. Robin Olsen was barely challenged in the first 45 minutes and the only time they really looked dangerous was it right before the end of the half when Torino hit the post. They’re late Counterattack to end the first half was an opportunity wasted. Down two goals already Torino really needed a break going into the second half. As we know they eventually equalised but it wasn’t a particularly strong performance even when they drew even there was just a feeling that Roma were going to win the game. I think it all comes down to the momentum of the first half if they create a little bit more in the opening 45 minutes and did better in they’re finishing in front of goal it could have been a different game. From my viewpoint Rome were always going to win this but had Torino played tougher it might have changed the results. Roma’s most dangerous player Cengiz Under left in the opening minutes with a hamstring problem . Torino were given an unbelievable opportunity. Unfortunately they failed to capitalize. They did not make the appropriate adjustments when El Shaarawy was subbed on who ultimately won the game for Roma. From a tactical perspective they were poor especially in the opening 45 minutes. They weren’t into the game very much they only got back into it when the game looked like it already been lost. The first half was crucial and they failed to deliver. Torino is not in great form and if they don’t get it together soon their European Ambitions May slip through their grasp.



Rick Karsdorp Future After all?


Rick Karsdorp may have a future with Roma after all. The Dutch Defender who arrived from Feyenoord a year-and-a-half ago has failed to make a real impact on the team. A lot of it has to do with things that are out of his control injury issues have limited his opportunities. He has only played just a few games since his arrival to the Capitol. There has been speculations and rumors of a possible exit from the Champions League semi finalists. However he may have found new life in Rome. It could be an overreaction maybe I am a prisoner of the moment but from what I have seen it looks like he may have a future with Roma. Rick Karsdorp has started two consecutive games to Roma the Coppa Italia round of 16 on Monday and Saturday’s victory against Torino. In both games he has displayed moments of brilliance. In the 80 minutes he played against Torino he was incredibly influential and played his best performance in the Roma shirt. Defensively he did quite well but the big breakthrough was his influence in the Roma attack. He got forward exceptionally well and facilitated many opportunities. I believe he deserves a chance at this club and I hope Eusebio DiFrancesco will get him one if he continues to perform. He had a great amount of impact in this game he facilitated the through ball into Stephan El Shaarawy who was brought down for a penalty. Kolarov scored the penalty but if it wasn’t for the incredible vision he displayed on the pass the penalty wouldn’t have happened. It was a complete performance from the Dutch Defender. He is someone I’ve never been completely sold on since he’s been in Rome but after seeing him through the last two games I think he certainly has earned a chance. It’s only been two games but if he can maintain his performance he could be a vital option. We have seen his progression and hope it continues defensively Roma need improvements if he becomes a player Roma can count on that works out well for everyone we have to be patient and see what he is capable of.

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