Top three Performers and the Donkey of the week Match day 20 #453

Atalanta Striker: Duvan Zapata (5)


Yep you guessed it Duvan Zapata has made this list again. He is in incredible form and just can’t stop scoring. Over the last 8 games he has 14 goals including multiple games in which he scored at least twice. Against Frosinone the Colombian Striker who now the top scorer in the league scored four goals in their demolition of one of the teams that likely to be relegated. This season there is not a better player in Italian football then Duvan Zapata and that includes Cristiano Ronaldo. If the season ended today he would get my vote for player of the season. He is the most valuable player in the entire country without him Atalanta are not where they are they’re not pushing Europe. This team is in position to possibly finish in the top six it will be tough but they’re in the running and the reason they are is their high-flying Superstar Striker. Before the month of December Duvan Zapata had not scored yet. This is quite clearly the best summer acquisition of the season. Napoli must be absolutely kicking themselves now he is on loan from Napoli with an option for Atalanta to purchase him out right after his two-year loan expires. He could have been absolutely incredible for Napoli but instead he’s helping Atalanta strengthen their race for European football. So many times this season in which he has had a dominating performance has been the standout Factor. When you watch him play he’s very easy to identify because of how much of an impact he has made this season. Against Frosinone he was at his Apex this was the best performance of the season there is nothing anyone could have done to stop him on that day. While Atalanta have other stars this team isn’t as effective as he if he’s not playing in the manner he is played. He is featured on my players of the week more than any other player in the league this season. He is quite honestly the best player in Italian football. I’m not saying he’s a better footballer than Cristiano Ronaldo but during the season there has not been a player more Superior. Quite honestly the bargain of the season there is not a player in football who is in better form. Absolutely world-class ability and unbelievable Talent hard-working and leads his team from the front he completely transformed what this team is capable of because of his immediate rise in Italian football. He has made Napoli look like a fool and after a four-goal performance this week he has shown the catastrophic mistake Napoli made a 4 goals performance has him as a top performer again this week.


Juventus Midfielder: Pablo Dybala

Pablo Dybala has had a relatively quiet season given Max allegri’s inability to use the Talented Argentine more consistently this season. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo has somewhat held back Pablo Dybala I feel that he does not get the respect he deserves at Juventus. He is one of the best players in this league consistently putting in top-class performances as he has over the last few seasons. Pablo Dybala is a nearly complete footballer and all-around player who can do so many different things. Sometimes we take what he can do for granted because we see the consistency of Cristiano Ronaldo we fail to realize the importance and the value of Pablo Dybala. If you enter the transfer market today he would be at least worth a hundred million on and the fact of the matter is Juventus cannot win the Champions League without him and Juventus need to learn how to better utilize him. Against Verona a team that actually has picked up some form over the last month it wasn’t Cristiano Ronaldo with the stand out performance infact the Portugal Captain was pretty poor it was the technical ability of Pablo Dybala. Cristiano failed to capitalize on a penalty. Pablo Dybala open up the game with to pinpoint passing in the first half assists to Douglas Costa and Emre Can he was absolutely superb throughout the match not only with his vision and his passing ability but his ability or attack the goal coming close several times. Ronaldo wasn’t at his best but luckily for Juventus Dybala came and he performed delivering another three points for the league leaders. I certainly hope we see more performances like this from Paulo Dybala I certainly hope he continues to get more opportunities because he is just that good.

Florentina Striker: Luiz Muriel

ACF Fiorentina v UC Sampdoria - Serie A


Luis Muriel after having a previously successful spell with Sampdoria in Italian football just a few years ago he has returned. Colombian Striker rejoins Serie A this is January on a loan deal from Sevilla to Florentina. Quite honestly seeming like the perfect signing to help Florentina push Europe this season. Against his old team in his debut as Florentina hosted Sampdoria. He is a player that this league has severely missed and his return to Italy he had a Resounding performance getting himself on the top performers of the week in his first time trying. He scored the two goals in a 3-3 draw against Sampdoria. He was such an exciting player last time he was here and he only Justified that claimed in his return. Things didn’t go all that well for him in Spain now that he’s back in Italian football I see him continuing to play this type of role for this young Florentina team that needs a push from someone who has that experience. Lucas Muriel is fast quick and efficient it gives this team another weapon and this week’s performance was a full display of that. Florentina and need to know how to close out games but his individual performance was breathtaking. He hasn’t missed a step and I see him continuing to be a leader and playing an important role for this young Florentina side. Florentina are in an ear shot of European football they have all the players to make it happen. They have to stay on course and stay focused Luiz Muriel can be a big part of this team over this last stretch of the season. These are the games that count and a point against a very strong Sampdoria team is certainly a good result. 3-points would have been preferred but Lucas Muriel did exactly what he was brought there to do score goals he was able to deliver on what will be expected of him. He was simply put Sensational and this will be a very interesting situation now that Lucas Muriel seems to be back in good form.



DONKEY OF THE WEEK: Kevin Prince Boateng



The donkey of the week this week goes to Sassuolo Striker Kevin-Prince Boateng. He returned to Italian footballer season in the summer after having spent time with AC Milan in what I would consider the peak of his career. He rediscovered his form this season after a summer move to Sassuolo . He has five goals in one assist this season and has been a big part of their surprising success. Kevin-Prince Boateng is the thing that hangs in the balance in weather they will make you European football this season or not. In one of the strangest transfers that I’ve ever seen Kevin Prince Boateng is leaving Sassuolo mid-season to join Barcelona on an initial loan deal with the option to purchase at the end of the season. This is a bad move for both teams. From the Barcelona front he is 31 years old and his best years are behind him. But from Sassuolo’s point of view he’s abandoning the project getting into Europe. He holds a big steak on whether or not they make Europa League football or not and he has just thrown that all the way and giving up on this team to leave for Spain. I did not like how this was handled and I think he made him himself look like a donkey this week for doing it. He only joined the team just a few months ago and he’s already decided he’s had enough. That is unfair to the club to the president to everyone involved. The Club at did agree on a deal but I am guessing when he knew about their interest he pushed for the move. Now the club has absolutely no chance at getting into Europe and will probably nose dive in the standings. Kevin-Prince Boateng has it been on 10 different teams and his career finally he we were starting to see the true quality he has displayed he has not been regarded as a top player for a really long time until this season and which we started to see some progress Serie A he sacrificed all of that to play for Barcelona in doing so letting down a team they gave him an opportunity that no one really did he is a complete donkey and should issue an apology breaking promises he made with the club.

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