Coppa Italia Quarterfinals Roma vs Florentina 5 Talking Points #460


Following an unbelievable collapse last weekend against Atalanta Rome were hoping to wipe the slate clean and try to get themselves into the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia. As a Roma faced Florentina for the second time as they welcomed Roma to Florence. In the first meeting between the two teams it was a controversial 1-1 draw. Roma was hoping for more needing an encouraging during performance with what will be the biggest match of the season against AC Milan at the Stadio Olimpico this weekend. Roma’s expectations and what they got was completely different. Roma was bullied and dominated by a Federico Chiesa lead Florentina team who were looking for blood. Florentina started hot and just kept coming. Federico Chiesa scored two goals as Florentina got out to a 2-0 lead. ALEKS Kolarov tried to bring Roma back to life with a strike to make it 2-1. However it didn’t last very long as Luis Muriel scored another in what was a 3-1 halftime lead. Things only got worse in the second half as Florentina stepped on Roma throat and continued to apply pressure until ultimately Roma passed out. Federico Chiesa completed his hat-trick giving Florentina the 4-1 lead. Florentina wasn’t done an egregious spitting saw Edin Dzeko get a red card prior to the goal. It was ultimately followed by to Giovanni Simeone scoring two late goals in what was a 7-1 Victory as Florentina advances to the semi-final of the Coppa Italia as they will face Atalanta who pulled the upset against Juventus earlier today. An unbelievably horrible performance by Roma the DiFrancesco era in Rome could be ending.



Edin Dzeko’s Inexcusable RED CARD 



Edin Dzeko was sent off in the second half with a straight red in Roma’s humiliation to Florentina. Edin Dzeko is likely to face a lengthy ban which is only going to push this team back even further. What he did what’s completely inexcusable and my guess is he will miss between 8 and 10 matches which could leave him out for a majority of this season. Which may include Champions League matches which Roma will need him for. I am a big fan of Edin Dzeko he is one of my favorite players in football but even I can’t defend his actions. Edin Dzeko allegedly spit at the referee after Failing to give Roma a free-kick and instead giving Lorenzo Pellegrini a yellow card. That was an atrocious call I’m not going to deny that but that does not give him the right to behave that way. It is a completely vile way to handle himself. He is one of the leaders of this team he is one of Roma’s most important players. He needs to lead by example and that is not something he has done in this game. This is the Roma team full of young players who are looking up to Edin Dzeko for guidance and this game in that moment he should be ashamed of what he has done. Not only did he set a bad example and do something incredibly disgusting but he may miss a chunk of time and his team needs him. This race for Champions League football next season seems to be a losing battle and without Edin Dzeko it’s going to be even more difficult. Edin Dzeko’s showed poor judgement and displayed Despicable actions however we all make mistakes and I will not look at Edin Dzeko any differently because of this. In that moment he lost his head and cost his team but you cannot speak of him as a vile person just because he did something vile I will continue to be a fan of him and support him I just wanted to make that clear. Just because you do something incredibly stupid and harming does not make you a bad person but there’s no question about it Edin Dzeko cost his team tonight and in the games to come with his potential band being the minimum of eight games.


Di Francesco’s ERA is Over



Eusebio di Francesco is someone I have supported since the moment he got here. As a young child I remember him on the Championship Roma team. When Roma were looking for a new coach eusebio di Francesco was my preference. Being a Roma player I felt no one would understand what it meant to this city and to this club. I have backed him even when his job was under scrutiny. DiFrancesco have done some pretty historic things with Rama in his first season he got us do the Champions League semi-final for the first time in over 30 years and part of that was a historic comeback that Roma fans will never forget. There’s so much positivity and good memories from that first season. But I’m afraid his time here has ran its course even me some who are supporting him for so long understand that it needs to end now. This situation isn’t entirely his fault there has been a large turnover since last season. I felt he’s done his best with what has been put in front of him I don’t blame him at all and he will get a new job in no time he is a top manager with a potential to be one of the best in Italy. However we reached a point given the last two games and how the season has gone but I change needs to be made. We have players spitting at referees we have players arguing it has seemed as much as I love the guy that he has lost the locker room. In football when you lose the locker room changes in order. This move drives me into an emotional state. He was my favorite manager that Roma has ever had. This was probably his dream job but sometimes our dreams aren’t as long as we think. I’m hopeful one day he’ll return but right now in this situation I don’t think Roma have a choice but to move on it hurts me as a longtime fan of him he’s been one of my favorite managers for the last 5 years I remember how excited I was when he joined us but that all will end and it should. I can only defend him as much as I can but I can’t defend what has happened this season again it is not solely His faults or his responsibility but as the manager he has some role in what has occurred this season. Pablo Souza is the likely replacement and this could be done as soon as tomorrow morning. I believe eusebio di Francesco will be sacked before the morning. Pablo Souza is the most likely replacement he’s a good manager and maybe his someone that can turn this thing around. He’s already on record saying one day he’d like to coach Roma. I thought he did really well with Florentina as all the abilities necessary to coach this team. Obviously Antonio Conte is the goal but if he is not attainable Pablo Souza is the next best thing. It’s been a pleasure to have Eusebio DiFrancesco on the bench thank you for the Memories but time has run out.




THE REAL DEAL:Federico Chiesa 



Federico Chiesa may just be the best young talent in Italy. He proved all that and more that he is the real deal. He’s not the only player who is on that level but we saw today exactly why he’s in that conversation. He is an absolute super-talent and one of these teams is going to open their pocket and pay the king’s Ransom for this kid. Federico Chiesa scored a hat-trick in Florentina’s humiliation of Roma. he is a player we have talked about for years we’re finally seeing him develop into the Superstar he’s become. He was at the most dominating factor in that match. He was creating such havoc on the entire Roma team. He is one of the best young players in Italy and in Europe. Eventually he will end up on a bigger team in Italy. But it’s clear as day that Florentina have a crowning Jewel. Still at an incredibly young age the things he can do blow me away. He has this maturity on the ball and the intelligence of someone much older. He was an absolute defining factor in this match Federico Chiesa along with Nicolo Zaniolo are the future of the Italian national team. He truly does have everything intelligent speed incredible vision and even the leadership for someone at such a young age. He played a complete game of football today and he is having a terrific season in Florence. An incredible hattrick he was absolutely unattainable today there’s nothing that anyone could have done to stop this kid he was having one of those days and when he does have one of his days you don’t really stand a chance. In addition to that he showed laws and respect to the late Davie Astori as he dedicated his goals to his former teammate. There might be a lot of big clubs trying to get him but I have some feeling he may give us Florentina an extra few years than most people are expecting this team is incredibly strong already and Federico Chiesa could be the difference in the future eventually he will go but I’ve just some strange feeling that he will stay put until further notice Florentina will do everything they can to hold on to them because as he displayed he has something special.


Roma’s Conceded 10 goals in the last 180 Minutes 


Roma surrendered a three-goal lead last weekend’s and with this performance have only humiliated themselves even more. In the last 180 minutes Roma have conceded 10 goals. Roma have not conceded this many goals since the 2014 Champions League against Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich that’s how long it has been. Florentina is a very good team with loads of potential but they are not a great team. This isn’t Barcelona or Bayern Munich or even Liverpool. There is no excuse for them conceding this amount of goals in one match of football. The defense of this team has been so bad they’re basically allowing Lanes of goals to hit the back of the net on a regular basis. I said this a hundred times but I’ll mention this again defensively Roma are making errors and putting Robin Olsen into impossible situation. I have no issue with Robin Olsen as Roma’s goalkeeper I think he’s been really good considering what he’s been up against. This is just a Despicable performance even the worst teams in the league has surrendered less goals over the last two games then Roma. Roma need an entire new defense. I’m not sure if it’s a formation issue or it’s just the players aren’t good enough. Roma have quality Defenders but for whatever reason they have a gone from one of the best defenses in the league to one of the worst. A performance like this even more headlines how much work did this team needs defensively. To concede seven goals in a game is the definition of a national embarrassment. There are fans from all over the world that support this club some were at the game others were staying at home this club and these fans deserve better then to watch that display.


Why was the Game In Florence?


Roma were absolutely terrible today and I probably would have lost regardless of where this game was played. However Roma finished third place last season giving them a high seed in the Copa Italia. The question is why does the lowest seed get the advantage. Juventus and Roma both lost on the road today and deservingly so. I’m saying it changes the results But based on the system of this competition that you get seeded based on your performance from last season the higher seeds don’t have to play for the first few rounds. If you’re going off this terminology the team with the higher seed should get home field of advantage. It makes absolutely no sense that a team that has earned a high seed should have to go on the road and face A lower-seeded Team. It just doesn’t make any sense to me you would think earning a top three seed should ensure you home field advantage until you run into a higher seeded team. Roma would have lost his game regardless based on performance but this game should not have been in Florence it should have been in Rome Roma work so hard to get third place last year in this competition the higher seeds should be rewarded Juventus and Roma should not have to go on the road I’m not saying the results would changed adjust system should modify because based on everything I’ve just explained it makes no sense why you lower seeded teams should have home-field Advantage for the quarter-finals.

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