Florentina Romp Roma in Cup as DiFrancesco’s Era in Rome Could be Ending #459



Following a collapse last weekend against Atalanta as Roma saw a 3-0 lead disappear in what eventually led to a 3-3 draw. Roma tried to put that behind them as they prepared for their quarterfinal match up in the Copa Italia against Florentina. It would be the second meeting between these two teams. The last time Roma face Florentina it ended in a controversial 1-1 draw due to an atrocious penalty decision. With everything on the line Florentina hosted Roma as we got a surprising match of football in Florence. Roma face AC Milan upcoming and they needed a result for momentum more than anything else. With the semi-finals Within Reach it was a great opportunity for both teams. However Roma were never in the match it was the most humiliating and gutless performance of the season. Federico Chiesa scored two goals in the first half to give a Florentina the 2-0 lead. Kolarov eventually got one back for Roma but it was the only brief moments of positivity through the 90 minutes. After a 3-1 halftime lead for Florentina they scored four goals in the second half in what was a humiliating 7-1 victory for Florentina as they Advanced to the semi-finals where they will play Juventus. It was a horrific performance from Roma the worst they have played all season as DiFrancesco’s run in the capital may have run it’s length. The first game Roma have conceded seven goals since 2014. In response to blowing a three-goal lead Roma don’t do themselves any Justice by not showing up in an incredibly crucial game. In all likelihood they will be rocked by AC Milan this weekend Florentina takes care of business advancing to the semi-final meanwhile Roma seem to be unraveling in a performance that we will not forget for a long time. Roma didn’t show up to the match as Florentina annihilated the Champions League semi finalists.



Ahead of this much important Cup Quarterfinals Roma operate out of the 4-2-3-1 formation. In the Roma goal would be Roma’s the Swedish Fish Robin Olsen. In Roma’s backline we would see the return of their typical starting defense. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Federico Fazio and Kostas Manolas then at the right back position would be Alexandro Florenzi. In front of the defense controlling the defensive Midfield would be the pairing of Bryan Cristante and Steven Nzonzi. In Roma’s attacking Midfield controlling the center would be Javier Pastore. On the left wing would be Stephan El Shaarawy then on the opposite side on the right wing would be Roma’s teenage sensation Nicolo Zaniolo. Then up front as the main Striker would be Patrik Schick. With a bench with Edin Dzeko, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Justin Kluivert.


After predictions operations for the Coppa Italia quarter-final between Roma and Florentina was just about to kick off. After a horrendous performance last week Roma had an opportunity to put in a resounding performance meanwhile Florentina had their ambitions to make the semi-finals. The match kicked off in the City of Florence on a Wednesday afternoon. In the opening minutes after Roma’s Nicolo Zaniolo misfired Florentina took advantage very early. In the 7th minute Federico Chiesa buried a shot into the bottom corner to give Florentina the 1-0 lead. Bryan Cristante try to give an immediate response putting his head through a cross that nicked the crossbar. It wasn’t much from Roma early in the game Florentina was the much superior figure and showed it again. In the 18th minute Federico Chiesa finished off a fast break beating the goalkeeper again to give Florentina the 2-0 lead. Roma defensive issues seem to only worsen. However despite being out place Roma had a moment of hope. Alex Kolarov hit a deep strike from outside the box that landed in the back of the Florentina net minimize the deficit. Roma we’re only back in the game temporarily. Just a few minutes later in 33rd minute Luis Muriel added to the damage making it 3-1. Roma had no influence in the first half they were already in a losing battle. After the first half Florentina had two-goal Advantage thanks to Federico Chiesa and Luis Muriel.



Federico Chiesa open up a big lead for the Viola in a two-goal first half.

Roma immediately made two changes at the start of the second half. Edin Dzeko replaced Javier Pastore and Lorenzo Pellegrini came in for Steven Nzonzi. Changes were made but the game didn’t change. Florentina continued to dominate while Roma remained pitiful. Dreadful defense and no offensive outlet contributed to the struggle. Luis Muriel nearly the added another but his long-range strike was dealt with by Robin Olson who once again was being completely let down by the defense. Nicolo Zaniolo put his head through a cross from Edin Dzeko to try to get Roma back in it. But another missed opportunity gave Florentina the chance to add more fuel to the fire. In the 66 minute Marco Benassi found the back of the net only to add to the humiliation as Florentina opened up a 4-1 lead. As the attacks continue to come as Fernandez misfired just moments later. It just went from bad to worse as Edin Dzeko was given a red card just a few minutes after the goal for allegedly spiting at the referee an inexcusable act. A minute later Chiesa finished off his hat trick in the 74th minute to make it 5-1 . Then again in the 79th match Giovanni Simeone made it 6-1. Then at the very end of the match just a few minutes to go Giovanni Simeone scored another making at 7-1. The referee blew the whistle a performance of absolute humiliation once again highlights this Roma team. We have perhaps are at the end of the Eusebio DiFrancesco era in Rome nights like this makes me ashamed to be a romanista.



Federico Chiesa completes his hattrick as he shows a tribute to the late Davie Astori 
I am completely and utterly disgusted by that performance. Roma had the opportunity to make the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia in hopes of a shot at lifting the trophy at the end of the season but they decided not to show up to this game. Just a few days after blowing a three-goal lead Roma seemed they have not learned their lesson. This performance is completely inexcusable they should be utterly ashamed and embarrassed. Florentina absolutely annihilated Roma. This match was over before it even kicked off. It really seemed like they was a serious lack in effort. In the last two games Roma have conceded 10 goals. Roma isn’t some small club in Italy this is one of Italy’s heavyweights you cannot perform like that if you were one of the best clubs in the country. Roma may not win every game and they may lose some bad games from time to time. But over the last several seasons I cannot remember a game in which Roma were completely and utterly outclassed and humiliated. It has been 5 years since Roma have conceded 7 goals in a game. Even when Roma losses they never get destroyed like they did today. It just is over for DiFrancesco I’ve defended him as long as I possibly could because I have so much respect for him as a manager and as a former player. However this is the end this has ran its course. I don’t see how he can hold onto his job after a back-to-back performance like that. In all likelihood they will lose to AC Milan next week as well. This is not a Champions League team this team might have Champions League players this is not a team that is on anyone’s radar in Europe. There is not one positive thing I can say about this performance. Roma should be deeply ashamed of how they performed they let Florentina score 7 goals on them for a Roma team this is completely unacceptable. Federico Chiesa completely ripped through a terrible Roma defense on a consistent basis an utterly shameful performance. There is no man of the match today it’s not a single player on this Roma team deserves a single shred of recognition this was absolutely atrocious an abysmal showing from a team with Champions League caliber players. Florentina is a good team and deserve a lot of credit and had Roma lost by a smaller margin it might be some positives to take. It is just not the case to get embarrassed like that is something no man wants to see I’m not saying they quit but they didn’t show up to this game. This team needs a new leader and a new Direction it’s lacking momentum and his team has no confidence. Roma does have good players some exceptional players actually but it’s not enough I believe changes are coming.



NO Words Needed!



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