Top three Performers and the Donley of the week Match Day 22 #465

Parma Striker: Gervinho (4)


Gervinho makes a return to the list with an unbelievable performance against League leaders Juventus. The way he performed was completely necessary. His two-goal performance was sensational but the goals he scored held importance in the match. Without his performance, Parma does not get anything from this game. Gervinho helped lead a comeback from 3-1 down in the second half to miraculously earn a draw against Juventus. Which included a dramatic strike at the death. Juventus are the league leaders when they get in front most of the time they are able to maintain it. Gervinho ripped through the defense and made them pay on a consistent basis. With a little more than 20 minutes to go, he gave them life using his Supreme athleticism and speed. He truly had an Unreal second-half performance. In roughly 20 minutes he scored twice as he led a comeback against the defending champions. He has proven to be such a delight in his return it to Italian football. He is a player this league has been missing and he has been an absolute joy to watch this season. He has played so much importance in Parma’s ability to stay or clear of the relegation Zone after just recently being promoted. When his team needed him the most he delivered in a game in which most people would have thought Parma was dead. Gervinho gave them life and ultimately was the big factor and them a mounting a comeback. Yet another classic display of his unbelievable brilliance.

Juventus Winger: Cristiano Ronaldo (5)


Despite Juventus being unable to win the game, Cristiano Ronaldo was truly at very best. In the first meeting against Parma Cristiano Ronaldo played arguably his worst game of the season. He responded to all that and more with a resounding performing. He has been an absolute machine since arriving in Italian football. Despite the slow start Cristiano Ronaldo has still shown the ability the leadership and the superstar quality even though he is 34 years old. Juventus scored three goals in this match all three had Cristiano Ronaldo’s footprints all over them. He scored two goals and assisted another in what was an unbelievable performance from the worlds best. With this performance, Cristiano Ronaldo retains his spots as the League’s top scorer with 18 goals. He has been such a Difference Maker in this team this season. This team will not go undefeated but he is a large reason why they have gone so long without losing. Juventus may have blown their lead but Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge reason why Juventus got their lead in the first place. He truly is one of the best players in the world and has proven the ability to dominate in a league he had never played in until this season. He has been recognized for his unbelievable play almost on a consistent basis this performance and this display was like any other. We are taking the most things he has done this season as normal and these are not normal but because of his absolute greatness, we’re almost expecting performances like this. Juventus really would have liked to three points and a collapse in a match is never good but he was at his very best and put in a sensation display despite the result.

Milan Goalkeeper: Gigi Donnarumma


Gigi Donnarumma makes this list for the very first time with his incredible performance against Roma. Roma went into the game against AC Milan with desperations and in search of momentum. Milan over the last few weeks we’re in much better form and we’re big favorites against a Roma team that has had a rough week. To the surprise of many Roma utterly dominated AC Milan and had complete control the game even after they conceded the goal. There’s no way Milan should have got anything from this game but there’s a reason they did, his name is in Gigi Donnarumma. AC Milan young goalkeeper furthermore proves why he’s the one of the best in Italy at his position. It seems he made save after saves in important moments to keep AC Milan in the game. Roma came close to the winning goal on so many different occasions, especially in the second half. Donnarumma did not allow it to happen. He played a world-class goalkeeping performance proving he is one of the most underrated Keepers in the league. Milan’s attack in the second half was rather non-existent it seems to be all Roma and against the attack that Roma brought forward and the way they control the Midfield Donnarumma stood in the way of what surely would have been three points for Roma. An absolutely unbelievable performance from Donnarumma. He was the biggest difference maker in that match for Milan and in doing so becomes only the second goalkeeper to be featured on this list. He was spectacular and because of it Milan and managed a point in a game they probably shouldn’t have got one.




There was a time this season where it seemed Inter Milan were comfortably in the top three with even potentially possibilities of a second-place finish. That is no longer the case Inter Milan gets Donkey of the week this week they are seemingly letting go of their grip. We can now see a world in which they can drop out of the top 4. The separation between them and the next four teams is only separated by a maximum of five points. Five points is still a decent distance but each game they play the gap continues to minimize. There are so many things wrong with his Inter team right now and they do not have a lot of time to fix it. I do believe they will finish in a Champions League spot but it’s no longer common knowledge. Inter Milan are winless in their last three games and it wasn’t like they were playing super teams. They dropped points at home to Sassuolo. They lost to Torino away from home and this week they lost to 18th Place bologna at the San Siro. They had not won a game away from home up to that point. Bologna has less than five wins this season and under 20 points. They are likely to be relegated. This team is an utter disaster at the moment Marco Icardi has not scored in quite some time Ivan Perisic is looking for an exit plan and Luciano Spalletti tactics have gone stale. There is a real threat of the missing out in Champions League like I said I find it unlikely but it’s not unimaginable. Right now Inter Milan stand at 40 points. AC Milan as 36 points Roma has 35 Points Atalanta has 35 points and Lazio has 35 points. Some of the team’s I just listed are inconsistent but if they get hot at the right time inter can completely blow up the season and the fallout of all of it. There are too many distractions around the club and it is preventing them from focusing on the task at hand. Inter once was a comfortably ahead of all these teams the poor play has let them a come back into the fold. This has been truly a disaster Inter Milan has lost back-to-back games it does happen but in the ways in which they’ve lost is unacceptable. I award them the donkey of the week and honestly, they will be back right here again next week if things don’t change and quick.

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