Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi Gives Roma’s Stadio Della Roma approval to Break Ground #466

Roma: Raggi, rapporto con governo? Spero anche Renzi disposto


The year has been filled with misfortune and disappointment as it has been fueled with negativity Roma has finally been given good news. News Roma has been waiting for quite some time. After what has seemed like years of obstacles Roma has finally been given the green light to break ground on that their Stadium proposal. The Stadio Della Roma will break ground this year as Roma’s 52,000 capacity glorious venue will finally get itself on its way. Roma has been prying and demanding to get the approval to build a new stadium for years now it is something that has been a true frustration by the club. James Pallotta Roma’s president has been orchestrating this from the very beginning. The approval to the stadium has been a long ordeal and Roma has been determined to get this done. The new stadium could completely change the culture of winning and where Roma see themselves on the European scale. This stadium is the first part of that happening. We have been talking about this for years now it is about time Roma play in their own stadium. Rome is one of the biggest cities in the world and is an iconic sporting location. On the global scale, Rome has hosted many world events and it’s only right that the team in the city the club that people who live within the city support get rewarded with a new stadium. The Stadio Olimpico has been Roma’s home since 1927 they have shared this with arch-rivals Lazio since then. Roma is too big of a club to have to share their Stadium with their neighbors. When you think a football in Rome you think of Francesco Totti and then you think of Roma. This club deserves a new stadium and it is expected to be an unbelievable home for Roma.



Roma Mayor Virginia Raggi with Roma icon Francesco Totti at Last Year’s Champions League Quarterfinals 


This week after what’s has seemed like non-stop negotiations Roma mayor Virginia Raggi has given Roma the approval they have been looking for. Roma’s proposed new 52,000-60,00 seat Stadium the Stadio Della Roma in the south of the city. If all things go as planned the construction on Roma’s new home could break ground before the end of the year. Roma’s Mayor had to do one final report in regards to the location. She had a particular emphasis an interest in seeing whether there would be any transportation issues to Roma’s new stadium. She contacted the prosecutor’s office to run some tests to see if it would cause any problems. She just wanted to check to make sure they were not going to run into any issues. She confirmed the Roma Stadium will happen and the construction companies also have given the approval and will be able to set up work sites by the end of the year. It’s taken an extremely long time to get here. Honestly, I was unsure this day would ever come it has been such a long process to finally get the approval has been amazing but it has been a treacherous road in Roma trying to get the stadium done. Roma originally proposed the new stadium in 2014 but due to some issues including in 9 people arrested linked to the venue’s construction, it’s put this planned on the back burner at least temporarily. Roma has been fighting to get this thing done for such a long time. The mayor of Rome initially rejected the stadium because of the length it was taken to get the deal done and find an agreement on the negotiations Roma was forced to renew their lease with the Stadio Olimpico until 2020. Last year the plans were approved but against some issues in regards to construction and some of the tests that had to be run. Roma now has finally been given the approval to start construction as soon as possible this could possibly change the outline of what the club is able to do on and off the football pitch. Roma’s new iconic Stadium will substantially improve the club’s Revenue giving them the potential to be winners again as well as the possibility to host a future Champions League final. At the end of the day, it is just a stadium but a new stadium in such a glorious location will give fans more of an opportunity to connect with the club and give the club more money to try to make Roma into a winner again.


Roma vice president Mauro Baldissoni said: “It is about time the city has the opportunity to see the results of all these discussions and all this investment, and that Roma can finally begin construction of the stadium.”

The location of Roma’s new stadium and Facilities will be built in the Tor Di Valle neighborhood. The location is along the Tiber River which is just a beautiful part of the city. It will be accessible by the main Highway connecting the city with Fiumicino Roma’s International Airport. This will be such an amazing project once it is finished. The architect on the project is American Dan Meis was inspired by the Coliseum in the making of the design. The features of the stadium will include luxury boxes of 14,000 seat section designated for the Ultras. The facilities and Stadio Della Roma will replace Tor Di Valle Race Course as they will be knocking it down building Roma’s new home in its location. The Racecourse has been closed since 2013 after the agreement was initially made with the city. It was one of the biggest of its kind in Europe it is sad to see it go but this is a football City so the decision had to be made. The estimated cost is 300 million but could rise 1 billion including the cost of the facilities that one will have in addition to the stadium. The stadiums are expected to be opened for the 2020-2021 season it may be a long wait but in the end it will be worth it.


The significance of the Stadio Della Roma could completely change what Roma looks like in the future. Getting the stadium creates a lot of leeway in terms of the transfer market and being able to keep hold of players. We have seen over the last few years Roma lose quality players almost on a regular basis. Mohamed Salah Alisson Becker, Miralem Pjanic, Gervinho Antonio Rudiger Erik Lamela and many more. Roma’s current plan in the Monchi project is to build for the future. Roma has some exceptional young Talent within the organization. Roma historically has sold players because of the money crisis or in need of cash. That is not the case right now but Roma has proven it to not being opposed to selling Players. Once the stadium gets dealt it will be incredibly difficult to sign Roma stars. Not only because of the spectacle it will be but because of the revenue and money that Roma will get. The types of players that Roma could go after will multiply. Once the stadium is built Roma will have all the ingredients to lure top-class players to Rome. They have potential with this being built to create a winning culture and a dynasty. Allianz Stadium where Juventus play completely changed the outlook of that club. Juventus historically has a so much rich history. I’m not saying they went from nothing and all of a sudden they started winning. However, they had just had gone several years without winning anything including over 5 years without a title. For a team like Juventus that is unheard of. Then something happened they built Allianz Stadium. Since that Stadium opened Juventus had been to two Champions League finals won the league title 7 consecutive years. Not to mention it has been an absolute fortress having only lost a few times at home since the stadium opened. With all that, they have been able to accumulate more money and have the resources to lure world-class players. Such as Cristiano Ronaldo Pablo Dybala Mario Mandzukic Douglas Costa as well as many others. Juventus basically has the opportunity to sign any top player they won’t always get them but they’re always in the running. This is very much what Roma could be looking at once the stadium is built. Their job until that happens is keep hold of all their young Stars possible. I think Monchi has reached a point where he’s unwilling to sell the young stars associated with his project Roma cannot sell Lorenzo Pellegrini Justin Kluivert, Cengiz Under and especially not Nicolo Zaniolo who has the potential to be the future of Italian football. Once the Stadio Della Roma is built in a few years time it will be increasingly difficult to sway players away from Roma. They have a potential to develop a winning culture and finally win some trophies the stadium isn’t going to win them by its but it will put Roma in a much better position to get better players and develop This team into a dynasty. That is how impactful the new stadium can be for the city and for this club. It doesn’t sound like a huge deal but the fact that it has been approved will make things very interesting in the landscape of Italian football. This is the biggest news to come out of Rome in years the approval means everything.








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