As it Happened Roma vs Chievo Verona Match Day 23 Talking Points #469


Roma traveled to Verona last night to battle Chievo Verona on the road. It was the second match of the season between the two teams after Verona came back from 2-0 down earlier in the season to draw even with Roma. Roma got their revenge securing three points that put them on the forefront of the Champions League race. With the Champions League race as tight as it has been Roma needed a result not only for the status in the league table but for momentum to carry into the champions league on Tuesday. Roma was in complete control for the duration of the match and probably could have won the game by a larger deficit. Chievo Verona Villain Stephan El Shaarawy once again found the back of the net against them to give Roma of the 1-0 lead. It would be his ninth goal in seven games against them since he joined Roma a few years ago. Not long after Edin Dzeko struck to double Roma’s lead as Roam led 2-0 at the half. Then very early in the second half Edin Dzeko beautifully set up Alex Kolarov who scored Roma third giving them the 3-0 lead. The Roma had a multitude of chances throughout the rest of the second half but were unable to capitalize on any more. Roma put in an incredibly efficient performance to secure the three points and win the season series against the flying donkeys. Roma had complete control this match all the way to the end as the Romans gets the 4th place back as sliding into the final Champions League spot. A performance of great confidence and momentum as they will carry them into vs Porto on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, for Verona, the chances of safety almost completely minimize after another dreadful performance. After a miserable run of form Roma seemed to get back on track at least for the time being. Roma could not afford to lose as Edin Dzeko & Roma roll past Verona





Stephen El Shaarawy Owns Chievo Verona 


Stephan El Shaarawy only continues his tremendous form against Chievo Verona. I’m really not sure what it is about Chievo Verona but for whatever reason Stephan El Shaarawy performs to his absolute peak against them. Since joining Roma in the 2015-2016 season El Shaarawy comes up against them on seven occasions he has nine goals over that stretch. Every time he plays them he seems to find the back of the net with ease. That was no different last night scoring the game’s opening goal that gave Roma confidence going forward as they scored another about 10 minutes later. This was an important game given the Champions League match this week and the tightness of the Champions League race in Italy. El Shaarawy plays a huge part in the victory against this team he is Unstoppable. He has more goals than games against them since being in Rome. Last night he was spectacular his goal had a high-level degree of difficulty. He made a spectacular run without the ball getting himself in position to score the goal going around the goalkeeper and eventually scoring at a very tight angle. He was one of the best players in the match not only because he scored the goal but he got himself involved in a lot of opportunities. Chievo Verona could not match his speed and athleticism. Without the ball he moves better than anyone in football. They simply put could not handle it wasn’t just that he scores a goal he played a dominating performance that allowed Roma to take advantage. El Shaarawy scored for his second match in the last three games taking his season total to eight League goals. Which currently is the highest amount on the team. He already has eight goals this season at the midway point of the season last year he only had one more he is on Pace to have his best season in the Roma shirt. He has been incredibly influential this season and an argument could still be made that he has been the best player this season he has been consistent practically every time he has played and against his favorite team he was able to take advantage and help his team secure an important three points.



Relegation Awaits 



Chievo Verona after last night looks like there’s no possible routes to safety. They had a historically bad start to the season they started to pick up the ground a few weeks ago that suggested they had a small chance at survival. However after last night that does not seem plausible anymore. Last week they squandered a 2-0 lead against the team in 19th Place and last night they got crushed by Roma. I’m not going to kill them for losing to Roma and Juventus. After the last week it just seems inevitable that they’re going to be relegated. Chievo Verona does not play an attractive style of football but for a few weeks, it looked like it was working. It was just a brief moment minor success as it truly seems nothing can save them now. Unfortunately, they started the season with negative points and it took them a while just to get to zero. However, you can use that as an excuse but the facts are Chievo Verona only themselves to blame. When you get rid of your best players every season you’re going to get crushed by it. Some teams are capable of reloading like Atalanta. But Chievo Verona is not in that boat the last two seasons Roberto Inglesse kept them afloat and safe from relegation. All Chievo Verona needed is to sign him long-term instead they let him go to Parma where he has six goals this season. The may not be a huge margin but that is a good amount for a player in this league. They let him go and they threw everything away in terms of being able to build a successful team at least a good enough team not be relegated. With just nine points in the first 23 games including just one win, they have no chance at surviving they will be relegated and this will be confirmed sooner rather than later.




A Captain Contribution for Edin Dzeko


Edin Dzeko is Roma’s most dangerous player when he’s on form. After missing some time to injury and having a relatively slow start to the season he is Catching Fire at exactly the right time. With Roma hosting Porto at the Stadio Olimpico on Tuesday the Bosnian Striker put in a performance that will give encouragement to Roma who is going to need a big result on Tuesday evening. He scored his 83rd and goal for Roma in last night’s win reaching double-digits in goals on the season with five goals in the league and five in the Champions League. Last season Edin Dzeko was the truth in the Champions League scoring and every single knockout round that Roma went through. He has been one of the best players in the competition this season as well and will need more of that quality against Porto. Edin Dzeko started the season very slowly but he has started to pick up steam. Since he has come back from injury he has scored three goals in four games. He added to that last night shortly after Stephan El Shaarawy took the lead Edin Dzeko scored a beautiful goal from inside the Box at a tight angle with his weak foot. Edin Dzeko has Justified himself as a Roma Legend already and Roma are going to need more performances like we’ve seen the last few weeks in the Champions League. If he can perform like this the rest of the season this Roma team can be incredibly dangerous. He had a complete performance being responsible for 2 of the three goals Roma scored. Assisting Kolarov strike in the second half. A beautifully threaded pass allowing his teammate to strike from inside the box with great succession. His ball control was excellent the way he got his teammates involved and used his polarizing height and power to his advantage. Quite clearly one of the best performers this week. If he maintains this level of play he could reach 20 goals this season. He is going to be so important for Roma over the next few weeks and trying to inspire a Champions League to run yet again. After last night’s his performance and his importance to this team could not be more clear. Regardless of what the team looks like when Edin Dzeko is on form Roma are a problem.



Sorrentino Saves Verona from even more embarrassment 


Quite honestly Roma could have a polarized Chievo Verona. Chievo Verona goalkeeper Sorrentino kept this game closer than it could have been. He is the one quality player on this entire team even though he is almost 40 years old he has proven on an almost regular basis he’s capable of making top saves in crucial moments against some of the biggest teams. Verona was completely overmatched by Roma yesterday but he made some really big saves that saved them from more embarrassment. Roma could have scored 6 goals last night and the reason they didn’t was because of their spectacular goalkeeper. He’s been around a really long time and knows the game very well. His performance last night completely prove to that point. It’s too late in his career for a move to a bigger club but he has played at that level for the last two to three seasons. Even in the match where Verona had very little chance of getting anything from he still stood out. He performed exceptionally well, unfortunately, his team was unable to hold out their end of the bargain.



Roma’s Momentum 



The three points were important for Roma not only because of the race for Champions League being as tight as it is but for the momentum Factor. A week ago Roma had a probably their worst to game stretch in many years. They threw away a three-goal lead against Atalanta and then got annihilate it 7-1 in the Coppa Italia to Florentina. They managed to get a point against AC Milan which saved Di Francesco’s job but despite that Roma were in a terrible place not only confidence-wise but with momentum. With FC Porto on Tuesday in the Champions League Roma needed not only points but momentum. Going into a game like that without it can be incredibly dangerous. FC Porto may not be the strongest team left in the competition but they are a team capable of beating anyone. This is why a result against Chievo Verona was so important guys were rested but Roma still performed. Stephan El Shaarawy and Edin Dzeko were just special last night and it proved with their performance. But it wasn’t so much about the individual part of it was about the team chemistry and the momentum that they now feel after a good win. Roma defensive issues never going away this season despite that collectively they worked well as a team and currently in better form than Porto which could play a huge factor. The fact that Edin Dzeko is going again it only fuels to that momentum the next two games are extremely important it is never good to go into a game like this without it. The first leg of the champions league is at home and Roma has an opportunity to take that momentum and confidence and gives the home fans a performance to remember. A big enough lead in the first leg all but settles the matchup. The momentum is everything at this point because if you have that confidence behind you going into a big game you’re going to play better. Roma could have scored more goals in this game there’s no doubting that if Roma are able to play like they did last night but with a little bit more conviction Roma should have no problem getting a result on Tuesday night. Roma’s efficiency in this game was excellent. There was a point in this game in which half of the shots on target found the back of the net. Of their seven shots on goal three of them ended up being goals for Roma. Roma need to try to recreate that efficiency but take it up a notch because Champions League football is a different Beast. Edin Dzeko and the Roma attack needs to be ready for what lies ahead and the momentum Roma now have could mean a lot in the long run.




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