Top three Performers and Donkey of the Week Match day 24 #479

Milan Striker Krzysztof Piątek (2)


Piątek has proven to be the real deal and only justified that case over the weekend. When he first burst onto the scene scoring in his first nine matches of the season I wasn’t convinced of his greatness quite yet. Over the next several weeks and months he barely scored any goals I thought he was slightly being overhyped. I couldn’t have been more wrong about that he is an absolutely phenomenal footballer. One of the best we have in the league his consistency since his move to AC Milan has been absolutely unreal. I didn’t initially Buy in but I am all in on the Polish star at this rate he’s probably better than Bayern Munich Robert Lewandowski. Piatek is the absolute truth he has scored 25 goals this season which is a higher total than Cristiano Ronaldo as well as most of Europe he is the future of the Polish national team and has proven this season he is just that good. He just became the fastest player in history to reach six goals for AC Milan. He has scored in every single game he has appeared in for the Milan. He has six goals in four games since moving to Milan in January. This last weekend he proved that he is among the best of the best providing an unforgettable performance against a worthy opponent. Piątek and AC Milan faced off with Atalanta and RED HOT Duvan Zapata one of Europe’s best strikers in Bergamo which is an incredibly difficult place to play. The performance this kid put in, under those circumstances, was unbelievable. At the time of the game Atalanta was only just a few points behind Milan it was a battle for Champion League football. Piątek orchestrated an AC Milan come back after going down 1-0. Milan’s breakout star scored two absolutely outrageous goals that happened to be an incredibly high level of difficulty. He scored a Zlatan Ibrahimovic type strike and he struck a ball in midair with his body in an awkward position it was truly one of the best goals I have seen this season. The young star added another coming off a corner kick he moved his body and Incredibly difficult and awkward position diving connecting with the ball to put it in the back of the net to put the nail in the coffin securing a huge three points for AC Milan. AC Milan has been in search for a star like this for so long and he is going to absolutely pulverize this league for the next decade. He is going to be a huge reason why AC Milan make it back to the Champions League this season. He proved he is without question the real deal he is only 2nd to Cristiano Ronaldo in goals this season. He took three shots this weekend he scored on two of them that’s how he efficient he has been this season. This is only the second time I’ve acknowledged him is a top performer of the week but believe me at this rate he will make plenty more appearances on this list he was absolutely unbelievable in a massive game he was the difference-maker his transfer value will multiply by the season’s end AC Milan are very fortunate to have got their hands on him when they did he is just something special.



Juvnetus Winger Crisitano Ronaldo (7)


Cristiano Ronaldo returns to this list once again as he has proven it to be the best player in the league once again. The match itself may have been a more about Pablo Dybala scoring for the first time in quite some time and he deserves a lot of credit for that because it was an absolute thunder strike. However, Cristiano Ronaldo will steal the headlines again in his last six games he has at least one goal and one assist proving still to this day to be the best player in the world. These are the types of things that we are now just expecting from Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus will most likely go undefeated that’s how much an impact he has had on this team. It just was another day at the office for Cristiano Ronaldo and at this rate, he’s going to end up on this list every single week. He now has 22 goals and eight assists in all competitions. He is the League’s top scorer and has the most assists in the league as well. He continues to challenge the narrative that he is a selfish player. He has not quite hit the ground running in the Champions League but despite that, he has just been the real deal on a consistent basis in the league. Juventus are 14 points clear at the top of the table they are absolutely the most dominant team I have ever seen in Italian football. This Juventus team could challenge practically any team I have seen wear the Black and White over the last 5 to 10 years. regardless if it’s against one the biggest teams are one of the smallest Cristiano Ronaldo shows up and delivers as he has for the last 6 weeks. He simply put what is the most impactful player in this entire league. If he was not on Juventus this league title would be up for grabs because of his addition to that team he has helped Juventus run away with the league. On Friday he was nothing short of special assisting a goal and supplying a goal of his own as he continues to prove that he is the absolute driving force in Italian football there is practically nothing that can be done to stop him. the defense’s he is facing are much better than the ones he faced in Spain and he is still tearing them apart like he has been doing his entire career. At 34 years old he is still the best player in the world and this week was just like any other he was phenomenal.



Roma Goalkeeper Robin Olson 


Robin Olsen returned from injury this week and essentially saved Roma from what would have been dropped points. Robin Olsen simply put was one of the best performers in Italian football this week. No player this week had a larger impact on the team’s result. Make no mistake about it even though Roma managed to score goals Robin Olsen was the reason that Roma was able to win this game and pick up all three points. It is possible that Roma could have gotten points from this game but there is no way they would have won the game without Robin Olsen. The Swedish goalkeeper has proved on an almost consistent basis that he is one of the best goalkeepers in Italy and I’ll even say in Europe. Roma’s biggest issues this season has been defensive problems because of this Robin Olsen as having to deal with more than he regularly would have. Robin Olsen had saved Roma from a lot of situations this season and he will only continue to display that this season. Bologna attacked Roma they were much more threatening and Robin Olsen had to deal with a lot. He made some ridiculously incredible saves in important moments. He committed himself in that position and was without question the best player last night. Bologna came with everything they had and they were stopped in their tracks by a truly unbelievable goalkeeping performance. This is not the first time we have seen this from Robin Olsen like I said he has been one of the best goalkeepers this season there is no arguing that. His performance is more than just clean sheets because of how bad the defenses he has been bailing Roma out of so many situations. he has been a near-perfect replacement for Allison while I’m not going to suggest that he is better he is very close to that level the reason it’s not being talked about on a more consistent basis is that he has to overcome a slightly limited defense that at times has put him in vulnerable positions. Last night he was absolutely incredible Roma needed every one of his saves coming off an injury missing the last 2 weeks to perform like that was absolutely spectacular without question one of the best goalkeepers in Europe last night he was SUPERMAN.




Donkey Of The week: Wanda Icardi



The donkey of the week this week without question goes to the Icardi’s. It has turned into an absolute disaster at Inter Milan the pending controversy has created turmoil within the squad. Marco Icardi had his Captain’s armband stripped last week as well as removing himself from Inter Milan’s Europa League match and was not listed in the matchday squad against Sampdoria. He has not played the last two games and given the situation, it is very possible he might continue to sit out. The contract negotiations with his wife Wanda and Inter Milan have gotten worse as the weeks have progressed. Wanda has been given too much power and has handled the situation unprofessionally and has created tension within the squad. She has played a big role in the disrupt we have seen in the squad. Wanda wants her husband to make Cristiano Ronaldo money which as his agent is her job. However, it is not her job to go on TV every week and take shots at Marco Icardi teammates. There has been a great distraught within the locker room and her impact in his life has not helped the situation. Ivan Perisic made himself known to have a huge problem with some of the stuff his wife has been saying in the media. He even approached Icardi and challenged him on the comments made about him. There are two sides to the story. Ivan Perisic who I side was in this situation he wants to get away from all this madness which is why he’s plotting a move away from the club. Then there is Icardi who is just obliging by everything his wife says because she is not happy with the situation. This has turned into a reality TV show they are acting like they are the Kardashians. Wanda has abused her power and because of this Icardi has lost the armband even if he leaves he comes with baggage because of Wanda. In the two games, he has not played Milan played more freely and were able to win the matches. Wanda Icardi gets the donkey of the week for how she has handled the situation in the media and what her demands have ultimately done to the team and the locker room at Inter Milan.




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