Edin Dzeko rescues Roma at the stroke of death #482

Score: A.S Roma 3 Frosinone 2FT

Following back-to-back victories against Chievo Verona and Bologna Roma attempt to make it three in a row as they battle against another relegation-threatened team Frosinone. The Romans traveled to Frosinone in a big-time clash on a chilly Saturday night. It would be the second meeting of the season between the two teams with Roma having won the first meeting 4-0 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Roma continues to try to close the gap on AC Milan for the fourth and final spot which would signify Champions League football. Meanwhile, this match holds a lot of importance because they can go six points clear of Atalanta and Lazio with a win ultimately narrowing the Champions League race to three teams. Roma has dealt with inconsistencies this season and has struggled with teams close to the bottom while Frosinone is playing their best football of the season this matchup makes our minds wonder if they could actually pull off an upset. In the opening minutes, Frosinone took a surprising lead. A lead they held onto for a good portion of the first half at points they even looked like the better team. However late in the first half, Roma clawed their way back into this game as Edin Dzeko and Lorenzo Pellegrini scored within a succession of each other taking a 2-1 Roma lead into the second half. However, Roma really failed to kill off the game when they have the match better team it was a very disappointing performance yet again as this Roma team continues to display inconsistencies that need to be dealt with. Frosinone was still very much into the game as they equalized with not much time remaining. It honestly looked like Roma were going to drop points to another bottom side. However away from home in the rain in stoppage time Edin Dzeko broke the hearts of Frosinone and possibly signaled their relegation with a path minute winner. Roma despite an encouraging performance steal the game securing three points as they go within a point of AC Milan for fourth. The performance was horrid at times but Roma now has the momentum to take into the derby a week from now.

Eusebio di Francesco made a few adjustments ahead of this match with the Derby next week he put out an under-strength Roma side that should have no problem getting the three points. In goal as always Roma’s number one of the best goalkeepers in the league Robin Olsen. In Roma defensive back line there would be two changes from last week. At left-back would be the highest scoring defender in Europe Alex Kolarov beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Ivan Marcano and Kostas Manolas. Then coming in at left-back would be Davie Santon. Both Federico Fazio and Alexandro Florenzi starting the game on the bench. Roma would have almost a completely new Midfield for this match. In the 4-3-3 formation, we would see Roma Captain Daniele De Rossi control the Midfield in the Centre position. To his right would be Steven nzonzi and then coming in on the left side we would see the return to Diego Perotti who has dealt with so many injuries this season. An almost-identical attack in Rome’s three-headed monsters. On the left wing would be Stephan El Shaarawy the leading scorer in the League this season. Then on the opposite side on the right wing would be Lorenzo Pellegrini one of Italy’s best midfielders pushing up a little bit for this game. Then as Roma’s main Striker would be Roma’s 6-foot for Hitman the Bosnian Edin Dzeko. A relatively strong lineup strong enough to get the job done and if they get into trouble they have the solid option off the bench.

After preparations and predictions, we were just about to kick-off match day 25 the second meeting between Roma and Frosinone. It was a cold and rainy night as we were ready for Primetime football on Saturday night in Italy. Two teams opposite sides of the table fighting for survival on one end and champions league on the other. The match kicked off and we had a surprising start to the contest. Frosinone were huge underdogs going into this match. But that didn’t stop them from doing the unthinkable in the fifth minute Ciano gave Frosinone the shock lead. Scoring a belter from outside the box as it took a deflection off an attempted save by Olson as Roma found themselves 1-0 down after 5 minutes. Despite conceding the early goal Frosinone seemed to have some control despite Roma having a slight advantage in possession. It took a little while for Roma to assert themselves in this match. Stephan El Shaarawy saw his shot denied on the Roma’s first scoring chance of the match. A minute later Lorenzo Pellegrini played a wonderfully hit cross into Alex Kolarov but the Serbian didn’t have the touch as he missed the target. Just a few minutes later Lorenzo Pellegrini Struck from a distance as Roma continue to cook pressure on the opposition’s goal. Just a few minutes prior to the half-hour mark Edin Dzeko and saw his shot misfire on goal. Even though they were losing Having control of possession gave them opportunities to continue to chip away at the lead. In the 30th minute, Edin Dzeko put Roma on level terms. Following a defensive miscommunication, the Bosnian stole the ball before tucking it in the bottom left corner to equalize. Scoring his 11th goal of the season in the process. Despite and less-than-stellar performance so far Roma got themselves back in the game. Just moments later Stephan El Shaarawy saw his shot denied by The Keeper. In the 31st minute, Lorenzo Pellegrini got on the end of a Stephan El Shaarawy strike to put the ball in the back-of-the-net to give Roma the 2-1 lead. Frosinone tried to retaliate with a strike a few moments later ultimately was unsuccessful. In the remaining moments of the first half, a very physical battle Roma maintain their lead despite questionable first-half display Roma hold on to the lead thanks to goals from Edin Dzeko and Lorenzo Pellegrini.

Edin Dzeko & Lorenzo Pellegrini score within 72 seconds of each other as Roma manage to grab a first-half lead

Despite Roma having lead through Edin Dzeko and Lorenzo Pellegrini, it was a disappointing performance from all aspects defensive issues continue to plague the team as the inconsistent Roma seems to pop its head up again. Despite having the lead Rona did not seem to be playing with the urgency required to kill off this game. This would allow Frosinone with the opportunity to get back into the game. I did not like the approach at all throughout. It became somewhat of a possession battle at least in the beginning part all of the second halves. There were three points on the line Roma could not blow it or ould they? Federico Viviani had an attempt at an equalizer but he misfired. A little while later Roma made a double substitution. Nicolo Zaniolo coming in for Diego Perotti and Bryan Cristante coming in for Steven Nzonzi. There was an absence of changes in the second half as it was positional football in a very physical match up. Late in the second half, Kostas Manolas was forced out due to injury. That could be potentially really dangerous. Roma’s best defender and one of the best in Italy without him this defense will be even in worse shape than they already are. Federico Fazio would come in to replace him. With 10 minutes to Roma’s worst fear was about to become realized. Inter loaned Andrea Pinamonti equalized making it 2-2 with less than ten minutes to go. Absolutely heartbreaking given the fact that there was not much creation from either team. I honestly thought it was dead in the water it just seemed like one of those games that Roma was going to let slip. Frosinone only continued their intensity being on the brink of the historical point. Roma was losing a game against the clock it seems like it was inevitable that they were going to drop yet another point to an inferior opponent. Then in the 95th minutes at the stroke of death Danielle De Rossi hit a perfectly timed cross into Stephan El Shaarawy who was in the box. El Shaarawy sent a short pass into Edin Dzeko. The Bosnian puts a finishing touch on the pass and the game as he scored the game-winning goal to secure three points for Roma. A goal that involved a lot of teamwork and chemistry led to the winner. Edin Dzeko and a large portion of the Roma team ran into the away support in the stands as they celebrated pure unadulterated passion stealing the game at its absolute wit’s end in a incredibly ugly match as edin Dzeko is back scoring the game-winning goal that ultimately means so much Roma remains just one point behind AC Milan for 4th and has separated themselves from Lazio and Atalanta a game of momentum that Roma needed as a face Lazio next week with the opportunity to eliminate them from Champions League race ugly but important as the Bosnian delivers.

Edin Dzeko scores the 95minute winner as the Bosnian comes up big in the clutch

Edin Dzeko has finally caught fire at the right time. We have been waiting for this moment all seasons he has such an important role and emphasis on this team. When Edin Dzeko is scoring goals the team typically does a lot better and plays with more confidence. Edin Dzeko saves Roma at the death but I’m not going to pretend but this was a good performance. This was another performance that was very unconvincing and unencouraging. There were many points in this match in which Roma was not the better team Roma should have rolled them this game never should have been in balance. Frosinone remarkably led in the opening minutes and for parts of the first half, they looked Superior to the Romans. Roma ends the first half with fortunate goals from Edin Dzeko and Lorenzo Pellegrini within a minute apart. Despite all that it’s was not a performance Roma wants to remember they did get the win and the momentum but it was a shameful display. The team selection I did not agree with a team that has inconsistent tendencies you cannot afford to rest players and not play your strongest team. I understand what DiFrancesco was doing but I do not agree with the approach. I want Roma playing their best team every single week if injuries happen they happen but Roma need to focus on what they can control and I felt the lineup choices left them to be desired because it was not a strong unit at least compared to what they could have done. Roma had so many opportunities in that second half to put the game away and they allowed Frosinone to get back in it. Obviously, Edin Dzeko rescued the day getting the huge win as ugly as it may have been. Defensively their issues only continue it is truly one of the most frustrating things we have seen with this team. They also should have displayed more conviction in front of goal there’s no way this game should have even been close Roma have really struggled away from home and tonight was another example of it. I felt Lorenzo Pellegrini and Edin Dzeko was superb together as well as a Stephan El Shaarawy who I thought performed brilliantly. It was not a great performance but I felt the both of them stood out in them own way Pellegrini did a good job scoring a goal and also created chances as much as possible really played his role extremely well. However, the man of the match tonight goes to Edin Dzeko who scored two goals as we’re finally seeing the best of the Bosnian he’s starting to catch fire after struggling much of the season. This is exactly what Roma needed ahead of the biggest match of the Season Roma will take momentum and confidence despite the display into the derby on Saturday. If Roma is able to pick up points where they can end Lazio’s chance of Lazio’s League football. They are now six points ahead of both Lazio and Atalanta as they have created separation. They stand only one point behind AC Milan which could give them some sort of Belief the champions league is possible because even in a match like tonight where they play poorly they were managed to pull out the win thanks to an incredibly Edin Dzeko performance.

Man of the Match: Edin Dzeko (5)

A.S Roma
Shots: 14
On Target: 5
Possession: 56%
Passes: 489
Pass Accuracy: 82%
Shots: 11
On Target: 4
Possession: 44%
Passes: 380
Pass Accuracy: 74%

Top of the table
1.Juventus 21-3-0 66pts
2.Napoli 16-5-3 53pts
3. Inter 14-4-6 46pts
4. AC Milan 12-9-4 45pts
5. A.S Roma 12-8-5 44pts

Bottom of the table
16. SPAL 5-7-12 22pts
17. Empoli 5-6-14 21pts
18. Bologna 3-9-12 18pts
19.Frosinone 3-7-15 16pt
20.Chievo 1-9-14 9pts

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