Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 25 #484

Napoli Striker Arkadiusz Milik (2)


Napoli has not conceded a goal in 5 games which is a big talking point and storyline. However, it has been a few weeks since they have secured a victory which has only increased the distance between Juventus and Napoli. However, we saw an incredible performance by another polish Striker. Everybody has been losing their minds over AC Milan New shiny toy Piatek and for good reason because he has been phenomenal. However, Napoli’s polish star is always considered as one of Italy’s most underrated players delivered. Arkadiusz Milik was the big difference in the Napoli’s 4-0 win against Parma this afternoon. In what was a two-goal performance for the Polish Striker. He was absolutely positively the truth showing his unbelievable quality when healthy he is good as almost any striker in this league. The problem is he has not been healthy but as we have seen this season he is capable of taking that role and has proved how effective he can be. He is quietly one of the top scoring Strikers in Italian football. Incredibly efficient play with 14 goals in 21 matches. He scored a free-kick that he learned from watching Cristiano Ronaldo. It was very similar in terms of the way hit the ball. According to the Naples Star Ronaldo was his childhood hero. It was an absolutely superb performance from him I honestly do not understand why he is not talked about on a more consistent basis when he’s healthy he’s as good as anyone at his position. His clinical ability in front of goal is one of a kind. He is incredibly efficient and has also learned to take his role beyond just scoring goals he has developed into a complete Striker very Edin Dzeko like in terms of taking his role Beyond goal scoring. Parma is no walk in the park they are a very tough team and Arkadiusz Milik led an assault of goals. After being scoreless in the last two games he led a charge against Parma and was the most deciding factor in the victory. Arkadiusz Milik is really a sensational player who deserves a little bit more credit than he has been given this season he has quietly been one of the best players in the league at times. He absolutely earned a return to this list as one of the top performers. I’m going to have my eyes on him a little bit more locked in because he is special and deserves a little bit more credit for what he has been doing this season he has been a Silent Assassin.



Roma Striker Edin Dzeko (4)


Edin Dzeko is certainly back after yet another unbelievable performance as the big Bosnian delivered in the clutch. Without question one of the top performers in Italian football this week not only because of his performance but his ability to come up late and deliver an Incredibly important three points for Roma. There is no question that Edin Dzeko is not the same player he was two seasons ago. However, he is still a very capable striker who has the ability and the conviction even at his age. It’s taken him a little while to get going this season and his injury issues this year has not helped the situation but in terms of his ability and his all-around play, I still believe him to be one of the best strikers in Italian football. He’s taking his season total to 12 goals this season. He just seems to start heating up and I can only see this continuing over the next few weeks. He scored three goals in the month of February after having failed to maintain consistency the season up to this point. He is really starting to come on at exactly the right time the Champions League is going to be incredibly important and he is going to have a big role to play in those important matches. Last night he was just special he scored twice as he ultimately helped Roma come back after being down early. most importantly he scored the most crucial goal of the game. Scoring his second game-winning goal this season. He has taken his Roma total to 85 goals which are the most goals he has scored for any club he has played for. He has already developed himself as a club Legend based on his historical landmarks he has reached in the goal-scoring department. On Saturday night he was astounding he was the best player on the pitch and was able to deliver for this Roma team which he considers his second home. His value in this team could not be any more clear after that performance he is one of the leaders for this team and he performed in the game’s most important moments. At the end of the day that is the difference between good players and great players his greatness was on full display and I have a feeling he is just heating up.





Juventus Midfielder Pablo Dybala (2)


Pablo Dybala has been undervalued by Juventus and especially by Max Allegri. With the arrival Cristiano Ronaldo, this season he has been left out of far too many games seemingly doesn’t get the opportunity to start many matches. My opinion Max Allegri is a fool his tactics are from the stone age. Pablo Dybala is one of the best players in the league and his being held back by his manager. Over the last two weeks, it is abundantly clear that he is one of the most important pieces of this team when he plays. Last week he scored his first goal in months. This week he was one of the best performers in the league. Juventus came out dry and flat against bologna a team that is likely to be relegated this season. They created nothing Cristiano Ronaldo had a very underwhelming performance and as a team collectively did not match up or at any point seem superior. Bologna should have stolen this with all the missed chances they had. One of the worst performances Juventus have had all season. In light of all that they managed to steal three points that they probably did not deserve. However, it was salvaged because Pablo Dybala came to the rescue. He came on off the bench and completely changed the outlook of the game. Within a minute it seems he took his chance and delivered a bullet that confirmed 3 points for Juventus. I can make this argument over and over and over again Pablo Dybala should be starting every single game. Dybala is a very versatile player he doesn’t necessarily need to be played as a striker or upfront he can drop back they can play him in this team with Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Mandzukic it makes literally no sense for him to be coming off the bench he is far too good and even though he only played minimal time he delivered three points that Juventus would not have gotten. Pablo Dybala would walk into any top team in Europe yet Allegri refuses to start him for whatever reason. Pablo Dybala under all this controversy this season with the manager he showed exactly his value. When Juventus were in trouble. It wasn’t Cristiano Ronaldo who bailed them out it was Pablo Dybala a super performance yet again. If Max Allegri does not start playing him on a more regular basis they’re going to lose him and there isn’t another Italian football team that has the resources or the finances to pull them off. If Pablo Dybala leaves Juventus he will no longer be a product of Italian football. They have the opportunity to fix this because as he showed today he is absolutely a world-class talent and delivered in the game’s most important moment. Pablo Dybala is truly sensational his performance this week speaks for itself. As he makes a return to the list finally getting the recognition after seemingly being held back by his manager. Pablo Dybala is special and they need to start realizing that.




Donkey Of the week: Atalanta THEY BLEW IT




Atalanta has been represented on this list both in the positive and negative light. Early in the season as they found themselves near the bottom of the league’s to start the year. Also, Duvan Zapata happened at this season as he has been almost a regular on this list having been recognized as top performers this year. They have been a team on an absolutely fantastic run. There was a time this season that it looks like they had an outside chance of Champions League football. Unfortunately, they have to return as donkeys of the week as much as I like the team and their energy they have a blown a magnificent opportunity. Just two weeks ago they were in an absolute dog fight with Roma and AC Milan for the final Champions League spot. Since then they have lost two consecutive games and unfortunately for them, Roma has won their last two matches and so has AC Milan meaning they have practically thrown away an opportunity for Champions League football. Atalanta now sit six points behind Roma and seven points behind AC Milan it may be a little too early to say but from all aspects, it appears they are no longer in a Champions League race. A Europa League finish would be viewed as a very successful season but given how they have performed this season to see them and just collapse not only has been truly embarrassing but completely unfortunate. All of a sudden all the things they have been able to do aren’t working as fluidly over the last two weeks and they have blown their opportunity. The donkey of the week is there’s once again.








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