A War of Words: Maurizio Sarri vs Kepa Arrizabalaga #486




This last week in the League Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester City we saw one of the strangest situations in football. Maurizio Sarri was coaching for his job. A good performance against Manchester City was almost required for him to remain his post at Chelsea Football Club. It has been somewhat of a disaster this season even though the team started the year in good form and at times looks like they could challenge the title things gone haywire over the last few months. The Chelsea board have seemed have developed some impatience funny Italian. From the very beginning, I have been critical of him during his time at Napoli and now at Chelsea. At the time I thought to switch out a proven winner Antonio Conte in exchange from Maurizio Sarri was a catastrophic mistake. Even though Maurizio Sarri’s football is tremendous he has come up short and some of the biggest moments especially with Napoli. To continue on that over the last few weeks the pressure on his job has continued to mount almost needing a positive result in the Cup Final. What we ultimately saw in the match was something so disrespectful and so disgraceful to the Chelsea manager. Something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Understandably he may be under pressure but what occurred was absolutely disgraceful. His record signing Kepa Arrizabalaga did something so unspeakable an attempt to overmind the manager. That caused the entire world of football and fans of Chelsea to get rid of him there are many who don’t want him to ever wear the shirt again. A controversial situation that could have major ramifications on the young goalkeeper’s career.


It turned out to be a very inappropriate and unprofessional situation from Kepa Arrizabalaga. During The League Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester City Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri prepared to take out his record signing goalkeeper for the veteran Willy Caballero. The match was in a stalemate at 0-0 and Chelsea was playing Manchester City quite well. The fact that this game was so close gave Chelsea quite a bit of positivity. Chelsea starting goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga at several points during the match seemed to be in agony over a few situations where he stayed on the ground longer than usual. By all accounts, it looks like he was slightly injured. Maurizio Sarri made arrangements to take him out due to his physical condition and the fact that Willy Caballero has a lot of experience, especially in late game situations. The game was heading into the penalty shootouts and the Italian manager wanted to go with the veteran who has done this before and even won this competition being the hero in a shootout. Obviously, as you would expect Kepa Arrizabalaga was going to be very disappointed to be unable to finish the match. No football player ever wants to come out during a game of that magnitude especially given the fact that he played the first 120 Minutes of the match. In those situations, it can be incredibly heartbreaking to have to leave the match after putting in a lot of work to get to the Penalty shootout. However, it is a part of the game and even if you don’t like it you must abide by the rules of football. They are rules for a reason we want this game to be viewed as professional and classy as possible. Kepa Arrizabalaga revolted against his manager the Young Chelsea goalkeeper wasn’t having it. He had no interest or desire to leave the game and he made that abundantly clear. As odd and as disgraceful as it may seem the Spanish International straight up refuse to leave the pitch. The goalkeeper put his hand up to signify the fact that he has no interest or desire to leave the match and he is not going to. At times he even screamed across the sideline at the coaching staff. It wasn’t just Maurizio sari trying to tell him to come off Chelsea’s assistants and some Chelsea players all tried to get him to leave. However, the goalkeeper just plain and simply would not leave this notion gave Maurizio Sarri a Feeling of white-hot rage. Nearly breaking his clipboard continuously screaming across the field to get the goalkeeper to leave the pitch. He was absolutely Furious with the behavior in the game of football you do not get to refuse to come out of the game. He was so incredibly angry he nearly left the game several times. Kepa Arrizabalaga ended up winning this shouting match in battle with his manager it is absolutely the most disgraceful and unprofessional thing I have ever seen in this Sports. He does not have the right to make that decision he does not make the rules he is not in charge no matter what the situation is you cannot completely ignore your manager in which the manner he did. This could be quite honestly the last time he wears the Chelsea shirt. No matter how good a player is the rules of football apply to everyone you don’t get to refuse a substitution. An absolutely disgraceful Behavior and he should be punished by the club and maybe even sold At the end of the season. Even if you are a great player sometimes through history you can do certain things that you will always be remembered for. No matter what he does for Chelsea or anyone else this is what people will remember him for he has disgraced himself his manager and the Football Club. He should be utterly ashamed of his behavior. If I was Chelsea I would look for alternatives because someone of his character is not a player that is about the team he certainly appears that all he cares about is his individual. I cannot even begin to explain how unprofessional it was. The Spanish goalkeeper was bought for 80 million this summer after Chelsea paid the release Clause he had as Athletic Bilbao. He is the most expensive goalkeeper in history after shattering the record of 75 million that Liverpool paid for Allison just a days before he made his move to Chelsea. I’ll tell you one thing his unprofessionalism is going to deflate his future transfer fee and the rest of his football career. Even though he apologized to his manager and the club it is simply not enough. He was dropped for his next match and Chelsea beat Spurs without him. The question remains does he have a future at this club at all after these incredibly distasteful events


I completely side with Maurizio Sarri in this situation regardless of my thoughts and feelings about him as a manager I feel for him it was a crazy situation to be involved with and I understand his frustrations and anger throughout it. Quite honestly if I was Maurizio Sarri shoes I would have probably quit on the spot. This has prompted rather aggressive rumors in Italy. England has been somewhat of a disaster for him this team clearly feels that they can do whatever they want I do not care that he apologized this was a completely unprofessional situation and understandably so I understand why he was so angry. However, it must be said that is possible that he has lost the locker room. When that happens it is usually all but over. Rumors have been circulating that he is the favorite to replace Eusebio di Francesco next season as Roma manager. While my thoughts and feelings on him from a tactical perspective don’t exactly meet my satisfaction. I would certainly give him a chance even though I would be skeptical and I would prefer that Eusebio di Francesco continues as Roma manager. With all that being said I believe he will make a return to Italy in the near future to a certain extent he’s been unwilling to be himself in the English Premier League. I’ve said this many times I do not think he’s a bad coach I think he’s a very good coach but not quite at the level of some of the jobs he has been getting is slightly overrated but I still think a return to Italy will do him good and allow him to get away from all this madness. The question surrounding this is could he have done something else. You can make the argument that he could have gone on to the pitch and forced him off and I feel the comments he made in the Press don’t reflect the truth of the situation. Based on everything we know there is no way this is just miscommunication. So in that respect, I think he should have been more truthful. If I were in his shoes I would have walked onto the field grabbed him by the jersey and pulled him off the pitch way Kepa Arrizabalaga behaved was completely unacceptable and as a manager, he should have restored his dominance within the team. Sending a message that is it is an unacceptable way to behave. Quite honestly I would get this guy out of the club as quickly as possible even though you paid 80 million for the kid you just have to cut your losses and deal with it because his value is going to go down a lot and there will be question marks surrounding wherever he goes next. I just don’t think this relationship can be restored with the coach or the fans of this club who want him gone. At the very least this season he should be suspended without pay and should be dropped for the remainder of the season. While these may sound like crazy demands you have to understand the severity of the situation. If I was going to guess I think it’s highly unlikely he will be back next year Chelsea will have to bite their tongue and take it but this simply put cannot be repaired.


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