The Rise of Maya Hansen #493



Burnsville Superstar forward Maya Hansen embarks on a New Journey this fall as a South Dakota State University have gotten their hands on one of the most complete players in Minnesota High school soccer. A phenomenally talented young woman who has proved over the last 4 years to be one of the most highly skilled players in Minnesota. She has slowly but surely made a name for herself and I believe we will be hearing her name for years to come at college level and perhaps beyond. She is small and undersized but so is is Leo Messi one of the best in history. The Burnsville forward is very Leo Messi like with her mentality and the way she plays the game. In this sport it never comes easy especially in a male dominated sport Maya is a player that may never get the respect she deserved but on tape super star world class quality screams off the screen. It didn’t always come easy she is incredible talented and highly skilled but even so a lot of work and sacrifice has been required to become of the the most prolific goalscorers in the history of Minnesota High school soccer. Maya has fulfilled part of the journey to become Minnesota’s best player. Maya has been kind enough to take the time in allowing me to unpack one of the most complete players high school players Minnesota women’s soccer has ever seen. As I unleash and reveal one of the all-time greats in Minnesota women’s high school soccer. A girl that mutually has everything the skills the talent the conviction and the determination to go beyond the greatness she has already created. The Unselfish scoring machine has gathered a multitude of awards and achievements 61 goals 19 assists in four seasons a incredible amount in such a short period of time wasn’t always simple but through hard work and dedication she battled through adversity overcame doubters and non believers to fulfill the mission in becoming Minnesota’s best player with a particular set of skills to become a Legend the Jack Rabbits have won the lottery with this kid.



She was never the biggest she’s never the strongest she was never the fastest she’s undervalued and underappreciated. All the physical traits the a striker is expected to have she was overlooked because they were burning from the inside of her. Some players don’t have the intangibles that many expect from a player in the striker position. Most Strikers are very physical big strong with size however there is always an exception to the rule Leo Messi became one of the greatest footballers in history without all  of that. This story it’s about an extremely talented and Incredibly skilled young striker who has the capabilities and the desire to conquer the world and it set to rip up college soccer much like she did in high school. The rise has only begun I’m going to tell the tale of how an undersized Striker Captivate High School soccer in Minnesota. Maya Hansen has everything needed and required to go as deep as she wants to in this sport. While she may not have the physical gifts that typically you would look for and a striker she has excelled Beyond it. In the state of Illinois was the birthplace on April 9th 2001 of an extraordinary soccer super Talent a skill sets that is truly a phenomenon. Born about a month before the iconic Francesco Totti lifted the scudetto in Rome as the internal City was rewarded. The the links of these two events may be a coincidence but from an ability standpoint they are similar in their ability to deliver when it matters. Both leaders at the peak of their powers one career recently-ended or another has just begun. Maya from a very young age was obsessed with the beautiful game all she ever wanted to do is kick the ball. The idea of scoring and the feeling it gave her but she’s never looked at it as it’s all about her being a leader and the leading her team to victory it’s something that pushes her to get better. From a very young age she has worked on her game and has continuously got better throughout her life. She had something unique a lots of players love this game but only a fair few can become a star in it. The high school career of Maya Hansen is one for the ages. The second she stepped foot on the pitch at Burnsville High School she was a revelation she waited for a moment and took full advantage of all of it.




Her impact may not have happened right away but then again for so many world-class players in the game today never really happen overnight. We would wait a year until we really saw what’s he was capable of. Not everybody can be Cristiano Ronaldo and be a breakout star from day one. It takes time it takes developing maturity developing a skill set developing the winning mentality which is she clearly has. When you look back through history in this game we have seen players take several years before they really arrive. Mohamed Salah for example didn’t arise until he got to Rome and then we all saw what he can do when he showed up at Liverpool. Maya’s freshman year was more about learning improving and developing then anything else. I’ve been around this game a long time and  I feel like are the most important years in a young players career. Learning from the leaders and eventually taking in that information giving themselves an opportunity to lead in their own. Burnsville girls finished 3rd in Conference play and made a run at the to the final but feel short as Eagan brought them down to earth. Sometimes it’s a slow progression and sometimes it’s an incredible rise. Despite limited impact during her freshman year as a sophomore Maya began to break through as star was rising from the Shadows.


Burnsville girls soccer at a star on their hands they just hadn’t realized it yet. Maya Hansen broke through during that second season collectively as a team they went through some hardships and had to battle with adversity. Maya was able to cope and found herself comfortable in her role and thrived. Not only as a goal-scoring threat but as well as developing into a dangerous passer. As a goal scorer the mentality is always to score goals it becomes a priority as a player despite that Maya’s passing and vision showed that she was developing into the complete player. Progression as a player didn’t go unnoticed she was recognized for her play at the first opportunity. Despite a mediocre season in terms of team play she was recognized as an outstanding forward. In addition to that she was elected to All Conference behind her 12 goals and three assists. Despite not the best season in conference play Burnsville showed signs of positive in the high school playoffs. In the first round Burnsville faced Park of Cottage Grove. This was the Maya Hanson moment In the biggest moments with all the pressure of High School playoffs she delivered a performance to remember much like I remember Francesco Totti displaying a performance much like that to win the title about a month after Maya was born. A one goal two assist performance in which all six of her shots were On Target she played a very influential role as Burnsville ripped apart Cottage Grove on their way to another semi final. Against Rosemount Maya Hansen ignited and attempted come back after two goals down scoring a brace and what was and unfortunately in a losing effort as Burnsville fell just short.


In Maya’s junior year she made that jump that we typically see stars make. In her sophomore season she developed into a star now as an upperclassman Maya made an even bigger jump. She went from a star to a superstar and everyone had a front seat to all of it. This time around it wasn’t just Maya it was the entire team and the unit of the Burnsville girls team. Her Junior season was the best season as a team in her High School career. She was a large part of that and you could also make the argument that it was her best season individually. This team was so strong and you could tell early in that a conference championships was achievable. After poor finish the year before these girls had something to prove. Very few saw them coming after being so inconsistent during conference play the previous season no one even considered them as legit Conference champions. Burnsville started hot and just kept going. Largely behind Maya Hansen’s incredible season from the individual perspective even though it is about the team she was just on another level. She was influential both as a goal scorer and a facilitator. She doubled the amount of goals and assists from her sophomore season. The world class ability was on display with 24 goals and 11 assists in all competitions. Even more remarkably every single shot she took was on target making her analytically The Best of the Best all 66 shots on goal. That is implying that she did not take a bad shot the entire length of the season. A 34% conversion rate being responsible for 35 goals and 56 points an absolutely unbelievably efficient season. Burnsville had a team but she definitely was carrying the load she led her team through the conference. Despite a late push from Eagan nothing was going to stand in the way of Burnsville securing a conference Championship. They secured the conference title leaving the rest of the teams in the dust. Burnsville got the number 2 seed in the playoffs. Things started really well with a incredibly dominant 12-0 victory over Hastings. However against Rosemount the Burnsville girls faced the same fate against them from the year earlier despite a Maya Hansen strike Burnsville fell to Rosemount in overtime one game short of the title game. Despite that disappointment Maya was elected as an outstanding forward into the all-conference and made All-State first-team for the first time an argument could have even been made that she should have won the player of the season that how special she was.

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