Thank You Mister Grazie Eusebio #496


Eusebio Di Francesco has of run his course at the helm of Roma. The Italian took over the club at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season. He guided Roma to a third-place finish last year that included a trip to the Champions League semi-finals for the first time since 1983. This season DiFrancesco has failed to live up to expectations after the sales of Alisson Becker Radja Nainggolan and Kevin Strootman. Roma has been on a mission to secure Champions League football. It is something that is hugely important for the traditions and Ambitions of this Football Club. It appears it is going to be very difficult to accomplish Roma have been one of the most inconsistent teams in Europe. DiFrancesco at many points this season looks to be on the verge a being sacked. He has battled through adversity through many times even having a month without a loss failed to keep him at his post. After losing the derby 3-0 to Lazio last weekend and failing to qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals after having a 2-1 advantage going into the second leg. Roma ultimately failed to advance and in light of events, Eusebio Di Francesco has been sacked by the football club. This is something I think everyone knew was coming when Roma failed to advance in the competition. It has been a very underwhelming performance and season for Roma. Eusebio Di Francesco won the Scudetto with Roma as a player and has done some tremendous things as a coach. He will surely be missed at the Stadio Olimpico. Some of those European nights that he’s been a part of will never be forgotten the comeback against Barcelona is one for the history books. It is a rough way to go but he will not be unemployed for long somebody will hire him he is a tough but lovable manager who gave his all for this football club. He’s dealt with frustrations and a lack of Investments from the board and it’s held back what the team potentially could accomplish. It was ultimately the right decision by the club but in some sense, it was a harsh way to go. It was not necessarily his faults in which the way the season has gone but I do not fault those who made the decision Roma are at risk of missing out on Champions League football for the first time in three years. Roma’s ambitions are to qualify for the Champions League. The club was almost forced to make a choice regarding his future. I do feel for him as it was not his fault although at times he made some tactical mistakes and errors. It has been an absolute pleasure to have him at this football club everything he has stood for and the love he shares with the people and the City will not remain unchanged. A return may be possible in the future you just never know. The love he has for this club something all romanista can relate to. It was ultimately a very tough choice given what he has done for this club. The timing of this may be a little unfair but you can’t blame the board for making this decision. Roma is not about an individual it’s about a club and a collective a family and sometimes you have to make these tough decisions I think this is a classic example of it I’m fairly confident this is not a decision they wanted to make especially to one of their own. At the end of the day, it is a business and Roma were forced into making a change. I wish DiFrancesco the very best in the future he truly was one of my favorites.




Despite the circumstances Eusebio DiFrancesco will be immortalized as a coach for this historical Club. The things he was able to achieve at Roma will live long in the memory of the supporters and the fans around this city. His Highest moments surely will be the Champions League run he took his team on last season. Last season Roma ended up in the group of death with very little chance by the outside world to qualify for The Knockout stage. Roma were grouped with then Premier League champions Chelsea European threat Atletico Madrid who been the champions league final twice and a small team from Azerbaijan Qarabag. Immediately when people looked at the group everyone expected Atletico Madrid and Chelsea to go through in what looked to be a tough group. Roma surprised everyone by the way they performed even early in the Champions League. Roma open the Champions League against Atletico Madrid at the Stadio Olimpico. Largely behind the unbelievable brilliance of Alisson Becker managed to shut them out in a 0-0 draw. Roma beats Qarabag 2-1 in their second match before traveling to London to take on Chelsea in what was an incredibly dramatic 3-3 draw. After finding themselves 2-0 down Edin Dzeko happened scoring two second-half goals as Roma took a brief lead. It ended up in a 3-3 draw but the consensus from everyone who watched the game was that Roma were the better team and probably deserve to win. Roma could not have started the Champions League campaign any better. Chelsea and Roma faced off again this time in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico. In what was one of the most dominating performances Roma have had in years. Stephan El Shaarawy gave Roma the lead 34 seconds into the game. El Shaarawy scored another to double it before Diego Perotti added the third in what was a antagonizing 3-0 win for Roma. They really seemed in the driver seat to win the group. Atletico Madrid ended up beating Roma behind the brilliance of Antoine Griezmann. It turned out to be a battle between Roma and Chelsea for the group’s top spot. Two draws against Qarabag gave Atletico Madrid little hope to advance. It came down to the very last match of the group stage with everything hanging in the balance Roma needed to beat Qarabag any dropped points would mean Chelsea would win the group if they were successful against Atletico Madrid. Diego Perotti scored the winner in the second half for Roma as they won the group even though Chelsea beat Atletico Madrid because of Roma won the head-to-head they won the group that at the beginning seems like an impossible accomplishment. Roma got a very favorable draw in round of 16 and they met up with Ukrainian Champions Shakhtar Donetsk. It ended up being a tough battle Rising star Cengiz Under scored an away goal in what was a 2-1 loss in the Ukraine. The away-goal proved crucial In the return leg Edin Dzeko second-half goal put Roma through to the quarter-finals on the away-goal rule. DiFrancesco led Roma to the first quarterfinals in almost a decade Roma got the misfortune of drawing Leo Messi’s Barcelona in the quarterfinals. The first leg at the Camp Nou in Spain was Dreadful a very strong performance but a few moments of misfortune that had 2 own goals and questionable of VAR decisions. However Edin Dzeko scored an away goal giving Roma at least a chance after falling behind 4-1. History would have to be made at the Stadio Olimpico and that’s exactly what happened. It would be a performance that immortalized DiFrancesco in a moment that we would never forget. Edin Dzeko scored early and a game as Roma tried to start their comeback in the second half Edin Dzeko was taken down and the referee pointed to the Penalty spot. De Rossi buried it as Roma captain brought them within one goal of ultimate miracle. With just eight minutes to go one of the most emotional moments in Roma’s history unveiled itself. Kostas Manolas the Greek god scored the most iconic European goal in club history. As Roma pulled off the ultimate comeback largely behind the tactics of DiFrancesco who changed formation displaying tactical genius. Truly one of the greatest moments as the commentary said: “It is a Greek from Mount Olympus… who has come to the Seven Hills of Rome… and pulled off a miracle”. Roma pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the Champions League largely because of the brilliance of their manager. Roma eventually went down in a semi-final to Liverpool but and once again had some VAR issues but none the less fell one goal short of the ultimate miracle. These were truly special moments of DiFrancesco’s time in Rome moments that will never be forgotten.


DiFrancesco had other Great Moments obviously winning the derby but the Champions League campaign and run through Europe is something that will stick with the romanista forever. However, this season things are crumbled it was not necessarily his fault but nonetheless it has unraveled. Romans transfer wizard sold yet another important key player and failed to replace him with someone in the same class. As a result, Roma defense took an enormous hit. Roma this season has been so inconsistent and have failed to perform in matches against lower opposition. Roma has really struggled with the bottom half of the table and has blown multiple leads this year. The board has to take a lot of responsibility for what has happened to this team. It is just science if you get rid of your best players and don’t properly replace them you have a problem. Although despite being in a disaster situation DiFrancesco showed some positivity. Nicolo Zaniolo when he arrived in Rome this summer was a little known talented teenager. Di Francesco gave him his career. Nicolo Zaniolo is not unknown anymore he is the future of Italian football. Di Francesco gave the kid the opportunity to thrive Nicolo Zaniolo is one of the best players in Italian football this season and we would not be hearing about him or having a chance to see how great he is without DiFrancesco tutelage to the young star. A lot of players have benefited from him Cengiz Under Lorenzo Pellegrini and Stephan El Shaarawy have played their best football under DiFrancesco. The quality will not go away but the impact he has made on his players will not be forgotten. I honestly wish he was still in charge of Roma all I wanted most of my childhood was a coach that can understand and represent the people of Rome. It is a devastating week to be a Roma fan. I’ve stood on the table and defended him on a constant basis. From a professional perspective, I understand the move Roma needs Champions League football and it didn’t seem it was going to happen. I don’t think it is a catastrophic mistake per se and you have to make tough decisions in football and ultimately it was probably the right decision but the love and admiration I have for DiFrancesco are still strong as the day he was hired. In the table, Roma has struggled but the impact he has made on this young Squad has certainly grown. DiFrancesco will get a job somewhere he is a top quality coach who maybe deserves more admiration and respect for his achievements. The things he has done in football cannot be repeated. He took Sassuolo from irrelevance to the mountain taking them to the 6 in Italian football above both Milan teams. The Barcelona comeback could not be achieved by anyone he is a special man and a special coach. He is someone I will remember for years to come there are very few coaches that have come through that I felt resonates with me as a Roman I might not be from Rome but I feel it in my blood. Going forward we will see what happens. Claudio Ranieri, it’s poised for a return and expected to be in Rome on Friday and I’m excited for what he can bring the second time around. He is also a Roman and someone I resonate with as well I’m very excited to see what Claudio Ranieri’s Roma will be like. Despite all that I will carry Eusebio di Francesco with me in my heart I have so much admiration and respect for that man. For every Luis Enrique, there is a Fabio Capello and Eusebio DiFrancesco I felt he was the man to take Roma to the title I suppose not all things have the ideal ending.






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