How I saved a Life Through Football #500


The game of football is an emotional game certain scenarios can dictate a multitude of outcomes. It’s a global game but it’s a bit different than most sports around the world. Of course different in terms of styles in the way you play it but there’s a difference in terms of personality emotion and energy. It’s almost not even a sport at all passion its Arts it’s unbelievable emotion that’s impossible to explain to someone who doesn’t watch or love this game. It’s called a beautiful game for a reason. An artistic expression a way to escape your reality it’s truly is the world’s game. It is the global game there are football fans throughout the world we live in each other lives in those moments for meaning more than life to us. This game pushes narratives I can’t sit up here and say that we don’t have hatred we don’t have violence we don’t have racism. We have all those things and we fight it every single day to have equal game equality for all. Tragic moments occur every football fan is set in their ways. Based on who you support there’s a team in a group of people in your DNA you cannot stand. As I mentioned hatred exist in every country and in every Club there is one team club or player they wouldn’t mind having horrible things done to them. Not as a horrible person but it’s a football it is in your blood and in your bones the narrative is to despise them not because they’ve done anything wrong but because from day one if you support a certain Club there are certain values. You don’t get to be a Roma fan and have respect for Lazio you don’t get to be an Arsenal fan and have respect for Tottenham you don’t get to be a Celtic fan respect Rangers. There’s hatred in this game I’m not going to deny it. However, there are emotional moments where we put everything aside and come together. Whether it is the Brazil crash where we saw 77 people lose their lives whether it is the sudden disappearance Emilio Sala who died earlier this year. Or if it’s the passing of cancer patient Bradley Lowery that football fans took into their hearts. No matter what part of the globe you’re from no matter who you support no matter what you believe in certain in moments football stands as one. It is a game you can use to give someone meaning to give them a life they never thought they had. In some extreme cases, you can even save someone’s pure existence. You can save someone’s life using football. This is a story about someone’s life I completely changed and perhaps preserved using football. Her life and mine for some reason crossed paths had this not been the case it is possible we have one less person on this planet. When I got to 500 articles I wanted to do something extraordinary special telling the story it’s something we can learn throughout everything you’ll find that my footprints and handprints are all over our ability to find a new life again Danielle Luhrsen is an Inter Milan supporter, blogger and someone I’ve helped create a career in football. A depressing tail but A true underdog story 12 years ago her life could have abruptly ended before its final conclusion. A story of Agony pain and confusion that led to unlocking creativity that’s always existed inside of her. Here’s the story of how football helped me save a life.




In 2006 I was watching Roma kickoff it’s the season at the Stadio Olimpico against Livorno seeing one of my heroes Daniele De Rossi score in what was an eventual 2-0 victory for Roma as Roma picked up their first points of the season. Danielle in 2006 Was preparing to kill herself. A constant target for bullies drove her to insanity losing the point of living fully ready to die. Bullies joked at her weight appearance and intelligence constantly told that she’ll never become anything some people even implied that she’s worthless a waste a human life. Horrible things being said stuff that I could not even imagine we all have our own battles but that is something I can’t even begin to understand. My biggest concern at that point in my life was stopping Juventus from the title meanwhile Danielle was in a world of terror ready and willing to say goodbye to the world. Feeling that this life maybe isn’t for her and she just needs to end it. She wanted the pain the agony the loneliness to evaporate she felt that was the only way to eliminate all of it. She wanted to cut herself and even asked her brother to help her commit suicide. Out of fear her brother contacted social worker as she was pulled out of her classes she was sent to a mental institution and diagnosed with suicidal disorder and depression. Again not anything I could ever imagine what a difficult time that must have been. She eventually battled through it which is a moral victory in itself by 2012 she had conquered that part of her life but wasn’t completely out of the dark mentally. During the same, I was dealing with the worst Roma seasons of my life but obviously, nothing can compare. My issues and frustrations with Luis Enrique was a true issue and sure I had my problems during that time outside of football. The problem with Danielle is she did not have football to help cope. She was not suicidal anymore she was negative wanting approval from people was heading down a path of average mentality a person who was lost felt she was never going to be good enough. I was at one of the happiest points in my life as a Roma lifted The League Cup in back-to-back years over superpower Inter Milan those trophies I hold dear to my heart while that was happening she was just trying to keep her head above water trying not to let her past dictate where she was going to be going forward. all accounts had no confidence or self-esteem and felt that she was living a mediocre life. A dark turn for someone who became a brilliant this is where football came in she continued this path until she met me and a game of football.



In 2014 I met Danielle for the first time on Facebook. It was a weird one because our relationship is technically an accident. Danielle’s only Sports she is passionate about is football but this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when she was in it to American football and supported the Green Bay Packers. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate that organization and these fans who support them. On a Mutual friend’s Facebook accounts I replied insulting the Green Bay Packers. I had no idea it would fuel into a friendship and a Business Partnership. Even though this story isn’t really about me I met her at a time in my life in which my stepfather Marc I just passed away a few months earlier. I had recently retired from making music something that most people who know me now don’t know I used to do. At first we weren’t even friends just sort of acquaintances but eventually, we became close because of sports. We had a bunch of close friends who used to have a group chat together we all were part of it. In high school and beyond my nickname has been Guru after being referred to as the Sports Guru by a high school classmate. Eventually, I took Danielle under my wing and try to teach her about sports give her some tips and sharing with her observations I see through all my knowledge. After a year I disbanded it as I taught her all I felt I could. However, at this point in time, she still was a mediocre person she always felt she was. Football drove her into what she is now and I supplied it even when I wasn’t trying to. I am a Roma fan through and through they are in my blood. With all that being said there is a British team called Aston Villa who I liked as a kid they were never my team but for whatever reason, I always gravitated towards them. At the time they were in a relegation battle. Their leading scorer at the time was a Belgium Striker by the name of Christian Benteke. Not only was he a great player during that season but he is very religious and God is really important to him. Something that Danielle shares with the striker. She became a football fan I taught her a lot about it through struggles Villa had at the times. As a newly football fan, she explored other teams as I taught her about Italian Spanish French and German football. Aston Villa was a team she really liked because it got her into the game but eventually she found a home. At the San Siro with Inter Milan. You could see the difference she got more happy and angry reacting to losses than ever before. It was not a bandwagon switch she was just experimenting with the beautiful game of football. She shares the personality and the mentality of Inter Milan. This is a football club I’m not particularly fond of but I thought it would be really fun to have rival teams so we could share the happiness and the low points together sometimes at each other’s expense. I used everything to try to create a football fan within her and as it happens I Unleashed a monster. She was as passionate as energized as aggressive as I am. I taught her the game I taught her the players I taught her about formations everything you need to know about the game she’s learned from me. When I started my blog I was insecure about it at the current time I don’t believe there’s a better writer in the world than me that’s been my mentality and attitude but there was a time where I was a little subconscious about how writing was. She read every article gave me tips words of wisdom and positivity.


She saw me evolve into a great writer in front of her eyes. I taught her about mentality and being the lion of your own world. I introduced her into Gary Vaynerchuk and Eric Thomas two of the most influential people in my life that have affected me. All the things she had issues with started to evaporate she gained confidence self-esteem and much more. I eventually convinced her to start a blog of her own. I promised to help her along the way even though she resistant at first just like football she eventually caved. She started her own blog using the website I eventually transition to even though just like mine her first several what dreadful every week she improved and got better and better. She’s not a finished product yet but she’s getting there. She has gone from someone who knew nothing about football to the passion of a football fan and now someone who’s writing about it. I am her editor I make all her articles look amazing visually but at the end of the day, she did the work she puts in so much time. This year She really took it up a notch she’s becoming the Complete product a writer without a writing background just like me but she’s changing a game. Opportunities will be smaller because she’s a woman, unfortunately, that is just the world we live in right now but she will get those opportunities in due time. She doesn’t quite have the confidence I feel she needs but I’ve taught her about the mentality in my animal systems. She thrives to become the lion that I am she has the mentality just not all the way there yet. It’s everything it’s impossible for me to come off looking humble based on what I have done. If we never met I would have still become a writer maybe not as good but I would have a successful life in this industry. Without me her career more life her mind would be totally different. The decisions I’ve made prevented dark paths and led her to the beautiful game of football had I not existed this version of Danielle never would have happened. She is my protégé my understudy she’s going to go down as one of the best women football writers of all time. She may not achieve the height that I will but she will make a dent in this industry she may not be recognized but the world but there will be people who believe it. We have a business relationship but she is family.



“Without Eliot getting me into football I don’t know where I’d be right now. “

“Mentally I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and there is nothing that I can’t accomplish in becoming the lion I’m destined to be.”

“Inter is like an emotional roller coaster but like marriage there are always going to be ups and downs but none the less I still love them the same.”




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