Monchi the Genius and The Destroyer of Roma #498


It has been a chaotic week at Roma and things seem to have become more hectic since Roma’s elimination from the Champions League. Following Roma’s lost to Porto in extra time Roma manager Eusebio DiFrancesco was sacked the following day after his situation got bad from worse Roma has struggled with inconsistencies all season and it was just the final nail in the coffin. Roma wasted no time signing the replacements as they brought back former Roma coach and lifelong Roma supporter Claudio Ranieri who had recently been let go by Fulham. However, there has been more salt in the wound. Transfer wizard and Roma sporting director Monchi resigned from his position following the Eusebio di Francesco as firing. It was rumored to be he was going to leave anyways at the end of the season but because of this sudden change, he put in his letter of resignation as Roma and Monchi mutually agreed to part ways. He has been a target for Paris Saint-Germain Manchester United and Arsenal for several months. It has been rumored that Arsenal has reached a deal with the Spaniard takes the position at the London Club. Arsenal will be heavy favorites tell and the talented sporting director that helped Sevilla lift 10 trophies. Monchi has an unbelievably high reputation throughout football as being a transfer genius someone capable of bringing greatness to any football club. However, let’s breakdown the facts it is a very split decision from the fanbase some are very happy and relieved he is gone While others wish he would remain at the club. The question remains did the Monchi project work or is he the scapegoat for Roma’s decline. Was his take one step back to take two steps forward philosophy actually successful or did he bring Roma turmoil and cause the erosion.




There was a lot of expectations on what Monchi could potentially create in Rome. The dream was for Monchi to create a winner within that can not only challenge the League but create a dynasty of winning mentality. The perception was that it would take some time. Many will make the argument that things didn’t go as well as well as Roma fans expected. That’s not to say there weren’t moments in which mode he looks like a genius. It is a mix of opinions on what transpired over this year and a half. There certainly were things that a lot of Roma fans, in particular, did not agree with but there were positive. Roma did trophy under his tenure but he had his moments. One of Monchi’s first moves as director was bringing in Francesco Totti to work under him. Francesco Totti had recently retired and he gave him a job immediately. Francesco Totti worked under him as a director the two of them worked together Monchi at the end of the day had the final say on opinions but nonetheless, Francesco Totti was able to continue to work for the club he holds dear to his heart. Monchi’s first season was Francesco Totti’s last. That. The fact that he took his pride aside and gave him a position shows what an incredible human being he is. In his first full season, Monchi hired Eusebio DiFrancesco as we know he was let go last week. Which could have influenced Mochi to quit. However, looking back on his year-and-a-half in charge of Roma it was a smart hire that evidently in the long run paid off. His departure from the club wasn’t really his fault either Monchi must take responsibility for that. He guided Roma to a third-place finish and a semi-final in the Champions League Roma had not made it that far since 1983. That was a very magical and special Champions League run. Roma fans will never forget the Barcelona comeback that will stick with us forever DiFrancesco orchestrated that event to happen with a change of tactics he allowed Roma to pounce on the opportunity to make history. Even though his time has ended the time he spent here even though he is without a trophy he achieved greatness and he will be immortalized by the club through its history. Monchi had some transfers the quite honestly do not work out but he hit a home run with three. 3 of the most vital parts of this club came from his business in the transfer market. Lorenzo Pellegrini Cengiz Under and Nicolo Zaniolo. His first signing was Lorenzo Pellegrini. He wanted to give the new coach his best player. Lorenzo Pellegrini was a Roman born youth product that played one match for the club before eventually moving on however in his contract he had a Buy-Back clause that the club paid. Lorenzo Pellegrini played for DiFrancesco for the previous three seasons. It might just be one of the wisest decisions Monchi made during his time in Rome. Lorenzo Pellegrini, it’s one of the players and is the future of this club for the next 10 years he is a Roman born player who intends to spend his career in the red of Rome. He had a slow start to his return home but Lorenzo Pellegrini since then has been one of the best players for Roma and in the league. When Lorenzo Pellegrini is on fire he is one of the best midfielders in Italian football. He has suitors from all over Europe but Lorenzo Pellegrini simply put is not interested. Not only did he bring in a player of immense quality but brought in a player that is loyal to the club. Lorenzo Pellegrini is the leader of this young core and at just 10 million it was an incredible bargain for a player I believe that has the potential to be one of the best midfielders in all of Europe. We have seen Champions League moments and displays of absolute dominance against the best teams. The headline signing during Monchi’s First full season was a Turkish teenager by the name of Cengiz Under. without question one of the most explosive players on the Roma Squad someone who really ripped up the league in his first season. He paid 13.4 million for the Turkish Starr a player the now and the current market is worse at least 60. even though his stay at the club maybe temporary it was an unbelievable signing. After not scoring for the first half of the Season he scored 7 goals in the league. Scored the crucial away goal in the round of 16 matchups against Shakhtar Donetsk. While supplying the assist to Kostas Manolas in that historic Barcelona comeback. Roma Champions League run could not have occurred if it wasn’t for those moments. For a 20-year-old kid to perform like that on that level with such a small price tag was absolutely unbelievable. He is one of the best players on Roma and the club needs to hang on to him for dear life. He is a big game player who can really step up. A truly special player they don’t sign players like this roaming the streets. A true sensation Roma need to do everything to keep him in the capital. Finally Roma’s new star Nicolo Zaniolo. He was brought in the deal that sent Radja Nainggolan the opposite direction. He was a kid in the Inter Milan youth team who did not even get a game for the Milan Giants. He proved to be a bargain of the year only costing 7 million off from the deal. Roma truly robbed Inter Milan he is now considered by many as the future of Italian football. This season he has been an absolute sensation A multiple-goal performances in the Champions League scoring against Milan and showing Roma that they have the player they’ve always been looking for. He is the heir to Francesco Totti in fact he plays very much like him he is a truly special player words cannot describe how impressive he has been to have your professional debut against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu and continuously improve and improve given the chance to show he is one of Italy’s best youngsters he’s done this with calmness and poise. He is a truly special player who wants to represent Roma like Francesco Totti did and has mentioned he would like to stay with Roma all the way through because they gave him a chance no one else would. Monchi somehow becomes a genius around this because he was absolutely adamant on the teenager and for good reason. He is going to be one of the leaders of this Roma team for the next 10 years. He hit three home runs if Roma is able to keep all of them together this team can be incredibly dangerous in the future. His whole idea of taking one step back to take two steps forward certainly applies with the signings he made with these three all bargain all for less than 20 million.





Although Monchi did some great things with Roma during his time I’m not bothered or going to miss him because of how things look on the other end. He has brought some great negativity to Roma with some of the decisions he has made that while controversial he continually stuck with. Every year since he has been here he has sold a key or important player that could have been vital to a Champions League or league title push. Almost his first order of business was selling Mohamed Salah. Mohamed Salah after two seasons in Rome asked to leave and Roma really couldn’t do anything they have their hands pretty much tied. The problem becomes the amount they sold him for. Mohamed Salah was sold to Liverpool for 36.5 million. Everyone in Rome could see what Mohamed Salah was going to become he was capable of being a top 10 player in the world the fans and supporters at the Stadio Olimpico we’re well aware this as he contribution. His value was not 35 million it was at least 65 Monchi folded way too early in the negotiation of the price. The Following season with Liverpool Mohamed Salah scored 42 goals was awarded the Premier League player of the season and finished top five in the Ballon d’Or voting Roma essentially gave him up for very little. Roma did not use any resources to replace him. Cengiz Under was brought in as I mentioned also brought in Patrik Schick for 42 million after only one good season. If you’re going to sell a player of that caliber you have to replace them with players in that class they ultimately did not do that. He sold Leonardo Paredes as well who is a player that PSG just took from St Petersburg for a large fee he was a player that could have made an impact on this Roma Squad this season and last season he sold him before even taking a look that’s the problem. Try to replace him with Maxine Gonalons who is a class below he also brought in Grigore Defrel who was not on Roma’s level. These just add two more pointless signings. He sold Antonio Rudiger to Chelsea he was one of Roma’s best defenders and he is Chelsea’s most consistent player he did not need to be sold but he did it anyway and since he’s left defensively Roma are in their worst shape and it’s because players like him have left for nothing or essentially nothing he is a 40 million of value player and Roma sold him for half of that. Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker had a historically great year with Roma he is universally regarded as one of the three best goalkeepers in the world and last season he was the best by all metrics. After a season like that you want to see things continue Monchi sold him to Liverpool for 75 million. It was 10 million under their original price of 85 million here’s the thing it wasn’t a mistake to sell him that was too big of a free to turn down. If you’re going to sell a world-class goalkeeper you better have a good replacement. Instead of spending big on Donnarumma he brought in Robin Olson for 8.5 million. Robin Olson is a very good goalkeeper but not Roma standard and especially not the standard of trying to replace one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Why could he not pay a larger sum and get Donnarumma why did he go for the cheap options Roma this season is defensively a liability and Robin Olson even though he’s had moments of Brilliance he has been exposed at some points this season. He also had an unnecessary sale of Kevin Strootman to Marseille who was a leader for this team and was that X Factor in several games. That sale made no points with Radja gone as well He sold at least one key player in every season. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate what he has done for this club but you cannot sell a key player every season and expect to grow into a champion. He put together the blame ultimately falls on him. He is fully responsible for where Roma stand right now there may have been other issues but he is the majority of the reason why Roma are here. He’s is responsible for the erosions that this club has taken since his involvement.





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