Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week match Day 26 #503

Juventus Striker Mosses Keane


Moses Kean is a player Juventus have been talking about for a long time. An Incredibly talented player who’s expected to be one of the future superstars in Italian football. He is the most promising Prospect within the club. Juventus, however, is extremely deep and full of talented players so his opportunities have been somewhat Limited. However with that being said he got his opportunity this week as most of the Juventus starters were being rested for their Champions League match against Atletico Madrid. It was a moment in which 19-year-old Moses Kean had his breakout moment. A superstar in the making a player we could be talking about for a long time. The teenage sensation was the starting striker in their match against Udin. He wasted no time and turned out to be the most impressive performance of the weekend in Italian football. Moses Kean showed his Superstar quality scoring twice in the first half to give Juventus a 2-0 lead. He really showed how good he can actually be he looked confident on the ball and showed his ability to execute. He has speed Pace intelligence and athleticism an imposing figure who can be an absolute star of Italian football. He is the future of this league along with Nicolo Zaniolo. Juventus must continue to give him opportunities to shine because he was absolutely unbelievable. He has played very limited minutes this season but when he has played he has shown is the world-class ability and potential. He was not afraid he played with no fear and relished his opportunity without question one of these top performers of the week. Making a list for the first time is yet to be seen if he will be on this list again this season considering his lack of game time but in the future, he will be recognized on a somewhat regular basis because of how talented he is. He was special not only because he scored the two goals he had an overall all-around Striker performance definitely a player that made some waves this weekend this is a player for the future Nicolo Zaniolo and Moises Kean are the future of Italian football and that could not have been any clearer after Moses Kean showed his maturity and ability a truly unbelievable performance the defense could do very little to stop him.

Torino Andrea Bellotti


Andrea Belotti once was considered the next big thing in Italian football. The pressure took a toll on his career as he hasn’t been in the same sense is amazing a breakout season in which he scored 26 goals. He regressed last season massively scoring significantly fewer goals than in his breakout season. However, he’s showing this week that he can still perform at the highest levels. Andrea Belotti has dealt with issues with consistency and that’s his biggest problem there’s no doubt he has the talent and the ability he just needs to reach those heights on a more consistent basis to be considered a truly great player in this league. This weekend he had one of those moments for Torino. He scored twice in a 2-1 victory helping Torino score another three points and their Ambitions for European football next season. Even though it was against a relegation team it wasn’t easy pickings at times it was unclear who was the better team. Andrea Belotti had Superstar moments that killed off the game and allowed to Torino to pick up the win. Without his impact and efficiency in the match, there’s no way they would have won the game. He is a player that has all the talent in the world and moments like this make us realize how good he can be. He has had consistency issues there’s no disputing that his performance this week makes us realize how good he can actually be. Maybe he just needs a new start on a new team but the Torino captain came through in a big way as he deserves recognition as the top performers this week. Torino is a team that is chasing Europe and he’s a big reason why he may not be scoring at the amount that he used to but he has made an impact in games when he has his consistency is a very dangerous player the problem is it does not happen frequently enough. If Torino can get him to play at the level he was playing at just a few years ago this can be an incredibly dangerous bunch one of the best defenses in the league already you add an inform Andrea Belotti to the mix the sky is the limit. His performance this week wasn’t just about the goals scored it was about how he led his team to a valuable three points. He has not been on this list yet this season but after his display this week we had no choice but to give him that recognition. capping off his unbelievable performance as all of the Italian football hoping he can retain it at least on a consistent basis because when he’s at his best he’s a truly Sensational player. He has scored in back-to-back games for the first time this season he takes his season total to 10 with this performance. this turned out to be a very important win as they came back from conceding an earlier goal to win the match Andrea Belotti What’s the Difference Maker.

Florentina Striker Luis Muriel


I’m not sure there is a player in better form then Luis Muriel. The former Sampdoria star arrived in Italian football in January and truly has been a revelation to this Florentina team he has been an injection in energy since his arrival. Since his January move from Sevilla Luis Muriel has played 12 matches over that span he truly has been one of the best strikers in Italy since his arrival. No moment is too big for him he is playing at such a level that we didn’t even see last time he was in Serie A. Without his imminent arrival Florentina would be much further down the table. Florentina still has underachieved this season as they sit in 10th Place but there still is a possibility for European football if they continue to play well. In a huge game this weekend the little Colombian delivered yet another performance Florentina took on Champions League hopefuls Lazio this weekend. The Rome Club took an early lead and we’re sitting on it for most of the match. In the second half, Florentina needed a moment needed a key play to dictate the outcome of the game Luis Muriel supplied it scoring an equalizer in the second half to salvage a point against the Lazio denting the Champions League chances while enriching Florentina’s Europa League help. this has to be one of the best signings of the season and if they signed him on a permanent basis this Florentina team can do some serious damage. He’s fast he’s quick agile and his finishing ability in front of goal seems to be second to none since he’s been here he has scored almost on a regular basis. Truly one of the best strikers in this league. he’s been here half of the season and he’s been on this list more times than Marco icardi edin Dzeko Andrea Belotti and Pablo Dybala. that’s not necessarily the say that they are having bad Seasons but it just puts his impact on this team in perspective. He has an outside chance of making a team of the season and he’s only been here for half of it that speaks volumes for what his true importance is on Florentina. Federico Chiesa is Florentina’s best player but Luis Muriel is the most important player he has more value to this team than anybody else because of the impact he has Brought in such a short amount of time. Florentina will make this a permanent deal and when they do they truly will have robbed the bank. Another wonderful display an important match for the little Colombian.




Monchi Quits AS Roma this week in a year and half he has taken the club backwards. I’m not bothered or going to miss him. He has brought some great negativity to Roma with some of the decisions he has made that while controversial he continually stuck with. Every year since he has been here he has sold a key or important player that could have been vital to a Champions League or league title push. Almost his first order of business was selling Mohamed Salah. Mohamed Salah after two seasons in Rome asked to leave and Roma really couldn’t do anything they have their hands pretty much tied. The problem becomes the amount they sold him for. Mohamed Salah was sold to Liverpool for 36.5 million. Everyone in Rome could see what Mohamed Salah was going to become he was capable of being a top 10 player in the world the fans and supporters at the Stadio Olimpico we’re well aware this as he contribution. His value was not 35 million it was at least 65 Monchi folded way too early in the negotiation of the price. The Following season with Liverpool Mohamed Salah scored 42 goals was awarded the Premier League player of the season and finished top five in the Ballon d’Or voting Roma essentially gave him up for very little. Roma did not use any resources to replace him. Cengiz Under was brought in as I mentioned also brought in Patrik Schick for 42 million after only one good season. If you’re going to sell a player of that caliber you have to replace them with players in that class they ultimately did not do that. He sold Leonardo Paredes as well who is a player that PSG just took from St Petersburg for a large fee he was a player that could have made an impact on this Roma Squad this season and last season he sold him before even taking a look that’s the problem. Try to replace him with Maxine Gonalons who is a class below he also brought in Grigore Defrel who was not on Roma’s level. These just add two more pointless signings. He sold Antonio Rudiger to Chelsea he was one of Roma’s best defenders and he is Chelsea’s most consistent player he did not need to be sold but he did it anyway and since he’s left defensively Roma are in their worst shape and it’s because players like him have left for nothing or essentially nothing he is a 40 million of value player and Roma sold him for half of that. Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker had a historically great year with Roma he is universally regarded as one of the three best goalkeepers in the world and last season he was the best by all metrics. You cannot sell a key player every season and expect to grow into a champion. He is fully responsible for where Roma stand right now there may have been other issues but he is the majority of the reason why Roma are here. He’s is responsible for the erosions that this club has taken since his involvement.

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