Derby Del Sole Roma vs Napoli Talking Points #511



Roma hosted Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico in what was their second meeting of the Season. Roma managed to steal points at the Stadio San Paolo in a 1-1 draw earlier in the year. It was a hugely important game with Roma’s Champions League Destiny hanging in the balance. Roma finds themselves and terrible form having just won 1 game in the month of March it has truly been a disaster this was at their opportunity to respond to all the criticism and the mayhem that has occurred. The Derby Del Sol between Roma and Napoli has typically been very competitive we were expecting a show just not as one-sided as it ended up being. It was a spineless performance from Roma who seemed to never really grasp themselves in the game. Poor team selection may have influenced the end results but there is no excuse for what occurred on Sunday night. In their own backyard, Napoli ran through them. Milik gave Napoli the lead on the first shot of the game. Roma eventually got back into the game after Diego Perotti converted a penalty at the end of the first half. It was as close as Roma would get as they were pulverized in the second half as Napoli were in complete control and dominated Roma at the Stadio Olimpico. Within a blink of eye dries Mertens retook the lead for Napoli and they just kept on going in what was a very one-sided dominating performance from Napoli. Napoli crushed Roma in the second half thanks to goals from Dries Mertens Simon Verde and Younes in what was an eventual 4-1 win for Carlo Ancelotti’s Napoli. As they beat Roma at the Stadio Olimpico for the third consecutive season in doing so wrecking any shot at Champions League football and perhaps Europe altogether.

Raneri’s Terrible Team Selection



Not necessarily saying the match itself would have changed the results but I believe the game was lost before a ball is kicked. The team selection and formation held the team back Claudio Ranieri tactics well below what is expected of him. Napoli is one of the most attacking mined teams in all of Italy they are quick and Incredibly dangerous. The only way to stop them is to counter that. Roma needed to try to disrupt them with pace that was the only way they were ever going to have a chance to win the game. Napoli is the better team and was in better form of prior to the match the only chance they had would have to rely on speed and athleticism against Napoli’s high-flying high-powered attack. Cengiz Under Justin Kluivert and Nicolo Zaniolo started the game on the bench all three of them. They are Roma’s most athletic and quickest players. The idea is you put a brilliant passer like Nicolo Zaniolo in-between Cengiz and Kluivert two of the quickest players in Italian football to try to carve through the Midfield. There was not another scenario in which Roma could win the game it was using their Pace against the Napoli Midfield. The audacity of Claudia Ranieri to keep Roma space on the bench for the majority of the contest baffles me it shows a lack of intelligence. That is the only way you can neutralize what Napoli does and he left the solution on the bench. By the time Raneri came to his senses, the game was already lost. He waited far too long to make changes and tactically he was schoolboy he failed to evolve to the circumstances. For example, taking out Patrik Schick when Roma was losing by multiple goals. Nothing he did yesterday made any sense. As Roma had placed the three together I thought maybe there was a chance they could pull off an upset. The speed and passing intelligence that that Trio could have created some uncomfortable moments for Napoli. This was a hugely important game and these decisions probably cost them Champions League football next season. He set his team up to fail this result is partly on him. It is blatantly obvious that Pace on the outside is the recipe to counter Napoli this decision cost Roma so much.


Napoli Should Have Stayed in the Title Race Longer 




Napoli ripped apart Roma yesterday and truly looked like title contenders. They were without Lorenzo insigne and still were able to completely Dominate and control the match winning at the Stadio Olimpico for the third consecutive season. Napoli truly has a team capable of winning the Scudetto with a world-class coach in Carlo Ancelotti. Napoli was in a class by themselves against Roma and many times this season they have come up in some really big moments. They have an incredibly strong core a superstar Striker as well as some young Talent throughout the squad. This team should still be in a title race even though they are not. They are securely in second place they are Head and Shoulders above everyone else not counting Juventus. The defending champions are not 15 points better than Napoli. Napoli is a team that has all the ingredients to contend for a title and I suspect they will win a league title sooner rather than later they have practically everything required for a legit chance at chasing that trophy. In fact this season they shouldn’t have let Juventus run away with it so early. Dropping points to some inferior opponents really cost them this season. Last night they’re dominating performance proved how much quality they actually have. I fully expect this team to win the Europa League this season but looking back Napoli should have been on Juventus’s tale throughout the season. Next season this team will be ready and willing to fight them for the title they are maybe one piece away from winning it. These fans and the supporters have been waiting a long time and I really believe they will deliver on it soon it will be a learning experience this season however it is undeniable that Napoli still should be in that title race performance last night of unbelievable quality justifies how this season should have gone. However, make no mistake this team will be ready and willing next season to bring the Scudetto back to Naples.

Roma will NOT be in Europe Next Season 



After a performance like that, there is no question that the Champions League Chase is over. In fact, Roma is in threat of not making even at the Europa League. Going into the game against Napoli’s it was very clear what they had to do all that was required is to get a point. If they failed to do so it would pretty much end any chance that they had at Champions League football next season. However, it got a lot worse than it anticipated not only was Roma crushed dominated and completely controlled but they slipped down to 7th place. Atalanta and Lazio are both in front of them now. That’s not to mention Lazio have a game in hand if they win that game we are talking about potentially a four-point gap and if Roma continues to drop points it’s not even a question that Lazio will finish above them for the first time in what has seemed like ages. If they continue to slide like this Roma will not finish in any European place. We are talking about potentially a seventh-place finish after having been in the top 3 for the Last 5 Years Roma is nowhere near it. A lot of decisions were made that has caused this egregious disaster. Monchi certainly played a role in the erosion after having sold key players in the last 3 Seasons. Roma at a point now where they knew just need to blow this thing up. Keep Lorenzo Pellegrini Nicolo Zaniolo Justin Kluivert Bryan Cristante and Cengiz Under then blow everything else up. The names I mentioned should be the only players welcome back on the team next season. For a club from the size of Roma to go from Champions League semi-finalists to not even Champions League football it’s truly embarrassing Roma have lost four of their last five games and are on a horrid forum. For a club the size Roma this has been truly an embarrassment. Roma will miss out of Champions League finished below Lazio for the first time in a long time and quite possibly even miss out on the Europa League I certainly hope a change is coming because Roma should not have to deal with the things they have dealt with this season. This cannot be the new Norm Roma need to change this club as soon as possible Roma is a Champions League team in terms of tradition they need to blow this thing up because this is not something anybody at this club wants to get used to.





Milik Has Proven to be Among Italy’s Elite’s 




Milik has finally proven to be the real deal in Napoli he is without question one of the most elite Strikers in all of Italian football. Just a few years ago he was brought in to replace the then departing Gonzalo Higuaín to become Napoli’s Next Star Striker. During his first two seasons in Naples, he dealt with some inconsistency and some serious injury problems. The Polish Striker has been able to stay healthy this season and has proven himself in Europe and domestically as he has been one of the best strikers in Italian football this season. He is as consistent as any player at his position. Against Roma was just yet another display of that scoring on his first shot of the game. He has scored in 6 of his last 7 games in all competitions only justifying that consistency. He finds himself in the top 5 in scoring with 16 goals in Serie A and has proven to be a big game player. He’s not one-dimensional either very versatile capable of scoring in a variety of ways. He has become very skilled on set-pieces this season only Leo Messi has scored more goals from free kicks this year. He has earned his place among the top performers in Italian football this week is performance against Roma he was superb. Not only because of his early goal but the way he carried himself through 90 minutes. He is the real deal and has proven his value this season all the question marks on what he could become at Napoli have surely been answered. Many people questioned his ability to develop consistency I don’t think there’s any doubt about that now as long as he stays healthy he will be one of the best strikers in the league now and many years to come. It was an absolutely superb display in a huge match against Roma that meant so much. The way he performed at the In Rome was inspiring only two teams have beaten Roma at the Stadio Olimpico this season. Milik is a big reason why Napoli had success against a Roma team who are fighting for their Champions League lives. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding his polish teammates AC Milan Star Piatek as he has truly ripped it up at AC Milan but at least in my mind, there is no question that Milik has a higher ceiling and is the much more talented Prospect. Milik is the franchise player the Cornerstone of Napoli you put pieces around him and Napoli will be lifting a scudetto before you know it. He has been nothing short of world-class this season his performance this week, as well as several weeks prior, he has been breathtaking.



Di Francesco Should Have been Allowed to Finish Season 



Roma made a very risky decision to sack Eusebio Di Francesco at the beginning of the month. After the Raneri experiment has not gone as planned it’s quite obviously was a mistake. I don’t blame the club for making the move and quite honestly he would eventually be sacked at the end of the season. But with only 12 games to go at the time and made a literally no sense to make that move now, it was a knee-jerk judgment that has cost Roma. Claudio Ranieri has done some magical things in his managerial career he is a Roman through and through and no one at the club will ever dispute what he means for the Romans. However, everything happens at the wrong time. This is as low as it has been for Roma this season they nearly went an entire month without a victory. I’m not suggesting Claudia Ranieri is a bad manager but he definitely is not Superior to DiFrancesco. Raneri played a big factor in Roma’s inability to keep Pace with Napoli I could break this down in so many ways Nicolo Zaniolo should never be coming off the bench that is just that he is way too talented not to be starting for this Roma team Given what has occurred over this last month it’s quite clear it was a mistake to sack him at the time they did. It’s hard to imagine DiFrancesco would have done worse any worse. Champions league is gone and Roma has hit a severely low point in the season. I’m not here to bash Raneri either but the fact of the matter is to make that decision at that point in the season made no sense. Let him ride out the rest of the way and then make a decision at the end of the season. That is what they should have done and it’s quite clear Roma made an error in how all of this unfolded.


2 thoughts on “Derby Del Sole Roma vs Napoli Talking Points #511

  1. Great article! At this point, I’m not sure Roma can actually qualify for the Europa League. Imo, keeping Di Fra for the rest of the season at least, would’ve been a way better option.


    1. Completely agree from that standpoint. We do not deserve Champions League football. However Milan is stinking it up. Lazio is as inconsistent as we are. It’s a one-point difference right now I think we have a chance at it even though we don’t deserve it

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