Top Three Perfromers and Donkey of the week Match Day 29 #512

Atalanta Striker Duvan Zapata (7)

Duvan Zapata returns to the list for the first time since Match Day 23. His continued consistency has been a revelation not only for Atalanta but Italian football. This is his seventh appearance on this list as he overtakes Cristiano Ronaldo for the player who has appeared on this list the most frequently this season. Not only that but he has been arguably the best player in Italian football as a whole. Atalanta has a legitimate chance at Champions League football after I thought it was over just a few weeks ago. They have really gotten it together over the last few weeks and admittedly had a little bit of help Duvan Zapata has this team on the brink of History. Without the Colombian Superstar there’s no way this small team would be where they are. He delivers at the right time delivers in big moments we have seen him take over games almost on a somewhat regular basis this season. Without question the best player in the league this year and would get my vote for player of the season. I am highly critical and not very easily impressed so the fact that I have picked him as one of my top performers 7 times shows how great he has been this season. There was an unbelievable rise he was scoring at a ridiculous rate. It has cooled off slightly but he is certainly heated up once again. Against a decent Parma side that all of Italian football respects Duvan Zapata completely took over as we have seen at many points this season. He responded to an early goal from Gervinho Duvan Zapata got Atalanta back in the game but get them in front. He scored a crucial goal that put them up 2-1 after conceding a very early goal. However that was just half of his afternoon he scored a stoppage-time strike that ended any chance of a comeback he put the nail in the coffin. He is a player I have been raving about all season the impact he can have on a games is absolutely tremendous. Another display a brilliance from the Columbian he has double the amount of goals he scored last season and quite honestly it’s very obvious that Napoli made a mistake sending him on loan again. Napoli are very deep and probably should have stayed in the title race for longer and had they have someone of this quality they might be right up there there are a lot of clubs that are going to be very interested in bringing him in this summer. He would be one of my top players on my Roma wish list for this summer a player like that can change a team can change a season just like he has done this season. Imagine this Atalanta Team without him there’s no question they would be a mid-table team, not a team pushing Europe. He continues to be one of the top scorers in Italian football this season and I only see that continuing Atalanta have put him in a position to be successful and he has thrived under all sorts of circumstances. He has 19 goals in Serie A and 22 goals in all competitions not a bad turn around having not even scored 15 last season. Against Parma he was sensational as he has been for the majority of this season I think he is the player of the year given the situation and what has been able to do this week was another display pure brilliance this won’t be the last time he lands on this list either.

Napoli Striker Arkadiusz Milik (3)

Milik has finally proven to be the real deal in Napoli he is without question one of the most elite Strikers in all of Italian football. Just a few years ago he was brought in to replace the then departing Gonzalo Higuaín to become Napoli’s Next Star Striker. During his first two seasons in Naples, he dealt with some inconsistency and some serious injury problems. The Polish Striker has been able to stay healthy this season and has proven himself in Europe and domestically as he has been one of the best strikers in Italian football this season. He is as consistent as any player at his position. Against Roma was just yet another display of that scoring on his first shot of the game. He has scored in 6 of his last 7 games in all competitions only justifying that consistency. He finds himself in the top 5 in scoring with 16 goals in Serie A and has proven to be a big game player. He’s not one-dimensional either very versatile capable of scoring in a variety of ways. He has become very skilled on set-pieces this season only Leo Messi has scored more goals from free kicks this year. He has earned his place among the top performers in Italian football this week is performance against Roma he was superb. Not only because of his early goal but the way he carried himself through 90 minutes. He is the real deal and has proven his value this season all the question marks on what he could become at Napoli have surely been answered. Many people questioned his ability to develop consistency I don’t think there’s any doubt about that now as long as he stays healthy he will be one of the best strikers in the league now and many years to come. It was an absolutely superb display in a huge match against Roma that meant so much. The way he performed at the In Rome was inspiring only two teams have beaten Roma at the Stadio Olimpico this season. Milik is a big reason why Napoli had success against a Roma team who are fighting for their Champions League lives. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding his polish teammates AC Milan Star Piatek as he has truly ripped it up at AC Milan but at least in my mind, there is no question that Milik has a higher ceiling and is the much more talented Prospect. Milik is the franchise player the Cornerstone of Napoli you put pieces around him and Napoli will be lifting a scudetto before you know it. He has been nothing short of world-class this season his performance this week, as well as several weeks prior, he has been breathtaking

Juventus Striker Moses Keane (2)

Moses Kean continues to prove that he is truly a superstar in the making. After making a debut on this list last time out he has found himself back here after another Sensational performance. After a two-goal display in his last game for Juventus, he went on International break with Italy and scored in both games. Moses Kean, it’s just in incredible form and it only continued against Empoli. He made instant impact Off the Bench Juventus world without Cristiano Ronaldo and Pablo Dybala the young 19 year olds came off the bench in the second half and within 3 minutes scored the game-winning goal in what was an eventual win for Juventus. To make such an instant impact was truly tremendous. He is the future of this league along with Nicolo zaniolo and he’s not even 20 years old yet. He became the youngest player since Mario Balotelli to score 8 Serie A goals. He has scored four goals this season in a very limited amount of game-time which also makes what he has done this season incredibly impressive. He scored four goals last year with Verona and has certainly improved and gotten a whole lot better since. Juventus have already basically won the league title it is all about Champions league this kid is so skilled that even without Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus have a great chance to go the distance. Cristiano Ronaldo is out with injury and he’s expected to miss at least a little bit of time this is a great opportunity for the young Italian to make his Mark in this league. He still is relatively a raw talent he needs an opportunity and time to continue to show us what He is capable of. This week’s display was a great example of that. Juventus were searching for a goal and the second he came on he changed the game and scored the game-winning goal within minutes that is what impact players do. Even though he only played a limited amount of time he made his mark on the match. That’s not to say Juventus would not have found a way through without him but the energy he brought in a very crucial moment of the game proved to be the absolute difference. Given the circumstance and given they were without two of their best players it showed his value in the match. this kid is just getting warmed up he is something incredibly special we are going to be hearing about Moses Kean for the next decade. Against a team fighting for their lives who played a very tough Moise Kean came in and broke the deadlock another breathtaking display for the 19-year-old.

DONKEY OF THE WEEK:Gigi Donnarumma

You can be one of the best players at your position in Italy and still finds our way on Donkey of the week. Gigi donnarumma is without question one of the best goalkeepers in Italian football if you were to rank them I don’t think you can put him anywhere below the top five. However this week he made an egregious mistake that cost his team three valuable points. One of the biggest blunders of the entire Italian football season. It may have been a mental thing or maybe he was not prepared but to make an error as he did in the opening 35 seconds is extremely shameful and embarrassing. In the first minute of the game, donnarumma rolled the ball into the foot of the degree that ultimately Led to Sampdoria’s opening goal. An error of the highest order in a big game against Sampdoria with the Champions League race being what they have been it wasn’t the severity of the error which was bad enough it was the importance of the game. After Sampdoria took the lead Milan were not the same they never really showed up to the match and a large part of that was because of donaroma’s incredibly costly error to start the match. Don’t get me wrong donnarumma will probably never end up being the donkey of the week again anytime soon he is one of the very best but he made a horrendous mistake that cost his team severely. This Champions League race is really tight now and a victory for AC Milan would have been incredibly important especially given the fact that Inter Milan lost they could have retaken their place in the top three but because of his error they stayed Put as he earns himself Donkey of the week.

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