Top three Performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 30 #516

Torino Striker Andrea Belotti (2) 


Andrea Belotti is a player I have discussed from time to time. A few seasons ago he looked like he was going to be the next great striker in Italian football it hasn’t gone as planned as he has struggled significantly since the hype that has surrounded however this season he is starting to look like a player that burst onto the scene just a few years ago. This might be his last year playing for Torino he is finally getting the attention from Europe once again. With a move to Roma seeming more likely as the season comes to an end. Still just 25 years old he has proven this season he has the qualities to take his game to the next level. He has more goals than Edin Dzeko and Dries Mertens for example. A performance this week against Sampdoria proved to be a very important one. Torino has an outside shot of European football they have been incredibly Dynamic led by a very strong defense. This is the best Torino team we have seen in a few years they seem to have the desire and hunger. Against Sampdoria another team siding for Europe with the League’s top scorer it was an incredibly crucial match. If there ever was a time for Andrea Belotti to show that he has the world-class ability it was this match. That is exactly what he did it was the most dominating performance we have seen from him this season in terms of the magnitude. He’s had games where he scores big against some of the lower teams but this was two very strong teams going head-to-head and Andrea Belotti was the superior Force. He was nearly Flawless a two-goal performance for Torino’s captain. It was an incredibly important result. And Andrea Belotti came through for his team. Andrea Belotti is still capable of delivering on the expectation that would put on his shoulders three years ago. Again Sampdoria he was sensational as he makes his second appearance on this list honestly two more times and I would have expected he has proved me wrong this season I want to see more he has made great progress this season.


Atalanta Josip Iličić (2)



Atalanta absolutely annihilated Bologna in what was a historic Route. They became the first team in Italian football history to score four goals in the opening 15 minutes it was a sequence of utter domination Duvan Zapata scored once again he truly is starting to heat up furthermore justifying the claim that he has been the best player this season however he is not the name I’m going to recognize tonight. Josip Iličić was absolutely unbelievable. He has been one of the most underrated players in all of Italian football for years. He’s a big physical and can find the back of the neck. He was responsible for three of the four goals scored in the opening 15 minutes of the game. Scoring twice and assisting another. Let that sink in 15 minutes he managed two goals and one assist. Absolutely astounding performance and it was the most dominant figure in the big victory. An unbelievable display he has been recognized one previous time this season on this list. When he scored a hat-trick against Chievo Verona earlier this season but this truly was his best performance season. I said this for a really long time relegation teams are the hardest teams to play during the last 10 games of the season they are trying to fight off relegation. There is a big money discrepancy in between everything. If you get relegated it is so hard to come back because of the amount of financial loss that will be handed. That’s why I team really fight to the very end. Early in the relegation season, this would have been less impressive but bologna has really looked decent over the last few weeks even though they’re in the relegation Zone they haven’t been playing that badly. In a performance like that while Atalanta is fighting for Champions League football Josip Iličić was the difference. Just a stunning display for the physical Striker. Duvan Zapata is the most valuable player on this team but combining him with Josip Iličić has been a rather dangerous attack with a physical body like Josip Iličić and a speedy Striker like Zapata the two of them together can cause serious problems. Josip Iličić is no chump either he may not be setting the world on fire but he is underrated in his ability to find the back of the net and contributes to his team. He has 11 goals and seven assists this season that’s a pretty remarkable number. He has proven to be an unbelievably perfect for Atalanta he is the perfect Striker to pair with their Superstar and at times can display a moment of absolute Brilliance this performance was another example of that. With not many games left he may fail to find it on that list again but he is an unsung hero doing dirty work for a team that’s chasing for Champions League football. They have made great strides towards that with the performance. Josip Iličić was sensational and was a big reason why they dominated the way they did he was responsible for three of the four goals scored his impact on the match could not have been any clearer.



Roma Winger Justin Kluivert  


Justin Kluivert has had an underwhelming campaign since his arrival in the capital. However last night I might have been one of his shining moments. After not being picked to start again Napoli he got the green light in a really important game against Florentina. The Dutch teenager showed his quality even though Bryan Cristante and Diego Perotti has had excellent games it was the young 19 years old who seems to be the difference for Roma. Not only was he one of the best players on the pitch last night but he completely Justified his price tag and his decision to move to the Italian capital. Roma want to feed this club with a lot of young talent and he is certainly a part of that even though he may not be most talented player on Roma and occasionally lacks game time a performance like yesterday shows exactly why he’s such an important piece of what Roma are trying to build with the young talents assembled. He was a sensation quite easily one of the best performers in all of Italian football this week. He got the stat and took full advantage of it Roma came back twice in this match against a Florentina. It was a two-assist performance for the Dutchman. An unbelievable display that showed intelligence and intangibles. He used his explosive skill set to get into dangerous positions on what seems like an almost regular basis. Justin Kluivert is one of the fastest players in the entire country he has the athleticism that is like no other. He is a tireless workhorse who has energy and conviction. Almost immediately after Roma conceded a goal. Justin Kluivert used his speed and pace to get into a good position before making a cut move to separate himself from the defender sending a cross that ended up being met by the head of Nicolo Zaniolo that ball ended up in the back of the net. It was a quick and immediate response. It wasn’t just that he got himself into a great position and his teammates. He was a facilitator throughout the game. Roma needed pace in the lineup and he provided exactly what he was almost unbeatable when he was running forward trying to create counter-attacks as much as possible. Even though they didn’t really use the counter last night space he got into and the way he was using his body effectively made a huge difference. Defenders were having huge issues staying up with him. Truly one of the best performances we have seen from him this season. You can see the Promise within him and that performance. Just like the first goal right after Roma conceded the youngster did it again he found space executed and picked out a good cross for teammates. He did a lot of damage in the amount of time he was given the was an absolute nightmare deal with the amount of skill and ability that he showed was on full display. Just a constant reminder of how talented he actually is Justin Kluivert can be a huge part of this team for the next few years he has a conviction the ability to grow and every time we have seen him perform this season he’s got just a little bit better he’s going to grow into a phenomenal player and will be a big part of the young core that this team is developing. He was absolutely Sensational easily one of the best performers this week in Italian football.







DONKEY OF WEEK:Leonardo Bonucci 



The donkey of the week this week goes to Leonardo Bonucci for his absolutely disgusting comments after the racial abuse against Kean. Moses Kean was a racially abused by the Cagliari fans in their match this week. It was furthermore an evaluation that there is still racism in football. The talented and exciting young Juventus Striker silence them the best way he could by putting the ball into the back of the net. In doing so he mocked these supporters that had it been abusing him for the majority of the match. I fully support his decision to do that no one should ever have to go to a football match and have to deal with these type of issues it was absolutely disgusting by the fans and I am outraged that Italian football is not giving out bans for the ones who are responsible. However with all that being said the most disgusting thing came from his own teammate who implied that the blame was 50/50. That is so utterly disgusting if someone is racially abusing you and you score a goal it is not only your license but you should react. Even if he felt that was not the right way to handle the situation it does not put them on the same level as the racists who were simply abusing him because he is a black Italian. I have never been a fan of Leonardo Bonucci I have always felt he is ignorant and someone who Lacks class. This was another example of why I have such an issue with him. Even before this but this, even more, damaged his reputation I completely understand now why AC Milan was so willing to let him go. I have given out the donkey of the week every week this season and there are fans and players who’ve done some outrageous things but this is without question the worst example I shouldn’t have to be writing about things like this spirit A truly disgusting Act he should be ashamed of himself.

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