Roma’s Player of the Month March: Diego Perotti #518



Roma was coming off their best month of the season just one month ago. A month in which this inconsistent Roma side didn’t lose a single game which is unprecedented especially given how poor they have been this season. To a certain extent, it was a breath of fresh air and possibly a sign of improvement for the rest of the season. However, in the month of March things went sideways it wasn’t just a typically bad months chaos and changes within the team took place. It was as bad as you could imagine Sirius all the hope that Roma might have had prior to that was slashed from the first game of the month. In fact, figuring out a player of the month was an incredibly difficult task. Simply put this entire Club fell apart in a matter of weeks. Roma kicked off the month with the most important game of the season. It was Derby Day as Lazio and Roma went head-to-head at the Stadio Olimpico. Everything was on the line bragging rights and battling for European football. Is Roma’s goals and plowed the one saying this city and this team one is at the very least finish in front of the arrivals and win the Derby. Roma had all the momentum going into that match which is why it was so shocking in which it all unveiled. Roma got absolutely annihilated by Lazio which stings compared to other losses because of what it means. You have to live with the fact that they beat you and you cannot Avenge the performance until next season. It was as bad as you could possibly imagine. Lazio crushed Roma and was considered the better team on the day in what was 3-0 victory for Lazio and quite honestly it could have been much more. It completely killed the spirit the confidence of the team it was an utter disaster. Roma follows that up with a Champions League round of 16 matchups against Porto. Roma held a two-to-one advantage in the first leg at the Stadio Olimpico and all they needed to do was get themselves an Away goal. Again an underwhelming performance by Roma it was not the response they needed. Roma eventually got the away goal but Porto proved to be the better team. Roma was still in the match as a 2-1 scoreline in favor of Porto sent the game into extra-time. In the 117th minute, Porto was given a penalty a soft one but a penalty. They ended up scoring to take the lead controversy would hit just two minutes later we’re Roma were denied a penalty that would have won them the game on the away-goal rule. It was hugely controversial and the officials I made a huge mistake in terms of using a different Logic for two penalties that were the same. Portal eventually went through to the quarterfinals. Even though it was a controversy at the end of that games it was Roma own fault for their defensive approach. They lost this game because they were just hoping and playing for the results rather than attacking Porto I’m getting a second away goal that would have killed off the game. following the elimination from the Champions League Eusebio di Francesco was sacked from the club and sporting director mode she left as well. The entire sing collapse. Claudio Ranieri was hired to replace DeFrancesco has he returned to his home town Club for a second term over a decade later. Following all the arose in that occurred Roma took on Empoli and got away with the skin of their teeth. It would be Claudia Ramirez first wins as Roma manager and they gave the club some confidence at least that is what you would think. The following week was possibly the most egregious performance of the month. They traveled to spal a team that had not won a game at home since the second month of the season and we’re in danger of relegation. Roma did not show up for the game Diego Perotti scored a penalty but spal what do much better teams are out at Roma failed to create much of anything it was quite literally the definition of a disaster. It wasn’t that they lost its that they had no creativity whatsoever and it truly played a huge factor and then losing. that was bad enough you would have thought the international break what else helps the team but it only seemed to hurt it. To end of a month they hosted Napoli and the Derby Del Sol which historically speaking has been one of the most exciting and competitive derbies in Italy. that was not the case I missed occasion Roma were absolutely ripped apart and what was a Florida one demolition by Napoli. it was a disaster from the start. This is a game I have said that Roma we’re going to lose it before the first kick of the ball. The formation that Claudio Ranieri put out lost Roma the game they last out all the case in the lineup and that is the only way to hurt Napoli he left the recipe on the bench and did not Implement substitutions until it was far too late. the month of March could have not gone any worse.



Quite honestly an argument could be made that there’s not a player on this Roma team that deserved player-of-the-month that’s how bad their month was collectively and individually. However, Diego Perotti a player who has not performed at all this season because of all the injuries he has faced finally started to show some promise. In all the games he plays he was sitting if it can only be the best player on the pitch and we got to see his progression back into being a player he was last season. He has been completely out of the loop for much of the season because of all the injuries he has faced but he has never wavered on his commitment to the club and has been one of the leaders. This team was lashing of that for much of the month and even though he has improved and looked strong collectively it was a disaster. However, if you’re going to give it to anyone Diego Perotti is without question the most deserving of it. He followed his strong performances in March up with a wonderful display in their first match in April. Scoring a brace in a come-from-behind 2-2 draw with Florentina. It is unclear whether or not mama can rebound and find their way back into European places. After the month of March is as bad as it was. The Argentina International has continued to be a leader for this team and hoping to see a turnaround within the squad this month. I’m miserable months for Roma but Diego Perotti was without question their best player there are no candidates other than him this month that’s how bad his it has been. But on the other side of things, it is so great to see him back playing on a somewhat regular basis. It has been truly saddening to see him missed so much of time. We are hoping to only see improvements for the rest of the season.

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