Open Letter to My Extended Family #525


My life is made up of football and breathing
I need Football like you need air and oxygen
My existence would be completely meaningless without it
What would my legacy be? I would be a back page story of Irrelevance
Without out this game there would be no reason to live at all THIS is what I live for tactics passion rivalries and unforgettable moments LIKE THIS ONE
Sometimes doing this has its down falls it’s a lot harder than it might seem
Fulfilling but a challenge of the highest order.


Being a Fan is Easy You can just move after a bad result I CAN NOT
I have to feel the pain of defeat then spend the next 48 explaining why it occurred
It is truly an unsettling thing it can at times drive me into dark places
But in the end it’s all worth it because I can create everything and anything I want
I spend so much time perfecting my craft
My Career is a happy accident even though I’ve always had the skills and conviction to do this
It wasn’t something I planned I never thought of this as my reality


But Ultimate through Tragedy that is exactly what it has became
I have developed from a house cat into to a LION and I prove that every single day
I’m not even suppose to be here but I AM.
I became a writer as an emotional reaction to the passing of my step dad as Cancer Relegated his life He was my Hero
He is who I do this for He wasn’t an Alive to see One article but I carry him WITH ME!
There is No REASON this should have worked I was completely unqualified in fact I still am!


I’ve learned how to thrive under unwanted circumstances
I didn’t have any one but myself everything I’ve done I’ve learned through doing
There came a point where negative comments and things that were said to me didn’t matter anymore I found my confidence and my energy it is my everything it has ignited something inside of me.
I fully believe I am the best writer in the world even if it’s not the Truth 
It still ballfles me that I have got here, This number seemed like miles away I couldn’t have done this alone



Even though I was by myself from the first 100 I’ve done the last 400 with the best support in the world. From all around the world to the individuals in front of me.
My family doesn’t support me but FAMILY isn’t WHO is Related to it is WHO Supports you. Every person I invited to this celebration was invited for particular reason it because you have shown your support in your unique ways. I have support from around the globe but to see the support in front of me is the reason I never take a day off. 


In the down moments I think of the people in my life that I’m doing this for and I can go one more mile one more day at work day after day after day My Iconic moment came with three articles left I have the moment and went for it. I spent Hours Writing and I reached it. I thought to myself this is the moment that will be told and retold when I become the greatest of all time. Roma has risen from their Ruins was uttered in their historic comeback nearly a year ago. But it a strange way it fully captures who I am and what I’ve done. I have risen through tragedy and struggles to get where I am I may never be acknowledged as the greatest ever but there will be people who believe it. My expectations live in a world elevated to where my dreams exist I’m always going to have something to prove and I am always going to have something to fight there will always be a gazelle and I am always going to need to eat. I’m a very emotional person even if it doesn’t seem like I may be the engine but you are the fire that fuels me.


 THANK YOU for Everything

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