Top Three Performers and the donkey of the week Match day 33 #532

SPAL Striker Andrea Petagna


Andrea Petagna has been one of the most underrated players in Italian football this season. Spal all of a sudden after relegation was looking like a good possibility have found their way and are now on the verge of safety. In a relegation 6 pointer against Empoli he was the absolute difference one of the most dominating performances we have seen this season. The 23-year-old Striker has 14 goals in Italian football this season he has quietly had an unbelievable season. He has scored more goals than Edin Dzeko Andrea Belotti & Ciro Immobile, as well as many others, only further justifies the impact he has had this season. However his performance against Empoli it may have been his crowning Jewel without question the best performance of the season for the Italian. It was a wild and back and forth battle between Spa & Empoli. It was a 4-3 win for Spal Andrea Petagna is a big reason why they were able to secure three points while almost certainly guaranteeing safety. He scored twice and assisted a third as he was responsible for three of the four goals scored. He has been great all season but his performance this weekend was just special. It will be very interesting to find out what happens over the summer everything he has done this season has surely implied he deserves to be on a bigger Club whether that happens is yet to be seen but there’s no question he has been one of the big surprises this season even though this is his first time on this list he has not been unnoticed I have seen the type of performances he has put in all year make no mistake Spal are going to secure safety within the next two weeks he is the main reason why Spal will be back for a third season in Serie A. His recognition has been overdue and after the performance this weekend he deserves some recognition



Atalanta Striker Duvan Zapata (8)


Duvan Zapata does it again he has been without question the player the season as I have mentioned several times. There’s not a player that is featured more frequently on this list this is his 8th appearance that just truly shows what an incredible season he is having. He really has done the unthinkable all season. Last season he had 10 goals in all competitions he was still considered a quality player but the way he has performed this season is almost unimaginable. In the summer Atalanta secured his services on a two-year loan with an option to buy. He has been nothing short of sensational he is very much within Striking Distance of the golden boot and personally hope he gets it. He has 21 goals this season in the league which happens to be more than Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact unproven and grossly underrated Duvan Zapata has had in my opinion a better season has been Cristiano Ronaldo. If you take into account the number of penalties Ronaldo has taken it is quite obvious who has been the best player this season. This double the amount he had last year and in a lot of cases you can make the argument that players with high goal scoring totals are only scoring against the weaker opposition. However, that’s what has made a duvan Zapata so great this season. He continuously scores in the big games in those big moments. He has scored against Juventus Napoli Lazio Inter Milan he is doing this against the toughest competition. He has consistently found the back of the net regardless of what his opposition is. He is a big moment player and he has dominated on a consistent basis. Don’t get me wrong there have been some truly Sensational players this season but he stands out because of his ability to come through and deliver when his team needs him the most. Atalanta has been the story of the season. They are on the verge of Champions League football this year and over the weekend against Napoli he came through once again. It was a tough battle as it always is against the top team but the Colombian Striker once again put together yet another dominating display against a top team. Duvan Zapata was responsible for both goals in what was a 2-1 win over Napoli that keeps them very much alive in the Champions League race. He scored the opener and supplied the assist to what was the winning goal for Atalanta. I have been talking about him all year what he brings to the game the impact he has on his side and their ability to overachieve what the expectations were for this team at the beginning of the Season nobody expected him to be this kind of player people kind of figured he could make a reasonable impact on a team that was going to fight for Europe but the fight that the ended up being a part of it is something that no one suspected he has been without question one of the best players in the world this season not just in Italy. in another breathtaking display against Napoli Atalanta are on the verge of Champions League football while I find it unlikely that they will get it this has been a historic season not just for the club but for Duvan Zapata individually there is not a player in the league this season who has been more consistent and has made more of an impact on their team. He is Serie A’s player the season and anybody who thinks otherwise is lying to themselves he is a world-class player and Atalanta are going to find a very difficult hanging on to him given what he has done this season. He’s always been a very consistent Striker but he is a reached Heights that no one expected his performance against Napoli was brilliant as he continues to display why he has been the best player this season. I would not be surprised if he lands on this list a couple more times before the season ends he has just been that good.


Roma Winger Stephen El Shaarawy (3)


Last week Stephan El Shaarawy was breathtaking as I acknowledged him as one of the top three performers. He was absolutely Sensational against Udin in a very tough game a match in which they kind of needed to win his passing skills effort and conviction played a big role in Roma’s ability to secure the three points was excellent. This week was no difference he was absolutely the best player on the pitch and made his presence felt throughout the match. Roma did not have a fluctuation of chances but El Shaarawy made his impact as the only continues to prove that he has been one of the best players this season. He is without question deserving of team of the season. He is in Roma’s best player and has been since day one. He has been nothing short of Sensational and only continues to display that through each match. He has dealt with some injuries this season had he not have gone through that he could have easily 15 to 20 goals this season. Yesterday it was questionable whether he would play at the game at all after feeling some discomfort in his thigh the day before the match however he started the game and Roma are so grateful he did. He passed protocol and was given the green light to play against Inter Milan at the San Siro a place he used to call home when he played for AC Milan. Stephan El Shaarawy has made it almost customary to score against both Milan teams since he has joined Roma. He has scored a great goal in the San Siro but the one he scored Saturday night was absolutely outrageous. He found the back of the net with an absolutely outrageous hit. He was so dangerous on an almost regular basis completely hard to control or stop. Stephan El Shaarawy gave Roma the opener with one of the best goals we have seen this season. From outside the box, he drove his Defender before striking an absolute masterclass of a hit finding the top corner not giving the goalkeeper a chance in the world. He used his Speed and Agility to get into good space and position to strike the ball. The defender couldn’t even keep up as El Shaarawy’s movement as he left him out to dry with a superb strike. It was his 10th goal of the season which is his most League goals since his AC Milan days. He has been nothing short of brilliant throughout the season a healthy El Shaarawy is as good as any Winger and in the entirety of Italian football., last week he was recognized for his performance and this week is no different as he makes the list for the second straight week. He has been such an impact player for Roma and after another brilliant display, he deserves a new contract Roma are not the same team offensively without him. He made things very difficult to deal with for Inter Milan using his speed an incredible intelligence he has been as good as practically anyone this season despite the fact that he continues to be ignored only further proving that he is one of the most underrated players in World football. People don’t realize is he’s performing like this every week if Roma are going to make Champions League this season it’s going to heavily rely on Stephan El Shaarawy he deserves so much credit and recognition for how well he has performed this season he is a big-game player and it’s capable of turning it on and those big moments I will only continue to give him the credit he truly deserves.



DONKEY OF THE WEEK: Milinkovic-savic



The donkey of the week goes to Milinkovic-Savic as his spineless behavior he played a big role in what was a true embarrassment. Lazio lost to already relegated Chievo Verona. A large part of that occurring because of the red card given to Milinkovic-Savic who made a dangerous yet stupid tackle that ultimately cost his team three points. I’m not saying had that not occurred Chievo Verona would not have won the game but what I’m simply stating is that completely changed the complexion of how the game was being played. Shortly after Chievo Verona scored twice within minutes of each other to secure a 2-1 win over Lazio which was an absolute Abomination. Chievo Verona is the worst team I have seen in Italian football in a decade. Regardless of Lazio’s from it is inexcusable to lose to this team. They might have cost themselves any real chance at Champions League football. I know things can change a rather quickly but with five games left given the schedule that Milan and Roma have Lazio have made things incredibly difficult on themselves. Milinkovic Savic made a decision that could have cost his team champions league football. Therefore he earned himself Donkey of the week in what has been a very underwhelming season for the midfielder.

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