Top three Performers and Donkey of the week match day 34 #536

Napoli Winger Dries Mertens (4)


Napoli Winger dries Mertens make a return to the list as he has really come on over the last few months of the season after a relatively slow start. It wasn’t just a typical performance it was a historical symbolic moment for the Belgian. The season has not gone as well as you would think for Napoli it has been somewhat of a struggle elimination from the Europa League and failing to get out of the group in the Champions League as well as not really being in the title race at all it has not been a season to remember but nonetheless Dries Mertens has been one of Napoli’s better players. Statistically speaking this has been one of his less impressive Seasons but despite that, he is more effective on the game than ever. Despite the number of goals being significantly less than in past years he has 13 goals and 10 assists which accumulates to being responsible for 23 goals. He may not be the lethal goal scorer he was a few seasons ago but nonetheless, he has had a very underrated season and I believe he’s not really getting the respect he deserves. However, that’s not what this weekend was about he scored against Frosinone in what was a very comfortable 2-0 win against the soon-to-be relegated side. He also made a historical moment. It was his 81st goal for Napoli’s which equals Diego Maradona league goals for the club. I am not suggesting that dries Mertens is as good as Maradona but he has been absolutely sensational since he’s arrived in Naples truly astounding amount of goals. One of the best players statistically in history he has scored 107 goals in all competitions since his arrival. He really became a great player since arriving in Italian football. A fast quick but intelligent player as that was on full display over the weekend. A sensational performance but on this occasion, it was about his accomplishments more than the performance itself. Very deserving accolades and respect he has received. Diego Maradona is one of the greatest footballers in history whenever your name in alliance with an all-time great it is truly a prideful and amazing moment that shows how great you truly are. He has equaled Diego Maradona in League goals but in career Napoli goals he still has a little bit to go but with that being said. Through six seasons Dries Mertens has scored a 107 for Napoli Diego Maradona in Seven Seasons scored 116 by the end of next season it is possible he will surpass him in career goals for Napoli. Again I’m not suggesting that he is a better player but I only see more history coming from Napoli’s number 14. Will he be able to win something in Naples like Maradona only time will tell but he should be very proud it’s a truly amazing achievement.




Bolgna striker Nicola Sanson 

Bologna FC v Chievo - Serie A

Bologna was a team for much of the Season that looked like it was going to be relegated. They were hovering around the bottom part of the table for much of the year it did not look promising under Inzaghi the criticism of him being not a good a manager proved to fruition this season. It had been a complete and utter disaster it looked almost destiny that they were going to be relegated which would have been incredibly unfortunate given their new stadium is on the way. However, something happened Inzaghi was sacked by the club and they brought in Milinkovic-Savic former Torino manager and all of a sudden things started to turn around he has a rough moments but he brought them out of the relegation Zone and it appears they’re on their way to safety. They only continued and continued to perform an exceptional level. Since Milinkovic savic took over the job bologna has the best record in Italian football an absolutely astonishing. There are coasting and nicely to safety and they keep performing. This weekend Nicola Sansone was a standout performer in what was another battle with a relegation candidate. At this stage of the season that is what really matters Winning those matches against teams in a similar position as you are. Empoli is on the verge of relegation after losing to Bologna it seems almost imminent now. It was a big performance from Nicola Sansone he has never made the list and in all likelihood will not make this list again but this weekend he certainly is deserving of recognition after a one goal one assist performance in what was an eventual 3-1 Victory he was solely responsible for two of the three goals scored. Not to mention he scored an absolute screamer he came through for his team and because of it, bologna is one step closer to safety. It was truly a sensational performance Bologna now or eight points safe from relegation and will be back for another turn. Although they picked up some steam over the last month his performance was still symbolic they’re unlikely improbable survival in Italian football he may not be getting recognition on a regular basis but he certainly deserves it in what has been a very productive season for the striker.



Roma Justin Kluivert Winger (2)



Justin Kluivert continues and continues to show tremendous progression this season. It seems every week he has developed a little bit more. He was absolutely sensational against Cagliari this week without question one of the best performers this week. He has been recognized just a few times for his work collectively in the league but once again he shows what incredible potential he has. Even though statistically he’s not going to blow you away from his impact on the game and how dangerous he can be as a Winger was absolutely on display he was truly breathtaking. He had an assist and quite honestly on the Roma third goal he created the opportunity. The way this nineteen-year-old kid can operate using his speed pace and athleticism is absolutely terrifying. He hasn’t had a sensational season but we have seen moments of brilliance he’s really starting to develop some consistency and justifying why Roma brought him here this summer. He will only continue and continue to improve because of how special he actually is. On Saturday in a game that seems like a must-win Roma has failed to capitalize on opportunities on an almost regular basis especially with seasons, he was unbelievable. The way he dictated the pace of the game got into great spaces and his ability on the wing to send balls in it to the strikers was very impressive. He is a superstar in the making quite clearly and it was a completely dominated performance by the youngster. Nicole Zaniolo gets all the headlines and for good reason he is the most promising young Talent on this Roma team but Justin Kluivert is not that far behind he has done things in big games that display his unbelievable future it was one of the best games he’s played this season there wasn’t really much to do to stop him he’s getting more and more comfortable and has really come on during the last few months of the season. He is a super Talent that is going to be one of the core parts of this Roma team in the future. He has everything to be a dominant player at this level and we have seen glimpses of that next season I believe we will be seeing more than what we have seen him develop that consistency and if he can maintain that he will quietly become one of the best youngsters in all of Italian football. His performance against Cavalry was just special there wasn’t anything they really could have done to stop them the way he was getting into space finding teammates and using his athleticism to keep the Defenders off-balance it was truly remarkable this kid is going to be incredibly special for Roma and I hope he continues to get the chances and the opportunities to display that. He is certainly part of the future he is a perfect player for Roma and someone that is going to be an incredible Important piece to Roma’s scudetto puzzle. This week he was as good as anyone.


DONKEY OF THE WEEK:Lazio and Racism 



The donkey of the week this week goes to Lazio. Typically speaking when I write these articles they only reflect Italian league matches but something so disgusting and absurd happened during the Coppa Italia semi-final. Lazio knocked out AC Milan and deservedly so but that does not gather guidelines for what happened prior to the match and during the match. I’m not even writing this from the Roman perspective we hate Lazio it’s in our blood it’s Who We Are. This is not from an objective point of view. But something needs to be said about what occurred. Racism in this country is a huge problem and although I will dive into this in further detail in a couple of months Lazio is once again the springboard of racism in football especially in regards to black players. Mussolini chants and signs pre-match. Not to mention all the racist chants that were directed at Milan midfielder Bakayoko that included money noises. We have a serious problem with racism in Italian football and for whatever reason, it continues to be an issue it’s not getting resolved and that’s a bigger problem than just me criticizing Lazio for inexcusable Behavior on this occasion it was Lazio and that is why they are getting donkey of the week. But this is more than anything recognizing that we have a deeper problem this isn’t the first time this has happened this season and it probably won’t be the last. We cannot allow things like this to continuously occur. Lazio a lot of time is probably the most racist football clubs in the sport even so they are not the only one and it is recognizing a much deeper problem. The donkey of the week this week once again goes to Lazio for there they’re the behavior against AC Milan but is racism as a whole.

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