Roma’s Player On the Month April: Stephen El Shaarawy #537


Another month is in the books as we approach the final month of. It is that time as we recognize the player the months as well as reflecting how Roma has done over the month of April. It turned out to be a much improvement from March which turned out to be one of the worst the months of the season. Last month it was very difficult to think of anyone on Roma who deserved any sort of recognition that’s how bad it was. At the end of last month, I basically accepted the fact that Roma would not be in the Champions League this season and would struggle to make a Europe in any capacity. With all that being said football is an interesting game things can change drastically and that’s exactly what happened. One of not only the best months of the Season as Roma Now finds themselves on the Forefront of the Champions League race. Based on everything that has happened it looks like Roma have a legitimate shot to get Champions League which was an afterthought about a month ago. After a 1 win, March Roma have gone unbeaten in the last 5 games. I criticized Claudio Ranieri at the end of March for his Tactical choices all of a sudden he started making intelligent changes that have a largely influenced Roma’s good form. He dropped Robin Olsen in favor of Antonio Mirante a to take over as starting goalkeeper. It was a very interesting decision he had to make it though because Robin Olsen had to look awful in recent weeks. Roma opened up the month against Florentina at the Stadio Olimpico a match that Roma still showed some concerns but also displayed the fight within them. Roma came back twice with goals from Nicolo Zaniolo and Diego Perotti to earn a hard-fought 2-2 draw. Florentina is a team that has struggled for months now so in hindsight Roma probably should have won that game but given the situation, it gave the club sense of hope showing the character to bounce back. Roma followed that with a very tough test away at Sampdoria It was an incredibly tough battle throughout the match and even at times Sampdoria looked superior but they turned a switch in the second half and took back the momentum it was Daniele de Rossi who scored a very late goal in what was a huge away victory. After beating Sampdoria 1-0 that got them thinking champions league is possible. Next, they returned home as they met relegation-threatened Udinese a game that was always going to be tough. It was a battle but Stephan El Shaarawy’s breathtaking display led Roma to a 1-0 win as he found find Edin Dzeko who scored the winner. They would head back out on the road in what was the most difficult match remaining on their schedule. At the San Siro against Inter Milan. A result that seemed almost necessary. In front of that atmosphere, it was always going to be challenging however fortunately for Roma Stephan El Shaarawy was prepared for it. Early in the first half, he scored an absolute screamer to open up the scoring. Roma tried to hold on for dear life but eventually, Inter Milan equalize denying Roma three points. However, they managed to get an important away point at the San Siro. Then this last weekend Roma end of the month. Roma searched for Revenge against Cagliari at the Stadio Olimpico. Javier Pastore returned for the first time in months. Federico Fazio and Javier Pastore both scored in the opening 10 minutes in what was a dominating performance by Roma. Kolarov scored late in what was a comfortable 3-0 victory however it was Justin kluivert who stole the headlines with his incredible impact on the match. At the end of the month, Roma finds themselves in fifth place with 58 points only one point away from Champions League. Collecting 11 of a possible 15 points as Roma go into their final four games with a very good chance at Champions League football.

3rd Choice: Bryan Cristante


Coming third in this year’s player-of-the-month is Bryan Cristante. There was a lot of criticism about his performance earlier in the season but that no longer the case. You can make an argument that Bryan Cristante outside of Stephan El Shaarawy has been the most consistent Roma performer this season. This season itself has not gone as expected for Roma but nonetheless, he has been an absolute Workhorse he gives 100% every single game displaying amazing work ethic. He may not be the most talented player on the team but he never gives up in any moments. From a statistical perspective, he won’t blow you away with only four goals this season. Despite that, his impact has been incredible. The role he has played this month and even prior to it in the defensive Midfield has it been excellent. Roma have a horrible defensive record this season and that’s more on the goalkeeper and the defense than anything else but when you play the defensive Midfield position you are partly responsible for that as well. He plays really hard and is impactful and the attack and defensively. He has been very consistent outside of his suspension he has played every single game in that position for Roma and the month of April Roma had it their best defensive month of the year. He certainly played a major role in that. This month Roma have only conceded three goals which are absolutely mind-boggling given how terrible defensively they have been along with all the injuries they have faced. I thought especially in the Sampdoria and Udinese he provided quality in all areas and kind of has been the Catalyst of the Midfield much of the season the month of April was no different I think his position in this Roma team is interchangeable. He is one of the core units of this team going forward Roma need to find him a better defensive Midfield partner to play alongside him but from all perspectives of how he has performed he has impressed even with the expectations he was Roma’s most important midfielder in April because of the role he can play on the defensive side of the ball it has made things very difficult on opposing opposition even against Inter Milan at the San Siro they didn’t find life as easy because Bryan Cristante forced them inaccurate passes and lack of clinical finishing in front of goal because the pressure he provided it has been a tremendous month for Bryan Cristante.

Runner Up: Antionio Mirante


The runner-up for player of the month goes to Antonio Mirante. As I mentioned Roma defense over this season has been absolutely miserable. After selling Allison for 75 million Roma did not bring in an adequate replacement and you see within the team that it created a new sense of problems. Roma’s defensive options may not be the best but they have players who know what they’re doing and are capable of Great Moments. This entire time I thought it was the backline that caused the absolute atrocious amount of goals conceded this season. Roma got tricked with World Cup performances from Robin Olsen to make him a Roma starting goalkeeper. In fairness, he had some moments this season. After the Napoli performance, Roma had no other choice to make a change. Experienced goalkeeper Antonio Mirante who has over 400 appearances in Italian football took over as the starting goalkeeper. This is one of the most significant things that has happened during this month and why the turnaround has occurred. In five games Roma has three clean sheets this month. Which has been so characteristically uncommon this season. The 35-year-old has really stepped it up and I think is a huge reason why Roma find themselves back in a European race. It makes you question whether or not if he was the starting goalkeeper from the beginning of the season would this year have gone differently. In the month of April, he was fantastic coming through with importance saves in big matches especially in games against Sampdoria and Inter Milan games in which Roma at least needed to obtain a point from. He has displayed more control and poise and is able to communicate with his backline much easier. The fact that he can speak Italian fluently has made Communications between them easier and simple everybody seems to be on the same page. Roma has the best defensive record that had all season and the defense played to its absolute best over this five-game stretch in April. He truly has been sensational. The saves he made against Lautaro Martinez in The Inter Milan game shifted the momentum and allowed Roma to take the lead in the San Siro. That game ended up being a draw but nonetheless his impact in some of the biggest games this season is the reason why he was considered for player of the month. This decision that was made changed the complexion for the rest of the season. Before this move was made the Champions League viewed as an afterthought. In the current moment, it seems like a very likely to get it as their schedule favors them for the rest of the season. This was a very risky decision for Claudio Ranieri to make but it was a decision that paid off. If it wasn’t for the brilliance of El Shaarawy he certainly would have got it because his performance and his impact on the team has allowed this Roma team to become a danger once again.


Winner: Stephen El Shaarawy 


The player of the month for the third time is Stephan El Shaarawy. Bryan Cristante and Antonio Mirante we’re incredibly productive during the month of April and they deserve a lot of credit because they have been incredibly important to this Roma team this month. However, in the month of April choosing the player of the month was not difficult. Stephan El Shaarawy has been the best player and it has not been particularly close. He continues to prove and prove again why not only he is Roma’s best player this season and will win player of the season at the season’s end. He is the most underrated under-appreciated player in Italian football. This month’s Stephan El Shaarawy surpassed 10th Serie A goals the most goals he has scored since he broke onto the scene at AC Milan many years ago. His injuries have largely affected what would have been a 20-plus goals season for Roma’s Winger. In the month of April, he has been as important as ever before the impact on the games have been incredibly important. This season he is going far past what anyone thought he was capable of at the start of the season. He will also make it into my team of the season without question one of the best players this year. In Roma’s is the best month of the Season he was absolutely sensational. Even though he only scored one goal this month he was a breathtaking every time he touched the pitch and the ball. In fact, the best game he played was in a match he did not score. The Udinese was his crowning moment. He came close to scoring several times but it was how he influenced the game with his passing with an unbelievable assist that supplied Edin Dzeko with perfect in point accuracy leaving the entire defensive line off guard with his delivery orchestrating the winner. It wasn’t just the assist he caused so many problems an ultimately in a game that Roma absolutely needed to win he was the difference. Then in the biggest game of the season against Inter Milan at the San Siro, he showed the world in hostile territory the importance and impact. He has displayed his big match mentalities this season this was just another display of that. He scored an absolute screamer leaving the defenders who were marking him disoriented and Confused as he hit a rocket into the top Corner past one of the best goalkeepers in the world. In a five-game span, he was recognized as one of the top performers of the week twice. I’m incredibly selective who gets acknowledged but he has been so consistent and so good this month’s that this couldn’t have really gone to anyone else. He has been Roma’s player of the season and has he stayed healthy the entirety of the year it’s really Limitless how many goals he could have scored and how much better Roma could have been this season. I fully believe Roma will beat Milan to the final Champions League spot and Stephan El Shaarawy will be the reason why a tremendous month that continues to capture a truly great season for the pharaoh.

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