Champions League Players of the week Semi Finals #543

Liverpool Goalkeeper: Alisson Becker 


Football’s absolutely marvelous sometimes things happen that you wouldn’t even remotely suspect things that seemed out of the ream the possibilities and every year we continue to see the magic in the Champions League. Alisson Becker former Roma goalkeeper and Liverpool’s current number one has been at the Forefront of two of the biggest comeback in champions league history. Last year’s historical Roma comeback that I hold dear and near to my heart and then the impossible magic that we witness this week in the Champions League. After Liverpool lost 3-0 at the Camp Nou everyone on Earth thought it was over. Liverpool is a very strong team but Because they did not have an away goal I thought there was absolutely no chance they could do the impossible. Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 to advance to the second consecutive Champions League final which shows amazing progress under Jürgen Klopp. Alisson Becker has been a part of both come backs an absolutely unbelievable emotional feeling. It is truly mind-boggling. However even though last years Roma comeback was really difficult and he was without a world-class backline an argument can be made that this time around it was more difficult on Brazil’s number one. Unlike last year’s comeback Alisson had much more to do given the Circumstances he was sensational against a strong Leo Messi led Barcelona. Knowing that an away goal kills the whole game he was at his best showing world class moments on the biggest stage with Liverpool’s back against the wall he overcame it. Arguably the best goalkeeper in the world without question He had much more to do on this occasion because of Barcelona’s attack he played a much bigger Factor in this comeback rather than the one he was a part of last season. Liverpool absolutely without question deserved advancement to the Champions League final. Alisson may not have the headline but he was the biggest difference. If one goal finds the back of the net it’s game over. He was absolutely stunning and I suspect it will continue in the Champions League final I have always said he is a transcending once in a generation talent we are the seeing him at his best and is a big reason why I believe Liverpool will be the last one standing.



Tottenham Midfielder: Lucas Moura 



Liverpool was not the only comeback we had on our hands this week in the Champions League. A match that hurt me as I really wanted Ajax in the final but a resilience Tottenham side who has had a history of choking did the exact opposite of what their reputation suggests. Much like the Liverpool game, it came from the most unlikely of sources. Very early in the Champions League semi-final Spurs looked dead in the water. After an away goal scored in the first leg by Danny van Bleeck Ajax. Ajax scored two first-half goals to lead the match 2-0. Holding a three-goal lead 45 minutes away from the Champions League final. It really looks like they were taking Tottenham to the Grave. However, Spurs displayed determination and fought their way back on the brink of History. As another unsung hero made his presence. Lucas Moura was highly rated midfielder from PSG when he secured his move to Tottenham after PSG needed to sell sells to recuperate the purchase of Neymar and Mbappe. In his first full season at Spurs, he had a relatively quiet season. No one thought that the comeback would come through him. Lucas Moura picked his moments a moment that Tottenham fans will remember for a long time regardless of what the results in Madrid will be. Lucas Moura scored a second-half hat-trick to bring Spurs back from the dead. Including a late strike on the brink of death to propel Spurs to the Champions League final. A truly insane sequence in what was an incredible comeback for a club that genuinely has the reputation choking away leads not getting them back. Lucas comes through at right time in the right moment his brilliance in the second half take Spurs to their first Champions League final in history. Lucas shows the world on the biggest stage in the biggest moments he is capable of putting in a performance to remember. It’s truly astonishing display from a very unlikely source but nonetheless, he came through with everything on the line to take Spurs to a place that never been.



Liverpool Striker: Divock Origi 



Although I thought Allison was sensational and played a big role in the Liverpool pulling off the comeback. An unlikely hero rises from the shadows putting together a truly impactful match that no one saw coming. Prior to the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals, Mohamed Salah Liverpool’s best player was sidelined after a collision against Newcastle. Liverpool didn’t seem to have very many options for his position. Jurgen Klopp opted for rotational player Divock Origi the young striker got a very unexpected start and took full advantage of it. He is a player that has been featured very inconsistent this season. No one would ever be expected that he would be the player to propel Liverpool over the mountain. If it wasn’t for injury issues it’s likely he would not have played the game. The young striker took full advantage of all his opportunities. Perhaps trying to convince Liverpool to give him more opportunities or even showing other teams that he capable of performing at the highest level against one of the best teams in the world. He got things going very early for Liverpool scoring in the opening 10 minutes. The atmosphere at Anfield was absolutely Electric after Liverpool’s first goal the team truly starting to believe so they could do the impossible. Just like that Liverpool had a 3-0 lead. Liverpool had the opportunity to make history with all the momentum they just needed one more goal to send Barcelona out of the Champions League in an embarrassing fashion for the second consecutive year. Origi provided The Knockout Punch scoring Liverpool’s fourth goal in what was an eventual 4-0 win as Liverpool do the impossible without an away goal as they annihilate Barcelona at Anfield as an unsung hero provided a 2-goal performance Against a European giant against the odds on at the biggest stage. An unlikely star provides the magic required to pull off the miracle he was truly sensational justifying that he belongs in the Liverpool first team if not for Liverpool someone else’s. Teams will take a chance on him after that performance he has a truly enhance his value.

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