Top three performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 35 #542

Atalanta Striker: Duvan Zapata (9)

Duvan Zapata has found his way back on this list yet again. Proving he continues to be without question the best player in the league this season. However, even though this performance was not the most thrilling it was the most important result for Atalanta this season. It now looks like it’s very likely that Atalanta will make a historic Champions League at the end of this season. They have separated themselves from both Roma and AC Milan with a three-point gap in the fourth position. It is something that is almost unimaginable at the start of the season having yet again sold some of their best players but nonetheless, Gasparini continues and continues to take this team as far as they can possibly go. Showing why he is one of the most underrated coaches in all of Europe. In what was a very important match against Lazio their big star once again delivered against another big team. Duvan Zapata is a big game player the larger the importance the more difficult the opposition the better he performs. He has been truly Sensational season a large reason why I have acknowledged and recognize him on this list for the 9th Time far more than anyone else this season. I have made myself very clear and aware he is without debate the best player this season. He came out nowhere to become one of the most dangerous Strikers in Italy. It ended up being a 3-1 win for Atalanta as Champions League football seems more and more likely by the day. After Lazio took the lead duvan Zapata to equalize for Atalanta Midway through the first half. A goal in a moment that evidently pushes them through the rest of the match. I don’t need to continue to go over how great he is been remarkable especially given the situation he is in. He has scored 27 goals in all competitions and 23 goals in the league. He will probably miss out on the golden boots but only because Fabio quagliarella has taken more penalties. If you take out his penalties duvan Zapata has scored more goals than anyone. He continues to unleash his unbelievable potential. he really came out of nowhere and dominated this season in Italian football there are only two games left and it is very possible he could end up on this list 11 to more times that’s how great he has then. In a huge game against a Champions League competitor duvan Zapata was the difference.



Napoli Winger: Dries Mertens (5)

After making history just a week ago Dries Mertens has gone and done it again. The Belgium Winger has surpassed the Great iconic Diego Maradona for Serie A goals. Even though the result itself did not really matter as Napoli have the second place completely wrapped up. Nonetheless, it even further justifies the greatness of Dries Mertens in Napoli shirt. Despite a rather slow start to the season, he has really picked it up over the last few months and it’s highly likely to make it into my team of the season when this year concludes. Statistically, he’s not going to blow you away but his efficiency and impact this season is perhaps the highest it has ever been since his arrival in Naples. He has come through in big moments and has delivered putting his team in position to win games. He has been especially important in games in which Lorenzo insigne has not been at his best. He has separated himself as the leader of this Napoli team. Arguments could be made that they set themselves short this season failing to stay in the title race for very long. Nonetheless, we have seen absolute consistency from Dries Mertens with his brace this weekend Dries Mertens has the second most Serie A goals in Napoli’s history with 82. In total totality, he is the fourth highest scorer in history since 2013 he has been a revelation scoring 107 goals in his career in Naples. He is without question a club legend a player we will remember in Italian football for a very long time. It wasn’t just the fact that he made history again it was his impact and importance in what was a tough battle for Napoli. Cagliari was just 5 minutes away from stealing three points against Napoli. Dries Mertens scored an important goal just minutes to the end of the match and by luck Napoli got a late penalty in what was a 2-1 win. Dries Mertens goal inspired his team to Victory he truly was the difference making the list for the fifth time.



Sampdoria Striker Fabio Quagliarella (3)

Fabio quagliarella continues to push his narrative that age is just a number. At 36 years old he is the League’s top scorer it seems all but poised to win the golden boot at his very Advanced age. However, I don’t think he deserves any consideration for player of the season. He’s an absolutely special this year especially when you take into account what he has done in his late 30s is absolutely phenomenal. However, because 8 of his 25 goals have been from the penalty spot it takes a little bit away from him. Nonetheless, he has found the back of the net on regularity for Sampdoria he is one of the most underrated players in Italian football history. He is in the top 50 all-time scorers and he has done it for two decades across several different teams. He is a very strong candidate to make the team of the year given him what he has done we don’t see many players at this age being as productive as he has been. It truly has been a historic season for him. For a large part of the season they were in the race for European football ultimately it looks like they will not get it but none the less they have overachieved the expectations that have been laid upon them. Sampdoria did at one point hold a 3-1 lead but nonetheless, Fabio Quagliarella scored twice. Even though he got one goal from the spot I am willing to look past that. He was the most dominating Force in a 3-3 draw with Parma as he only continues to show incredible productivity at his age. He has been one of the feel-good stories of the season. Not only has he been sensational on the pitch but he’s been really important because of his leadership he provides for a young a vibrant Sampdoria team. You won’t be able to tell the story of Italian football without the boy from Naples who has pushed the boundaries of greatness he has been special all season.






The donkey of the week goes to Florentina a once-promising season has turned into a complete disaster. They have not won a game in an extremely long time. They are winless in their last 13 which is a team record. They have changed managers have played relegation teams no matter what happens they find a way to lose it. They have lost four games and their last five they have been one of the worst teams in Italian football over the last two months. Going into the season I thought could be a dark horse a team that could surprise everyone. They had all the materials all the talent they need to make a big run to take Everyone by surprise. However it never materialized it’s really hard to say whether it’s the coaches the players or something else but clearly, this situation has gotten as bad as it can get. This isn’t a team without quality with the likes of Federico Chiesa Giovanni Simeone and Luis Muriel it’s hard to even fathom this with the amount of talent they have in their team. There certainly have been worst teams this season but at the moment they’re as bad and playing as poorly as anyone so because of this horrendous form they find themselves as the donkey of the week for just the second time this season. They need to fix best and quickly this is an abomination an utter disaster filled with chaos.

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