De Rossi Leaving Roma after 18 Years Highlights From Press Conference #547


Roma fans from all around the world were giving some devastating news less than 24 hours after Roma beat Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday night. Roma is a club and a fan base that is emotionally connected to its players especially ones that have gone through the academy. The likes of Francesco Totti Lorenzo Pellegrini Alexandro Florenzi Daniele de Rossi and even going back to Bruno Conti. These are the types of players that Roma gravitates to because they completely symbolize what it’s like to put on that Jersey. The city and the community may not be out there playing but certain players have represented at the club and the city in such a way that not only do they represent the city and the club they represents each individual who has supported this club. When I see Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi over my entire Football Life you feel a difference connection to them. They completely represent me as a person and what I stand for. While I may be different than some romanista in Italy by all stretches of the imagination I am a romanista and always will be. The connection between myself and those players cuts to my very core. I was a Roma fan before I knew what football was. Players like De Rossi and Totti emulate Roma as a club and the individuals that are in connection with the city. The entire community of Roma from Italy and abroad was given a devastating piece of news that cuts deep. Daniele De Rossi after 18 seasons 615 games 63 goals two Coppa Italia titles and a super cup will be leaving Roma at the end of the season. Much like Francesco Totti he came through the Youth Academy became a local Legend and one of the 50 greatest players in football history. A dark cloud has risen over the city of Rome at least temporarily. This summer I will dig into deeper why he was such an important figure for Roma what he is meant to the club. That is something that is for another day. Today is not a day to criticize the decision made by the club but to relish Daniele de Rossi and what he has done over almost two decades. There will be plenty of time to break this open and really dig deep. However we should just enjoy what Daniele de Rossi has given Roma over the last two weeks. As he will put on the shirt for the very last time in two weeks time at the Stadio Olimpico against Parma. It is likely to be his final game in  Italian football. Daniele de Rossi has made it clear he intends to continue to play but it won’t be for Roma as that notion break hearts as everyone who has followed the club. Yesterday afternoon he addressed the media as his teammates attended wearing the iconic number 16 Jersey. Along with other facing in the media including longtime friend Francesco Totti. As he addressed all the questions and got the opportunity to reflect and express his love for Roma. The press conference was conducted by the club yesterday here are some of the highlights of what the iconic Daniele de Rossi had to say in his last hurrah.



“I wouldn’t change anything about my decision to stay loyal to this team,” De Rossi said.
“If I had a magic wand, I would put a few more trophies in the cabinet, but nobody can do that. Over the years, perhaps I’ve made a few mistakes, but it couldn’t be any other way.”
He added: “There is huge love there between myself and Roma and that will continue, in another form. I wouldn’t bet against you seeing me sneaking into the stadium or an away game in the coming years, with a sandwich and a beer, cheering on my friends.”


“I thank God for the career I’ve had: up until the age of 14 or 15 I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it to this level,” he said.
“I would have been happy with the career my father had. He spent 15 years in Serie C and he was my idol – I’m so proud of him. I’ve done a job I love in the team I continue to love, with some fantastic people and against some fantastic opponents.
“Many of the best feelings have come away from home: the rivalry in the derbies, in Naples, in Bergamo, in Reggio Calabria… they made me feel alive, I thrived on it.

“In my eyes, football is about rivalry and support and there’s a honesty to that. I’m happy to have had sporting friends and enemies that identified both with and against me – it means I became something.”



“Romanismo has been really important for us and that’s in safe hands now with Alessandro [Florenzi] and Lorenzo [Pellegrini],” De Rossi insisted.
“They mustn’t be asked to copy me and Francesco, but to show their own personality and show their bond with the club through that.
“That said, Bryan Cristante is from Bergamo, or Northern Italy – he’s not from Rome but he gives everything in training and in the matches and I’d like another 100 players like him. I can’t say that Roma needs Romans. Roma needs professionals, and if they’re from Rome like Alessandro and Lorenzo then even better.
“To be successful, what you need is to build a strong side, like other clubs can afford to do. That’s the state of the market but I think the club is focused on changing this situation, and I hope they succeed.”


“I thank everyone for the career I’ve had. I’ve experienced so many emotions, especially in away games, and they made me feel alive. Football is about support, but also rivalry – I’ve pleased if I’ve had people see me in both ways, it shows I became something.
“I’m not over the moon, but I accept the decision of the club. I have no resentment towards that. We never spoke about money: that was not the crux of the matter.”
“Eventually I would like to be a coach. At this point I don’t see myself becoming a director, but at Roma a role like that would have some meaning. I need to go away and study, to learn – it will be a long journey.”


Totti On De Rossi



“Today is a sad day. Today sees the end of another important chapter in the history of AS Roma – but especially of the city of Rome, our Rome.
“Over the years we have experienced so much together – we grew up together, becoming first men, then footballers, and then fathers too. But we always knew that this moment would arrive eventually.
“I would simply like to say that you will always be my brother on the pitch.
“I wish you the best in everything you go on to do – because I am sure you will do it brilliantly, like everything you have done so far. I love you, Dani.”


De Rossi: “Roma and I chose each other. There is a lot of love between us, both now and in the future – even if it will be in another form.

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