Rainy Night in Sassuolo Ends Roma’s Champions League Chase #552

Score: A.S Roma 0 Sassuolo 0FT




Following an important victory against Juventus that gives Roma hope in the Champions League Chase. Roma goes on the road to face Sassuolo. In the first meeting between these teams, Roma pulled off a 3-1 victory which was truly the coming out party for Nicolo Zaniolo. In fact, in the last 11 meetings, Roma has not lost against them. They currently are on a seven-game unbeaten run and are playing the best football of their season at exactly the right time. In this game for Roma, it was a must-win no excuses for not putting this away. Roma at the very least needs to win their final two games and still, it may not be enough for Champions League football. Roma had to do themselves a favor by taking care of business something unfortunately on this night they were unable to do Sassuolo is a team smack dab in the middle of the table that is not motivated by anything having already confirmed safety as well as having no shot at European football. This was an opportunity that Roma did not take advantage of. In rainy weather conditions, the game took a while to open up but once Roma got going they just kept firing on goal. The Romans had so many scoring opportunities but consistently failed to hit the target. They created chances but in front of goal, they just did not have the touch required. Roma did some nice things in this game but those notions have been overshadowed by their failure to execute. It ended up in a 0-0 draw as the result effectively ruins and kills their Champions League ambitions. As inconsistency as highlighted the season, this is just another example of that. They end their European chase in a match they quite easily could have won that just adds to the frustration of what has been one of the most miserable seasons Roma has had in 20 years.


After using the 4-3-3 formation against Juventus Claudio Ranieri made the decision to go back to the 4-2-3-1 formation as the team makes a minor shakeup. Obviously, the departure of Daniele de Rossi news, for the most part, overshadows that match, however, Roma still have a Champions League spot to fight for. In goal for Roma would be the experienced Antonio Mirante who just recorded his 100 clean sheets in Serie A last weekend against Juventus. There would be just one change in Roma’s backline. At left back would be Alex Kolarov, with the injury to Kostas Manolas it would be the center-back Partnership of Juan Jesus and Federico Fazio then at right back filling out the defense will be Roma captain Alessandro Florenzi. In front of the defense would be the return to the defensive Midfield pairing Bryan Cristante and Steven Nzonzi. There would be a slight change in Roma’s attacking Midfield. The minor injuries to Lorenzo Pellegrini force him to start the game on the bench. Meanwhile, Nicolo Zaniolo will occupy his spot in the central Midfield. On the left wing would be the in-form Stephan El Shaarawy. Then on the opposite side patrolling the right wing would be Cengiz under as the Turkish super Talent returns the starting lineup. Then up front as Roma’s man Striker would be Edin Dzeko. Certainly a team strong enough to get the job done tonight. Daniele de Rossi won’t start the game on the bench but might make an appearance at some point Roma also have Kluivert & Perotti on the bench if needed.


Following preparations and predictions, the match was just about to get underway in Sassuolo. Under The Lights on a Saturday night with everything on the line for one team absolutely nothing on the other. It turned out to be a wet and rainy night which was bad news considering the status of the pitch that they have here is already not up to standard it only fuels an uncomfortable evening. It was pretty balanced in the opening moments of the game although by surprise swallow had control of possession that didn’t necessarily mean they were the better team it gave them the opportunity to dictate. However, in the opening 5 minutes, Roma tried to strike after making a good run and Cengiz Under went for goal but saw his shot denied. Even though swallow lacked aggression defensively they kept their shape against a Roma attack. Alessandro Florenzi hit a well-hit cross into Edin Dzeko but missed. Dzeko got into position yet again trying to get his team in front despite undesirable conditions. But again his shot did not supply the touch necessary. Swallow came close as Alfred Duncan Struck from distance. It was very unclear who had the momentum neither team seem to have claim superiority. Even though Roma had the majority of the chances they were finding it difficult to convert them maybe it was because of the weather conditions or maybe a lack of convection. Bryan Cristante put his head through and Alessandro Florenzi cross that missed only to see Alex Kolarov miss from distance moments later. Their inability to convert chances was becoming a problem. Just prior to the half-hour mark Stephan El Shaarawy came very close. It was a game in which both teams seem to struggle as Roma saw another chance denied as Kolarov was denied from outside the box. After 45 minutes it was still a scoreless draw in what was a match that looked like it was going to be a battle against Sassuolo and the weather.


A Battle in Sassuolo in a scoreless first half in the rain




It wasn’t a very good first half for either team Roma created chances but were unable to convert on them which seemed to have been a problem. If Roma were going starting to see their Champions League Ambitions with slip through their fingers. Very early in the second half, Berardi tried to give Sassuolo some momentum with an early strike. Roma continues to struggle despite creating a lot of chances. Alessandro Florenzi miss from Deep then Stephan El Shaarawy did the same. It just was retaliation and repetitive attack. There is no reason Roma shouldn’t have taken the lead yet. The number of chances they had especially early in the second half was massive. In the space of seven minutes Alessandro Florenzi missed twice, Stephan El Shaarawy missed Edin Dzeko missed and Bryan Cristante missed. They were creating so many chances and seemingly could not convert any as European football looks to be slipping. Failing against a team that had nothing to play for. Roma made two changes to try to inflict some energy. Javier Pastore came in for Nicolo Zaniolo and Justin kluivert came in for Cengiz Under. Javier Pastore saw shots coming from and Edin Dzeko cross misses as they simply could not get this right. It was the wrong time to have issues in front of goal. With about 20 minutes to go Federico Fazio came close putting his head through a cross coming from the corner. A little less more then 10 minutes later Diego Perotti entered the game for Stephan El Shaarawy. It’s got later and later in the match continue to slip and slip. With 10 minutes left Roma came really close with Edin Dzeko thunder strike being dealt with by The Keeper. The match was slipping out of their control the chance after chance after chance time was running out on their season. Federico Fazio gives Roma their last chance in the stoppage time but ultimately once again failed to convert. A match in which they had so many opportunities they truly did this to themselves as it’s finished 0-0 in a match that ends any hope of Champions League football next season. it could have been easily avoided but Roma falls on their face in what has been one of their worst seasons.


Dzeko’s Watches his late strike as Roma’s Champion league journey ends in Sassuolo



A match of utter disbelief as Roma’s entire season goes up in flames. Roma’s Ambitions for the Champions League which isn’t something to celebrate for this club that notion is an expectation something this club has failed to take advantage of. Roma has been so inconsistent this season in tonight’s match was another example of it. Roma needed to be perfect to end the year given that their place in Europe was out of their control. The champions league is now off the table. It was a match that Roma should have been able to win. They had so many chances and opportunities to put themselves in front. Their inability to finish in front of goal largely contributed their downfall. Roma has to do everything they can to still get in Europe but with the Champions League gone. Will be a massive issue not only for the club’s reputation but for the money and the resources they will have for the summer. I have said this on numerous occasions it may be time to blow this thing up. Keep the players that for certainty can help this team in the future don’t sell any key players which is why Roma find themselves in positions and start building something that it can actually win them trophies. The deeper issue is Roman need James Pallotta to sell this club as difficult as that may be it is truly something that needs to happen. With Daniele de Rossi being pushed out it has just put this under investigation from the fans and the supporters. This was a game Roma needed to win against a team with nothing to play for they were still unable to convert. For the number of chances they had and created in this match, it was inexcusable for them not to convert. They kept coming and coming but failed in front of goal. Champions league is not something they deserved but this could have been easily avoided. It seems like there eye wasn’t completely on the ball with everything that has gone on in the last few days is possible they lost concentration. Roma had more than enough opportunities to win this game they just failed to do so. It never looked like they were going to concede they did a relatively good job limiting attacking situations but they weren’t able to create their own or at least finish them off. Even though Roma are now unbeaten in the last seven this was an inconsistent performance and because of their inability to recreate the collective performance they displayed against Juventus they have cost themselves Champions League football. Roma squandered another opportunity this has been one of the most painful seasons in the last 20 years. Rome we have a problem!




No Words For what this season has been


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