Roma vs Sassuolo Talking Points #553


Coming off an important victory against Juventus Roma continued to fight for the final Champions League spot. Their battle for Europe goes up in flames on Saturday night against a Sassuolo team with nothing to play for. It was a 0-0 draw a match that Roma truly should have found a way to win as too many chances were wasted. Sassuolo going into this game were 10th in the table neither threatened by relegation or European football Roma had an opportunity to continue their Champions League fight meanwhile trying to sweep the season series. After defeating sassuolo 3-1 at the Stadio Olimpico earlier this season this was a game quite simply Roma had to win any dropped points would mean their Champions League dreams dies. That’s exactly what happened after playing their best football of the Season there inconsistency became an issue again problems with finishing in front of goal contributed to what was a point split in the final away match of the season. One of their worst seasons in almost 20 years got worse as they needed to win the remainder of the games to give themselves a chance. They were unable to do it.




Good Bye Champions League 



Even though they have not been officially disqualified from Champions League football it is more or less done as they would need so many things to go their way for it to be possible. I will recognize that even if Roma had secured Champions League football for next season it would not have been something they deserved. Roma has been inconsistent from the very start of the season and only on a few occasions this season they picked up Champions League level form. After this result, it is all but done as their entire season has burst into flames. Roma is a club with champions league isn’t something to celebrate regardless of how you get there. Champions League football is almost a requirement for this Football Club. Their failure to attain a Champions League football will, in fact, affect who they will be able to convince to join Roma this summer as well as the money that they will have. They’ve lost a lot of resources and revenue even their coaching search will be affected by this. It may be time to blow this up James Pallotta needs to sell the team to allow it to progress were no closer to the Scudetto as we were five years ago this team keeps on getting further and further away from it. The fans of this club deserve to see this team win giving the situation I don’t see that happening soon. This team went from Champions League semi-finalists to not being in the competition at all.



Wasted Chances


Roma’s performance wasn’t as horrible as the media will tell you. They defended incredibly well Sassuolo did not have that many opportunities to score. Roma defensively made them uncomfortable and Antonio Mirante in goal commanded his leadership within his back line. Roma even created a lot of chances got into good spaces at least were in a position to execute. Roma dropped points for one reason and one reason only their inability to finish in front of goal. This is not been an issue for the majority of the season and fact this was more of an issue last year did it has been this year. The perception that Roma doesn’t have good players it’s completely false there is a lot of brilliant players throughout this team which is why the criticism is so harsh. The inability to finish in front of goal was the main problem yesterday. They lacked that cutting-edge they lacked clinical finishing ability in front of goal. They had far too many opportunities not to win this game. The only ones they can blame is themselves. Roma had 18 shots on goal only four of them were on target. If you accumulate that many scoring chances and you can’t score you have a serious problem. Again as I mentioned Roma psychologically it may not have been prepared for the game after the news to Danielle at the Ross however with all that being said if you accumulate so many chances you have to at the very least convert on one. This was either going to be Roma victory or a scoreless draw based on the way the game was played those were the only alternatives. You can say it was wet and rainy and maybe that contributed to their lack of goals but you’re not going to get away with that when you playing at this level against top teams you need to finish your chances in front of goal. For the most part, this hasn’t been an issue but last night it was the reason they didn’t win.


De Rossi Announcement Distraction?

Roma was playing at such a high level prior to last night’s match they were unbeaten in their last seven games they quite honestly playing their best football in months. Everything that had been wrong about this club was starting to fix itself goalkeeping issues defensively Roma improved and they were attacking at a higher level as well as being able to win some tough games. Last night was just different I believe Roma lost focus they failed to concentrate which attributed to them dropping points and losing themselves in the Champions League race. The announcement that Daniele de Rossi would it be leaving at the end of the season after 18 years at the club. I think that it could have affected the way they perform De Rossi is an icon a Roman boy who has been the leader the heart and soul of this Roma team with Francesco Totti for many years. The news itself I think greatly affected the team’s morale and beliefs as all the momentum they had seemed to disappear after the news hit. It was so hard to take emotionally for those players that they took their eye off the ball and lost concentration. I don’t think you can blame the news but it certainly contributed.



Sassuolo Still Fought 



Sassuolo had absolutely nothing to play for in a really interesting situation. In which they are safe from relegation and not pushing champions league for Europa League either. This team mutually had nothing to play for there was no real motivations behind this matchup for them. Meanwhile, for Roma this game was incredibly important. Despite the fact that there wasn’t much to gain either way they played strong and tough. They didn’t allow themselves to fall into Roma’s hands. In what was a rainy night which drastically affected the way the teams attacked they took advantage when they had the opportunity. As far as creating chances and opportunities of their own it was very limited. The reason they were able to shut out Roma is their ability to stop them. Don’t get me wrong Roma shot themselves in the foot by their failure to convert in front of goal with there clinical finishing ability. However defensively they did an exceptional job making things difficult for them. That place is not an easy place to play the pitch is not in what I would call good condition. As I have campaigned for a long time that they deserve a new stadium. It can make things very difficult for opposing team because of this they had a clear advantage given their experience playing in their Stadium. Nonetheless, collectively I thought they played strong even controlled the possession. There’s no excuse for Roma to have lost this game but even so, a lot of credit goes to Roberto De Zerbi’s side for the way they performed even though there was little to play for.



De Zerbi Leads Sassuolo to Top 10 Finish


Sassuolo has all but secured a top-10 finish this season. It really truly shows the amazing progression under Roberto De Zerbi. Truly one of the most underrated coaches in all of Italian football. He is taking his team and push them to their very limit. Given the size of his Squad and his budget, he has worked absolute wonders with this team. Sassuolo finished 16th last season narrowly escaping relegation they have gone from that to top 10 finished in Italian football. What he has done with this team is absolutely astounding. It’s even more impressive given the fact that they lost Kevin-Prince Boateng in January who at the time was one of their best players. A performance against Roma even though it was a scoreless draw shows how far they have come. Securing 10th place will be their highest finish since Eusebio di Francesco did the unthinkable taking them to 6th those many seasons ago. Roberto De Zerbi has been the perfect successor for Eusebio. He has this team play incredibly tough football and has had results against some of the biggest teams. Obviously Underdog Story of the season is Atalanta but equally, sassuolo has overachieved massively. Roberto De Zerbi is one of the best young managers in Europe and will secure himself a top job in a few years. The youngest coach in Italian football has gotten a top-10 finish in his first season. This could be a serious Dark Horse candidate during next season campaign. If he is given the resources to improve the squad it is possible that he could take them even further. A pretty incredible season in what has been a fast turnaround taking them from 16th to 10th in one season

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