Top Three Performers And the Donkey of the week Match Day 37 #554

Udinesse Midfielder: Rodrigo De Paul (4)

Udinese v Bologna FC - Serie A
Rodrigo De Paul’s incredible display guides Udinese to safety. They will be back for another season in Italy’s top-flight. Rodrigo de Paul is one of my favorite players in the league vastly underrated with his ability to come up big in big moments. A player that possesses incredible vision and passing ability as well as the ability to score goals. He returned to the list for the fourth time this week after not only a breathtaking display but an important result for his team. In what was a wild and crazy 3-2 victory over Spal. An Historical first-half performance for the Argentina International. He delivered 3 mind-blowing assists as they got out to a 3-0 lead before half-time. Two of them came from corner kicks in which both goals looked almost identical. His delivery on the set pieces he took was sensational. His impact on the match could not have been more clear in his performance. I’m not suggesting his team would not have won the game but he assisted on all three goals that guided them to the three points. Game after game he displays absolute brilliance. He is worth the price of admission and is living up to the hype that some of his colleagues in his age range have been unable to do. He deserves to play for big clubs he has been the single reason why Udinese will be back for another season. whether or not he will be on the team next year it is not clear but the impact he has had on this season is blatantly obvious. You could even make an argument that his value on his team is higher than any player in the league this season. He is single-handedly driving this team away from the relegation Zone. From a statistical perspective, he won’t blow you away but nine goals and eight assists is a pretty incredible campaign for a midfielder. he has been very effective in all aspects of a game and comes through when his team needs him the most. When I make my decisions for Team of the Year he will certainly get some consideration even though he does not play for a top team what he has done this season has been pretty incredible he has won Udinese 18 points singlehandedly they would be in 19th without him. He has made incredible strides as we continue to see him tap into his incredible potential. Yet again this season he has proven it to be that guy for Udinese after another incredibly efficient display.




Napoli Midfielder: Fabian Ruiz


Fabian Ruiz has been one of Napoli’s the most underrated players this season the midfielder has been incredibly consistent since his arrival to Naples Last Summer. He was absolutely Sensational in a massive game against Inter Milan. While Napoli already had their Champions League wrapped up as well as their very secure position in second- place Inter Milan for fighting for confirmations for Champions League football. Napoli had barely anything to play for other than to prove that they are the superior side. They found motivation within even though the results of the game would not have changed anything for Naples. Inter Milan wanted to confirm their place in next year’s Champions League with a result of any kind would have done that for them. Meanwhile, Fabian Ruiz happened. There was a lot of hype surrounding this matchup and for good reason two incredibly strong teams going head-to-head. However, it was not competitive at all not Napoli ripped them to shreds even though they had nothing to play for they still performed at their best. Fabian Ruiz happened he was the most dominating force in that matchup. Inter Milan had no answer for the midfielder he inflicted the game in so many different ways we saw a brilliant display of his intelligence. Annihilating Inter 4-1 in Naples. Collectively as a unit Napoli played incredibly cohesive together Fabian Ruiz was definitely the standout star in what was one of his best performances of the season. He scored twice assisting another in a truly breathtaking display. He has been one of the bargains of the season. He transitioned from La Liga to Serie A incredibly quickly he has been infectious on this Napoli Squad. Not a player I talked about a lot this season kind of putting him in the same category as Remo Freuler he has been incredibly important quietly having a sensational season. In a huge matchup against Inter Milan, Fabio Ruiz delayed Inter Milan Champions League confirmation as of the Milan Giants slide to 4th.




Bologna Midfielder: Palacio


Yet another team has guided themselves towards safety. Bologna lives to fight another day as a heroic and exciting 3-3 draw with Lazio confirm their safety in Italian football as they have secured a spot in next season. We saw somewhat of an unsung hero in Monday’s nights draw with Lazio. A player that probably will never make this list again this season or next season midfielder Palacio is 37 years old but somehow was the best player in a match that featured Ciro Immobile and Milinkovic-Savic. Despite being as old as he is his passing skills haven’t seemed to have diminished. In what could have been a farewell performance it is unclear whether he will continue playing next season. He delivered two assists being responsible for two of the three goals that bologna scored. He has been a rather quiet season nothing really special from him before Monday night. Only three goals and five assists this season. Not a bad showing for someone is his age but not something you would call top quality. Monday night he was the top quality he showed his intelligence leadership with his passing ability. He got his teammates it’s a good position to score goals and put them on the verge of an upset against Lazio. It was truly refreshing seeing the 37-year-old turn back the clock to his Inter Milan days where he was at his best. He didn’t reach those Heights but he certainly displayed that type of impact on the match. Somehow someway the oldest player on the pitch turned out to be not only the best but most important as he helps bologna confirm safety in a season in which it looks like they were almost destined to go back to Serie B. It was Palacio from years ago that we saw even if it was only for 90 minutes.








The Donkey of the week this week goes to Florentina. Although In fairness I should honestly give it to myself. Before the season I was on record saying that Florentina to be a dark horse team and possibly even push Europe. After seeing a lot of promise and positivity last season I thought they had everything it takes to take their game and their team to the next level. I quite honestly thought they would be in a Europa League team this season. Even so, it has been truly a disaster for the viola. At times they look like a team that could push Europe but at some points in the season but they started to collapse. The situation at Florentina is an utter disaster I don’t think there is a better way of describing it. This is a team that has incredibly talented Federico Chiesa Luis Muriel Gerson Giovanni Simeone and others. From top to bottom this team has more than enough Talent within their side to have pushed a European place. I’m not saying Champions League Europa League definitely should have been achievable for a team with this stature and the talents that they have within their side. They might be the single worst team in Italian football over the last two months they have been absolutely atrocious. Even though they have everything this team doesn’t click together. There is no other explanation for what has occurred. They have talented pieces but they just don’t fit with each other that is a serious problem they have a dark cloud above their team right now. They are winless in their last 14 games which only extends their team record. I just don’t know what to make of it anymore they have been historically bad over the last few months. It’s hard to imagine this is the same team that beat Roma 7-1 in the Coppa Italia quarterfinals. Fast forward to the current time they can barely score a goal at all. There truly is no excuse for them to be in this position. As the donkey of the week returns to Florence.

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