De Rossi’s Final Hour Roma vs Parma Match Day 38 Preview #555


Roma saw their Champions League ambitions and expectations go up in flames scoreless draw against sassuolo. It was an incredibly disappointing result for a team that was in the race for the final Champions League spot. It has been a season of disaster and Saturday’s performance only reiterated that with a shameful display. However, Roma will be in Europe in some capacity with Torino and Lazio dropping points over the weekend it officially confirms that Roma will not finish any lower than 6th this season which would get them Europa League qualifying. Roma will still have a chance at 5th if Roma beat Parma on Sunday & AC Milan lose to spal but I wouldn’t count on it. Roma will host Parma at the Stadio Olimpico as they attempt to do the double after beating them 2-0 earlier this season. No team has really much to play for but Roma should be motivated and inspired to pick up 3 points for one particular reason. The match itself will be overshadowed by Daniele De Rossi final hour in the Roma shirt. It has been announced earlier this week that after 18 Seasons Daniele de Rossi will make his final appearance for his Boyhood Club. In a match and a game that will not be about the results or anything else, it is about Daniele de Rossi and what he has done and what he has meant to Roma. This club the city and this community of people. They don’t make players like Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti anymore the loyalty these two men have displayed for Roma cannot recreate it they were cut from a different cloth. He was the heart and soul of this club or 18 years. This match is not about the result it is about celebrating a Legend this is De Rossi’s day. We all hope that we can end with a Roma victory as we will have to say goodbye to a player and a man that has meant so much to all of us he represents everyone that is associated with this club in any way shape or form. As Roma have to say goodbye to another club legends in what will be an emotional evening.



A.S Roma


It is hard to even think about what the Tactical approach will be but nonetheless, I suspect Roma will operate out of a 4-2-3-1 formation. I don’t believe there’s a legitimate reason to go back to the 4-3-3 for one day Roma went with that particular lineup two weeks ago against Juventus it was to dictate their lineup. So with that being said, I don’t expect a change from a formation standpoint. Roma’s should return to their starting defense. It is unclear whether Kostas Manolas will return but assuming he will Roma will likely go back to their typical back line. In the defensive Midfield, it is very likely that Bryan Cristante will be paired alongside Daniele de Rossi on his last day. However, it depends on how Claudio Ranieri wants to do this. He could start Roma’s captain or bring him off the bench in the second half I would personally start him this is his day and he should be able to play his 90 minutes. In Roma’s attacking Midfield I think we should see exactly the same as last week. With Nicolo Zaniolo in the middle with Stephan El Shaarawy and Cengiz Under on the outside. There is a possibility that Lorenzo Pellegrini could be fit to start but it is unclear at this time. Then up front as Roma’s main Striker will be in all likelihood Edin Dzeko. It also could be his last game in the Roma shirt but I prefer not to think about that right now with Daniele de Rossi that should be the focus. Roma will have depth on the bench with Justin kluivert Lorenzo Pellegrini and others. The key player of this matchup will be Daniele de Rossi regardless of what his impact is this is his day and his nights to live out his dream one last time.




Parma has confirmed safety for next season so as far as I’m concerned the fact that they only have one win in their last five doesn’t really matter all that much. Given their situation, I would be surprised if they play defense in football there’s no reason to do so. I suspect they will line up in the 4-3-3 formation with a Gervinho leading that line as the heavy hitter. The desire to win the game may not be at the highest level because there is really nothing to gain from it. They’re still going to put themselves in position to do so. The 4-3-3 formation can cause Parma to be dangerous and explosive especially with speed and endurance of Gervinho. Even so, they have struggled over the last few games and I see that continuing even more so because there’s nothing to play for. Parma will go out to Roma and try to attack as much as possible. Even though they may be overmatched they’re going to put out their best teams try to win. But once again given the aura of this game it’s going to take something special for them to do that in all seriousness I think this entire Club is happy that they’re going to be back for another season. There’s really not a lot of strategic things to be said given the fact it’s the last game of the season and they’ve already confirmed safety. They want to show themselves that they belong in this league. The key player for Parma is without questions Gervinho he is explosive and dangerous and can be a problem even though he’s not in great form.


Bottom Line



The bottom line will not be what happens on the pitch it will be about celebrating a legend one of the 50 greatest players in history. As De Rossi will make his final appearance for Roma in what will be Daniele de Rossi’s final hour. Given the situation, Roma cannot allow themselves to overthink to lose focus. This isn’t a must-win because Roma has already guaranteed themselves Europa League football. However, it is a must-win because it will be De Rossi’s final game. Roma cannot lose this they must honor him in the best way possible the best way to honor him in the current moment is taking up three points against Parma. It will be an emotional day and sometimes it’s even hard to think about the tactical perspective given what this will mean for a long time Roma fan like myself I’m absolutely dreading because of what he has meant to me in my life. As I mentioned Roma have to win this so let’s talk about how they will do it. Roma will make things a lot easier if they do just one thing. Find a way to stop or limit Gervinho he is wicked quick with Incredible pace with clinical abilities. I have not talked about him in a few months because he hasn’t really hit the heights some earlier this season. He’s not in the best run of form which gives Roma opportunity with the size of Federico Fazio and the speed of Florenzi and Kolarov to stop him. They must allow him to play into their hands then pounce. Parma has just confirmed safety as well so they won’t be trying to kill themselves to win. I have said that over the last 3 weeks and at times it didn’t matter and the team still showed up. However, I find this to be a unique situation given the circumstances and that this is the last game of the season. Daniele de Rossi leadership will inspire the team to go for the throat. Makes no mistake this would still be an incredibly tough game 5th place is still at stake so technically speaking Roma still have something to prove. The holding Midfield should push forward using Nicolo Zaniolo in the sense of position to create space and opportunities for the Speedy Winger El Shaarawy and Under to get into space. When they are going forward they can be incredibly explosive. Not to mention Roma have valuable options off the bench like Justin kluivert who can be a nightmare when he’s running forward. Roma can use the speed and separation from the outside as well as the left back and right back to run down the wing. To find space and feed Edin Dzeko if he gets service he’s capable of finding the back of the net you add that to the speed and athleticism that Roma have and I think it will be more than enough to secure three points on the final day of the season. Parma can be dangerous but defensively Roma have done an exceptional job over the last few weeks as Roma are certainly capable of trapping Parma’s weapons into space it will be a point of Defensive emphasis. It will be a tough battle but the spectacle that this match will be Roma will find ways you poke holes in Parma and make them pay for it. It is a mismatch nightmare with speed all over the place not to mention size that Parma does not possess it will be incredibly difficult. The Romans will secure three points as they will do more than enough to give Daniele de Rossi a proper send-off and what will be his final hour.



Roma’s Projected starting XI 4-2-3-1
GK: Antonio Mirante
DEF: Alex Kolarov, Federico Fazio, Kostas Manolas, Alexandro Florenzi
DEF MID: Bryan Cristante, Daniele De Rossi 
ATT MID: Stephen El Shaarawy,Nicolo Zaniolo, Cengiz Under
Striker: Edin Dzeko

Manager: Claudio Raneri




Parma’s Projected starting 11 4-3-3
GK: Sepe
DEF: Gazzola,Iacoponi,Bastoni,Gaglioloi
DEF: Deiola,Stulac,Rigoni
Front Three: Siligardi,Inglese,Gervinho


Manager: Roberto D’Aversa



Players To Watch 


Roma’s Daniele De Rossi & Parma’s Gervinho 




Date: Sunday March 26th, 2019
Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Kickoff: 1:30AM (USA) 7:30PM (ENG), 8:30PM (ITA)
TV Broadcast: Sky Italia, ESPN+

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