Diego Perotti nets late winner to send De Rossi into the sunset in his final hour #556

Score: A.S Roma 2 Parma 1FT



Stadio Olimpico,Rome 

After a long season, we have finally reached its conclusion in matchday 38 the final match of the season. As Roma host Parma at the Stadio Olimpico with a lot of things on the line. The Champions League Dreams may have been hard to accomplish but it was still possible if other results went their way. Roma would face a Parma team that recently confirmed survival in Italian football for next season. You can make the argument that they didn’t have really all that much to play for. Roma beat Parma away at the halfway point in the season in what was a 2-0 victory for the Romans. On the final day of the season, they would have the opportunity to complete the season sweep of Parma on in a nearly sold-out Sunday night in Rome. However, this match was never going to be about the results of the game. The match was about celebrating the loyalty and the greatness of Danielle De Rossi. Rome II son would make his final appearance it would be his final hour as the supporters and the city itself had to say goodbye to iconic local Legend that got to live out his dream for the 616th time. As he composed a very heartfelt and emotional letter prior to tonight’s match. As the entire stadium was on the verge of tears from the first minute to the last. It turned out to be a very balanced first half with Roma slightly seeming like be superior side. On the stroke of half-time Roman born Lorenzo Pellegrini Struck from outside the box putting Roma in front giving them the 1-0 lead after 45 minutes. For a large portion of the second half, Roma was looking for that second goal to put an end to the tail. It was a hard-fought battle and at times Gervinho looked like a threat for Parma. Late in the second half, we would see the last of the Roman gladiator as Daniele de Rossi walked off the pitch for the very last time as he receives a standing ovation from the Olimpico. After De Rossi left the pitch former Roma player Gervinho tried to ruin the party with an equalizing goal near the end to make it 1-1. However, Roma wasn’t going to allow Daniele de Rossi’s departure end in a draw at the stroke of death Diego Perotti the man who scored the winner in Francesco Totti the last match did the same for Daniele de Rossi. Scoring the winner in what was an eventual 2-1 victory for Roma even though they missed out on Champions League football they gave the Roma Legend a proper send-off.


It’s wouldn’t just be Daniele de Rossi final match it would be Claudio Ranieri final match in charge. There would only be slight changes ahead of the final match of the season. Roma would operate out of the 4-2-3-1 formation a formation they have used for the majority of the season. In goal for Roma would be experienced goalkeeper Antonio Mirante. Roma would have an identical back line to the one we saw last week with no changes defensively. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov, beside him would be the center-back partnership of Juan Jesus and Federico Fazio. Then filling out at right-back would be Roma’s future captain Alessandro Florenzi. In Roma’s defensive Midfield it would be the one and the only Daniele de Rossi for the last time playing alongside Roma born Lorenzo Pellegrini. In the attacking Midfield, we would see Javier Pastore make a surprising start in central Midfield. On the left wing would be Stephan El Shaarawy. Then on the opposite side on the right wing would be Diego Perotti who scored the winning goal in Francesco Totti final match could we see him do it again? Then up front as Roma’s main Striker possibly for the very last time the seventh highest goal scorer in Roma’s history Edin Dzeko. A very attacking minded team with valuable options on the bench such as a Steven Nzonzi Bryan Cristante and Cengiz Under.



The final match of the season was just about to get underway at the Stadio Olimpico. After 37 games we have finally reached the conclusion in what would be an exciting and emotional night at the Stadio Olimpico with Daniele de Rossi departure it has made the night itself more meaningful. Roma players brought out their wives and their children on to the pitch before the match officially kicked off. A very special night for so many people it was only right that the players got the opportunity to do that. The Roman gladiator’s final hour finally kicked off as Daniele de Rossi final Roma game took place after making his first appearance 18 years ago. Parma struck almost immediately but Antonia Mirante was not bothered making what was a routine save. Roma had an immediate reply as Daniele de Rossi orchestrated an opportunity for Javier Pastore but his header miss from close range. Every time de Rossi touched the ball the entire Olimpico cheered. The crowd at the Olimpico without question helped Roma in the early part of the game. When you’re playing a game like this where we are saying goodbye to a legend you want to perform well and early in you could see Roma have that momentum because everyone was behind them. Roma did seem like a more superior side throughout the match even though the threat of Gervinho was well-documented. Not a lot of chances ignited in the early part of the game there was a lot of neither team found that moment yet but it would come soon enough. Near the 20-minute mark, Alex Kolarov created an opportunity for Javier Pastore. The little-used Argentine came close striking the ball from the side of the box as its stung the goalkeepers’ hands. An encouraging to play from Javier Pastore who’s surprisingly was playing well. A few moments later Gervinho used his incredible pace to get into attacking position striking at Antonio Mirante but the Roma goalkeeper made the save. If there was one thing that was going to be a problem it is the pace and athleticism of Gervinho which Roma knows far too well having played at 3 years at the Olimpico. Roma was attacking on a constant basis getting themselves in positions score often winning a lot of corners. Alex Kolarov sent in a spectacular delivery coming from a corner as Federico Fazio connected on a header using his big frame but unfortunately he couldn’t keep the ball down. Parma tried to respond just a few minutes later Jacob Dezi tried to beat Antonio Mirante with a powerful shot but was denied by the experienced goalkeeper. Off another corner, Roma came close this time Edin Dzeko messing. You could kind of tell by the way the game developed that Roma we’re gaining momentum. Alessandro Florenzi just minutes later misfired have him put too much power on his shot. They were coming you could just feel it. In the 35th minute arrived but it wasn’t short of drama. Following a few blocks shots, Alex Kolarov attempted a header that was cleared out by the Parma defense. However, Lorenzo Pellegrini caught the rebound striking it into the top corner to give it Roma the 1-0 lead. excellent execution from Roma as Lorenzo Pellegrini in the right place at the right time to strike the ball to give Roma the lead scoring his fourth goal of the season. Roma grabs their lead and reiterated their control of the match as momentum was growing by the minute especially given the occasion. Roma’s almost doubled it as Edin Dzeko came close to end the first half. As a Roma take a 1-0 lead thanks to Roman born Lorenzo Pellegrini.



A Night of Destiny Roman Born Lorenzo Pellegrini strikes for Roma to give them the 1-0 Lead



A very well-played first half from Roma Parma had a few opportunities in the first half but outside of that Roma seem to be in cruise control. Lorenzo Pellegrini a Roman born player finding the back of the net a perfect way to write this story. Roma going forward just had to stay the course and they will get to the finish line. We saw that early in the second half as Roma searched for that second goal. Edin Dzeko and Pastore both missed early chances. Before Diego Perotti came really close trying to strike from a complicated angle. Roma continued to apply pressure as Edin Dzeko again came close but failed to reach the target. Just moments later Lorenzo Pellegrini looked for a second with a well-hit shot that was saved. It just seemed like they were coming and it was only going to be a matter of time before they put this one away for good following another miss by Roma. They weren’t lacking opportunities they just needed to keep focused and get to the end. Claudio Ranieri made his first change. As Bryan Cristante came in for Javier Pastore who I thought performed well. It was a very difficult night for Raneri the match he was shown on camera in tears while the match is going on. Just a few minutes later Lorenzo Pellegrini just continues to have a fantastic day. After being facilitated by Daniele de Rossi the Roman-born midfielder saw his shot saved. In Rapid succession, Lorenzo Pellegrini came close again striking from Deep being just inches away. Rome makes their second change as Edin Dzeko came off for perhaps the last time whether or not it is it’s hard to say but he has truly been historically great in his four seasons as he made a room for Patrik Schick. Bryan Cristante made an impact instantly with a Well hit strike but the goalkeeper made the save. A little while after we thought we had the moment Daniele de Rossi Struck from Deep it was a poor touch even though the entire Stadium wanted him to score that. Parma ended up growing into the game a little bit as Gervinho looked dangerous on the ball. Gervinho had a pair of chances that missed in between a Federico Fazio header that went wide it was getting later into the game and it had looked like the writing was on the wall. The match carried on with eight minutes to go the moment everyone at the Olimpico was dreading arisen.



De Rossi Leaving the Pitch for the very last time 


Daniele de Rossi came off for the final time with a standing ovation from the entire Olimpico as well as receiving hugs and tears from teammates as he handed off his armband to Roma’s new captains Alessandro Florenzi. As Cengiz Under enters the game for the legend. Almost immediately Alessandro Florenzi went on the offensive but misfired a strike from inside the Box. However, the moment that followed would leave a sour taste in the mouth. In the 86th minutes, Gervinho created separation sliding the ball past Antonia Mirante to equalize as the former Roman tries to ruin De Rossi’s celebration. However, this was a night of Destiny in the 89th minute Roma got a rapid reply. In what was some live Dramatics from the same player that scored the winner in Totti’s final game. Cengiz Under drop the ball and picked up his own rebound before Crossing it into the box to find Diego Perotti who drilled his header into the back of the net to give Roma the to 2-1 lead. the Argentina International ran to the sideline and embraced De Rossi with a hug in celebrating with his captain. After a season of disappointments due to injuries Diego Perotti once again has his footprints attached to another historical moment in Roma’s history. Roma controlled the last few minutes as the referee blew the whistle as Roma secured a 2-1 victory on the final matchday of the season in De Rossi’s final game. A game of Dramatics but we wouldn’t ask for anything else. Even though Roma did not get the help they needed and will not be in the Champions League they celebrated as Roma have to say goodbye to a Club Legend. Daniele de Rossi someone who is near and dear to our hearts. His family celebrated walking around the stadium thanking everyone for all the support. The entire stadium was in tears no one truly will ever realize what Daniele de Rossi means to us only a romanista will understand Grazie captain.


Diego Perotti Scores the winner just like He did For Totti he’s done it again for De Rossi


Roma ends their season with three points as they give Daniele de Rossi a victory during his last hurrah. Unfortunately, Roma was unable to get the help they desired for champions league football. Roma finishes the season in 6th Place with 66 points as they have qualified for Europa League qualifying. Beating a team over two legs at the beginning of next season will be required to secure a Europa League campaigns next year. It turned out to be a match of drama it always was going to be with Daniele de Rossi making his last appearance. It truly was a spectacle through the 90 minutes. Roma boy Lorenzo Pellegrini scoring a goal. Former Roma player Gervinho equalizing for Parma. Then Diego Perotti doing it again scoring a game-winner for Daniele de Rossi after having done that against Francesco Totti 2 years ago. It was a competitive match from both sides. Even though Parma had nothing to play for they still showed up to the match and came to play. Even though their chances are limited and the dangerous situations all came from Gervinho. You could feel the intensity in the air in a full study Olimpico on a Sunday night. Roma got the result they truly deserved. It was just one of those days it was destiny that Roma was going to win this game. On Daniele De Rossi final day there wasn’t really another choice. Late drama from Diego Perotti gave Roma the dramatic win. The man-of-the-match tonight goes to Lorenzo Pellegrini. Not only did he score the opening goal but battled like a true Roman in an unwanted situation with the rain coming down. He showed toughness an incredible ability justifying that the club is in good hands. He has shown dedication to this club and has reiterated the fact that he wants to stay here and become what Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti was. Florenzi and Pellegrini are the future of this club and the young Italians displayed an incredible performance for a Roman boy with ambitions to attain greatness from the men that have come before him. It was an excellent display and we hope to see even more of that in years to come he is the future even if he doesn’t realize it yet we got a taste of that tonight he wasn’t just special he battled and never gave up on any play. De Rossi and his family walked around the entirety of the Stadio Olimpico as fans in the crowd were in tears men, women, children people of all sorts were brought to tears. It is truly impossible to explain to someone how much Daniele de Rossi memes to Roma. When we see the Rossi we see ourselves he represents all of us as a culture and as a club. There will be somewhat of a dark cloud over Roma’s head a loss of a true leader a gentleman a family man and someone we have grown to love from a Roman boy to leaving a Legend. One of the 50 greatest footballers in history an Italian football legend. Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi symbolize Roma and Rome and will always be a part of the culture of Italian football. Today is about appreciating the greatness and loyalty that Daniele de Rossi has shown to every romanista from every part of the globe.


Man Of the Match: Lorenzo Pellegrini


By the numbers
A.S Roma
Possession 59%
Shots 29
On target 9
Passes 534
Pass success 89%


Possession 41%
Shots 14
On target 5
Passes 384
Pass success 781%


Top of the table
1.Juventus 28-6-4 90pts (Champions)
2.Napoli 24-7-7 79pts (Champions League)
3.Atalanta 20-9-9 69pts (Champions League)
4.Inter Milan 20-9-9 69pts (Champions League)
5.Milan 19-11-8 68pts (Europa League)
6.A.S Roma 18-12-8 66pts (Europa League Qualifying)

Bottom of the table
16.Florentina 8-17-13 41pts
17.Genoa 8-14-16 38pts
18.Empoli 10-8-20 38pts (Relegated to Serie B)
19.Frosinone 5-10-18 25pts (Relegated to Serie B)
20.Cheivo 1-14-22 17pts (Relegated to Serie B)

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