The Last Roman Gladiator Roma vs Parma Talking Points #557


Last night we witnessed the final hour of the last Roman gladiator Daniele de Rossi after 18 seasons and 616 appearances played his final game in the Roma shirt. It was truly a spectacle a night of emotional sadness and celebration of a legend. That is what the night was truly about even if there are other things on the line the celebration itself had more importance then the result. Roma still had an outside shot at Champions League yesterday but had to rely on results from Atalanta Inter and AC Milan. It ended up not coming through for them even though at times throughout the match yesterday there were moments in which they had a slight chance. The match itself was brilliantly filled with drama and excitement on a very sad day in the capital. As Roma faced off with Parma for the final match of the 2018-2019 season. Roman born Lorenzo Pellegrini gave Roma the lead late in the first half as they Led 1-0 at 45 minutes. In the second half Roma continuously looked for that second goal. eventually the moment everyone dreaded arrived late in the second half Daniele de Rossi walked off for the very last time in the Roma shirt giving his armband to Alessandro Florenzi before leaving the pitch as the Stadio Olimpico was brought to tears. The match looked all but over But with less than 10 minutes to go but there was some late drama. Gervinho equalized at the very end making it 1-1 with just a few minutes remaining. However, Roma, we’re not going to let Daniele de Rossi lose his last game. Diego Perotti the man who scored the winner in Francesco Totti’s his last game delivered on the brink of death to score the winner in what was in eventual 2-1 victory for Roma securing 6 place with 66 points. After the match, Daniele de Rossi and his family walked around the Stadio Olimpico saying goodbye to his Boyhood club for the final time.




De Rossi’s Meaning and Dedication to His City



Explaining the importance of Daniele de Rossi to someone who doesn’t understand is incredibly difficult. No words or actions can truly explain what he has meant to Roma for the last 18 years. He was the heart and soul for Roma throughout his entire career. Displaying passion winning spirit and a winning attitude. The trophies didn’t come as freely as maybe many of us would have liked but the two Coppa Italia wins, world cup and the Champions quarter-final comebacks standout in his distinguished career. Daniele de Rossi is an iconic Italian football legend one of the greatest in the history of Italian football. However, the impact he has had on this city and this community shines brighter than anything he has ever done. He grew up in a Rome a local lad who got to live out his dreams 616 times. To us, he was more than just a footballer he represented everyone who has supported this club every part of the globe. Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi symbolize Rome and Roma they are the city you cannot write Rome’s story without the two of them. They are symbolized what it means to be a Roman. From the Youth Academy to local Legends. Most of us have never seen a Roma without Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi the emotions that we saw last night is furthermore proof of how much he means and the impact he has had on the club the city and the culture in Rome. So much so even hated Rivals Lazio tribute De Rossi in his final hour. The Loyalty has shown to this city to this club to be supporters means more to us than any title ever would. Roma is not a club that comes with a lot of Glory or trophies but the one thing we keep dear to our hearts is Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti’s willingness to sacrifice glory and trophies to stay with their Hometown Club. There will be other captains and there will be other players that come to this club but there will never be another Daniele de Rossi and there will never be a Francesco Totti. This is their club it doesn’t belong to anyone but these two men. It is hard to even put words together when discussing what they have done to everyone involved. This is truly a great tragedy no one outside of these walls so ever understand what Daniele de Rossi has meant to Roma. He is one of the greatest leaders in sports history. He is adored and embraced by teammates with his infectious personality and his unbelievable ability he became one of the greatest footballers in history. Although that’s not what matters to us he wore the Roma flag on his heart he may play for another club but he will always be acknowledged and remembered for what he did with Roma the impact he has had on the city cannot be repeated or replicated kids grow up wanting to be like Daniele de Rossi because that’s how much he means to us.



Grazie Mister Raneri 



It was an emotional night yesterday but Daniele de Rossi was not the only person saying goodbye to Roma for the final time. Romanista Roman born manager Claudio Ranieri managed his final game for his hometown Club after returning to the team after Roma sacked Eusebio di Francesco. Claudio Ranieri is a true Roman that understands the impacts and greatness of importance that Daniele de Rossi holds at this Football Club. However, Claudio Ranieri deserves a lot of credit love and admiration for what he was able to do given the situation. After being sacked by Fulham he returned to the club in a heartbeat. Roma at the time we’re dealing with one of their worst seasons. It was an incredibly rocky ship and an incredibly difficult job. It was a moment of desperation and despair for Roma there was a serious threat of missing out on Europe altogether. The entire club and fans were in panic mode. In came Claudio Ranieri and slowly but surely Roma started playing good football again. Roma lost their chance at Champions League late in the season but he took Roma on an eight-game unbeaten run to end the year. Roma had a month where they did not lose a single game which was the first time all season they had done that. He guided Roma to the final European spot a true romanista someone who we love and admire brought us back and made tough decisions that eventually paid off in the long run. The 63-year-old Roman was very emotional yesterday as he was shown in tears at many points during yesterday’s match. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done. This is one of the worst seasons that Roma have had in a long time. It will not be fondly remembered but this situation this club was in utter chaos when he took over. It was going to be as difficult as any job available and he managed to turn a Roma around and get them into Europe. He will be surely missed at this club I will miss him because he is a true Roman not everyone will understand what it means but Claudio Ranieri was the perfect man in person to rescue the situation. He was left in tears Roma supporters held up a sign in appreciation reading mystery “Ranieri in our dire moment of need you answered now you received the appreciation of your people.” Grazie Claudio!



Former Roma Star Gervinho nearly Ruins Celebrations 



Last night was all about Daniele de Rossi but his party was nearly spoiled by a former Roman. Throughout the game, Gervinho posed a serious threat on a regular basis. Roma, for the most part, had control of the game for the vast majority of it however the pace and athleticism of Gervinho was incredibly antagonizing. Roma knows him far too well having played three years at the Olimpico. He has had a return to Italian football after playing in China he has been very consistent without question their best and most important player this season. It has been great to see him recap the form he showed in Rome those many seasons ago. With a 1-0 lead, Roma was heading to three points on the final matchday of the season as of the celebration of the greatness of Daniele de Rossi was almost ruined by Gervinho. With less than 10 minutes to go Gervinho equalized making a 1-1 with not much time remaining. Truly was on the verge of ruining a spectacular occasion or at least making it less memorable. Luckily Diego Perotti came through at the end but the former Roma player played an incredible game and just about impacted Daniele de Rossi final game in a negative way. He truly has been a sensation this season and I appreciate what he has done with Parma but at the very end of that match, it got scary because of the spectacle.


Diego Perotti attached to another part of Roma History 



Diego Perotti’s season was robbed by injuries a truly sad thing for a terrific player. However in one of the most important moments of the seasons he once again delivered. Diego Perotti put his footprints attached to another iconic moment in Romans history. 2 years ago he scored a 93rd-minute goal against Genoa in what was Francesco Totti final game for Roma. It wasn’t just important because of that but it allowed Roma to qualify for the Champions League. In that Champions League campaign, Roma put together one of their greatest ever seasons making the Champions League semi-finals after a historic comeback against Barcelona. None of that would have even been possible without his goal in Francesco Totti’s last match to mention he was one of the best players during that season. In Daniele De Rossi’s final game he came through again this time putting his head through another iconic moment in Roman history. After Gervinho equalized making it 1-1 with four minutes to go. Diego Perotti makes sure that Roma would not lose Daniele de Rossi final game and in the Roma shirt. Whether or not Diego Perotti is a club Legend is up for debate especially if his time in Rome continues but he is attached to two of the most iconic moments in Roma’s history. He scored the winning goals in Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi final games. Roma’s two most important Legends were sent into the sunsets by Diego Perotti goal. Whether or not he’s recognized as a club Legend is up in the air but 50 years from now we will remember those games and because of that, we will remember Diego Perotti. I sincerely hope he is back next season and health problems don’t rob him of entire season like it did this year. He is an important player in this team and we hope to see more greatness from him going forward.



De Rossi Leaves Roma in Good Hands 


For the first time in 27 years, Roma will be without Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi. Going into next season that iconic Captain’s armband will belong to somebody else. However, there’s no debate or discussion on who the captains will be in the next generation of Roma football. I have been a Roma fan my entire life and of course, is not up to me but I think it’s only right to have a Roman born player Captain the side. Alessandro Florenzi and Lorenzo Pellegrini should be the captains next season. Alessandro Florenzi as Captain and Lorenzo Pellegrini as vice-captain. Both of these men are Roman born players that have gone through the academy there are no two players that are more worthy of this honor. Alessandro Florenzi has simplified what it means to be a captain in games when there was an absence of Daniele de Rossi. This is an honor that he is certainly worthy of. He is romanista born and raised in Rome playing for his hometown Club. He will be a fantastic leader for the next period of history. From a leadership standpoint, we know Florenzi is capable & will be a great Captain for Roma an honor he is truly deserving of. On the other hand, Lorenzo Pellegrini showed us yesterday that Daniele de Rossi as leaving the club in good hands. Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the most talented young midfielders in all of Italy. He has not had the opportunity to be a leader with this team but next year it will certainly be on his shoulders. He will be only 23 years old next season with a decade of Roma football ahead of them. Lorenzo Pellegrini played an absolutely brilliant match yesterday not only scoring the opening goal but never getting up on any play showing the effort and abilities he possesses much as De Rossi has shown throughout. He is the future of this club even if he doesn’t realize it yet. Even though from a statistical perspective he won’t blow you away he is as valuable and as efficient as anyone. Certainly one of the best midfielders in Italy. If he stays healthy he will be such an influential part of this Roma team next season and even Beyond. Must like Florenzi he is Roman born went to the academy born and raised in Rome. These two men are in the perfect position to lead this team forward for the next decade. The best part of all this neither has any intention to leave. Lorenzo Pellegrini has a relatively cheap release clause in his contract teams are willing to pay it but Lorenzo Pellegrini is not willing to leave he vows to represent the flag of Rome that De Rossi and Totti exemplified before him. He wants to be immortalized as the legend as he has learned and taught by two of the greatest leaders in Italian football history. Florenzi and Pellegrini can take this Roma team as far as they can go. This club has a lot of work to do but with Alexandro Florenzi and Lorenzo Pellegrini De Rossi and Totti have left their Club in good hands. The future is already here even though it has arrived sooner than we expected.




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