Serie A Team of the Season Part 3 #562

Striker: Duvan Zapata (Atalanta) Goals: 23 Assists: 7 “Player Of the Season”


As my Striker is my player of the season Duvan Zapata. it is perhaps the surprise of the season he has been the most incredible player we have seen in Italian football this season. I have been saying this all year he has been the best player this year and it’s not even a little bit close. Cristiano Ronaldo did his thing and he deserves a lot of credit but Duvan Zapata was easily the best player this season. His consistency and explosiveness highlights some true dominance. Not a person in the world saw this one coming he scored 10 goals last year on loan with Sampdoria this year after a slow start he just exploded and for some reason, he could not stop scoring. It wasn’t like he was going against some inferior opponents he scored against every big team he faced. He scored two hat-tricks and had a game in which he scored four goals. This is one of the best individual Seasons we have seen in years. He was the driving force behind Atalanta doing as well as they did making Champions League. Even though the Catalyst of the team was Remo Freuler he scored 23 goals finishing runner-up in the Golden Boot. If you take away the penalties that Fabio Quagliarella took he would have led the league in scoring. That’s not important but it is something to mention he was the best player easily. He scored against Roma Juventus Lazio Torino Inter AC Milan in every big game he delivered. That doesn’t necessarily mean he scored all the time but he was a nightmare to handle from the very first kick of the ball. Being as physically strong as he is it allowed him to dominate the game with such ease. I have been acknowledging him for the last 10 months he was the best player in the year this season and like I said nobody made it closed because of the impact he had. He is not the most impactful player on his team but attacking wise there was not a more dangerous player in all of Italian football. There was a stretch where he went from 1 goal to 19 goals in what felt like a week he was scoring. He was a box office attraction you needed to watch him play that’s how good he was. With his size and strength not to mention a very powerful shot, it made him the most lethal sniper in Italy. I cannot reiterate enough how dominating he was. He was displayed superb vision finding spots for teammates behind 7 assists. Atalanta need to find a way to hold on to him because he was a big part of why Atlanta managed to get champions league and a top-three finish for the first time in history Gasparini did a marvelous job with his team their Superstar Led them into battle in every game and in every big moment they could count on him. There was not a more dominating player in Italy last season. If he can even replicate part of this they’re going to have a dangerous next season in Europe duvan Zapata was just THAT GUY all season. He only took one penalty that speaks volumes of his efficiency especially in front of goal such a clinical finisher I could talk all day for how great he has been he was the best of the best and it was not close at all. He should have been named player the season and it should have been unanimous voting. He makes the Serie A team of the season without even a thought he just dominated through the entire season with the consistency he was breathtaking.





Striker: Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) Goals: 21 Assists: 8

Juventus v AC Milan - Italian Supercup

Cristiano Ronaldo just continues to push the boundaries of greatness. If we are being truly honest with ourselves there has been somewhat of a drop-off. He’s not the player he was at one point in time you are starting to see a little deterioration even though I think he still has been one of the best players in the world. It took him six games find the back of the net in Italy after struggling with some of these Italian defensive tactics. However, once he got that first goal he just kept going. He has been incredibly consistent he has not been the best player in the league this season only Juventus and would make that argument but he has still been incredibly special. It really is extraordinary that he continues to be able to produce at this level on such a consistent basis. He has been a huge reason why Juventus ran away with the league title before anyone could realistically put together a title challenge. He became the first player ever to win the league in three different countries. 21 goals and eight assists in his first season in Italian football at 33 years old is absolutely staggering. The season itself from Juventus perspective it was a disappointment in year one of this project it did not live up to expectations. However with all that being said Ronaldo did his part he brought the Mystique and attention on Italian football. You could make all sorts types in arguments but in the end, he still was one of the best players in the league this season. He scored in some really BIG games this is against Napoli AC Milan Inter Milan Atlanta he essentially scored against every big team in Italy accept Roma proving he is still a big game player. He finished fourth in scoring but if you take into account his goals and assists through his season the league table would have been a lot closer. In a certain sense it was so good he normalized Pablo Dybala and a few others because he commanded so much in the attack. It is not even a question that he belongs in team of the season I don’t think he was the best player this year but he was one of the biggest stars in Italian football he display dominance in some really big games make no mistake about this he is in a tougher League then where he came from but he was able to handle it incredibly well. It will not be as easy next season and even though they failed to do the double he single-handedly ended the title race within a month. He continues to show us that he is one of the greatest footballers in history. And guess what he just did it in a much more difficult League. He was Superman.


Samir Handanović (Inter Milan)
Fabio Quagliarella (Sampdoria)
Arkadiusz Milik (Napoli)
Krzysztof Piątek (AC Milan)
Matteo Politano (Napoli)
Suso (AC Milan)











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