Champions League Team of the season Part 1 #569

Goalkeeper: Alisson Becker (Liverpool)


Without question Alisson Becker the best goalkeeper in the Champions League this year. Last year goalkeeping mistakes cost them the Champions League final I do not believe they would have won but nonetheless, they were crucial in their defeat to Real Madrid an aging Dynasty. They spent big bucks 75 million on a Roma goalkeeper Alisson he brought Liverpool the final piece required to lift The elusive trophy. He was sensational throughout the Champions League campaign he came up in some big moments in the biggest team even when the odds were against them. His performances against Barcelona and Tottenham exemplified himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world if not the best. He is a once-in-a-generation talent he has some natural ability that is not seen in many keepers. It was a nearly Flawless campaign for the Brazilian. 46 save and 6 clean sheets. Not to mention he was a part of another historic comeback in the Champions League he may not have been the driving force but in the Champions League second leg against Barcelona a match in which they needed 4 goals he delivered for his side much as he did for Roma the previous season. He played an influential role in Liverpool winning their sixth Champions League title against all odds he’s certainly worth the price of admission. He was at the time the most expensive goalkeeper in history but he was worth every penny of the 75 million paid for him. It wasn’t that he was great it was because he was great he was in the big moments and that’s what matters in a goalkeepers career in big moments you can evolve or evaporate Alisson Becker came through they could not have won the Champions League without him.


Wingback: Jordi Alba (Barcelona)


Despise a second consecutive collapse in The Knockout rounds Barcelona’s Jordi Alba was one of the best players in the Champions League this season. He led the Champions League with five assists he has been as consistent as anyone for Barcelona over the last few seasons. Even though he’s a Defender he has the attacking mentality vision & ability to set up teammates for good opportunities. Certainly one of the best defenders in the world for his ability in both defensive and attacking areas. Barcelona ultimately imploded defensively it seems to be the only thing missing that is preventing them from Champions League Glory. However, Jordi Alba is not part of the problem. She has had to carry the weight for Barcelona on it is an aging back line with a superstar who cannot always totally adapt to everything. Very difficult especially as a wingback to completely change the entire defense. However, there is no question he is done his part one of the most gifted passers in of his position with the ability and conviction on both sides of the ball. During the Champions League campaign he was one of the very best in the competition with only the pieces around him he still displayed consistent performances Jordi Alba has been one of the best defenders in the world for several seasons the collapse isn’t on him he has done everything necessary to get this team as far as they can go. I will not fault him for that. He is the most important piece of the Barcelona defense they really need to get him some help. Individually he was one of the most productive defenders in the Champions League and deserving this place in the Champions League team of the season.

Center back: Matthias De Ligt (Ajax)

474761508-matthijs-de-ligt-ajax-amsterdam-fc-barcelona-ZSy6EOYj4a7Ajax was the surprise of competition as we have seen the development of many of their stars. An Academy that has developed quality players on a regular basis. Matthias De Ligt is one of the highest rated defenders in Europe every top team wants to get their hands on him. He has the capability to shut down a superstar as well as scoring crucial goals. He has developed into a really great player at such a young age something that we do not see them very often. A player who has the knack of coming through in big moments. He is an all-around Defender with skill agility and speed to make him a very dangerous in all aspects. He has really broke through and separated himself from the rest of the competition. Perhaps the best young defenders in Europe. Matthias De Ligt will go for an outrageous price this summer to a big club who’s in need of quality. He can give you defensive and attacking abilities to fit into any great team not to mention he has leadership abilities that you cannot teach. That natural ability to lead a side to glory. At just 20 years old he is the captain of Ajax. Something that is very unusual it takes a special kind of player to take the badge at that age. He was Sensational throughout the Champions League campaign scoring crucial goals away at Juventus to knockout Cristiano Ronaldo and the Italian Giants scoring the game-winning goal late in the second half. He also scored in the Champions League semi-finals against Spurs even though they weren’t able to win the game it justifies his place here for his ability to come through in the biggest games.




Center back: Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool) 


Virgil Van Dijk is arguably the best defender in the world. He certainly has been the best this season in the Premier League and in Europe. The Liverpool center back was originally bought at the time for 70 million. Which held the record as the most expensive player at his position. It was at the time a questionable decision investing that much money in a center-back but it certainly has paid off. He was as efficient and as effective as any player in the Champions League this season. He gave some of the best players problems not a single player in the Champions League campaign successfully dribbled past Virgil Van Dijk. Clearly one of the best defenders in the world with great size and intelligence and Technical abilities he has the potential to be one of the best defenders in history. He won the Premier League player of the Season becoming the first defender to win such award since John Terry did many years ago. He has been so consistent not only in the Premier League but in the Champions League as well. He made things incredibly difficult on the opposition and honestly was one of the best players in the entire competition from start to finish. In big games, he always performed that’s what made him so great. There wasn’t one player in the competition who came up against Virgil Van Dijk and had success. He stops anything and everything in his way totally justifying the 70 million price tag. He came up big and every moment with the world on his shoulders and the pressure on Liverpool he thrived in it. It’s really hard to measure his impact the way he was able to stop the best of the best is largely why he made the team of the season in the Champions League. He was the most dominating factor in Liverpool Champions League season they had no answer for him.




Wingback: Trent Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)


Trent Alexander Arnold is one of the best players in the world of his position. Incredibly raw but extremely talented. The Liverpool youth product has really broken through this season as he has gained the reputation of one of the very best in England. Not only that but an argument could be made that he is the best right back in Europe. In the attacking sense, he is as a dangerous and as effective as any player. Just twenty years old he has developed into the best of the best. Last year scoring a hugely important free kick that got Liverpool into the Champions League launched his early progression a player that used to be a midfielder and you can see that with his incredible passing and his ability offensively. He has incredible pace and intelligence for a player as young as he is. He has come through for Liverpool in the big moments this entire Liverpool defense has been on the level. While Virgil Van Dijk maybe the best defender they have the young Alexander Arnold turn out to be incredibly dangerous. Without question one of the very best players we have seen in the Champions League this season. He is in a strange way underrated because he is not in that conversation very often. If he was Brazilian everyone will be going nuts for him. His potential will only continue to grow as he has an extremely high ceiling. This Liverpool’s defense was incredibly difficult to break through giving all the Firepower around them alexander-Arnold is certainly part of that. However, the intelligence he displayed and the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona is truly incredible. Tricking the entire Barcelona defense catch them asleep. Pretending to walk away from the corner before quickly sending in a ball that ended up in the back in the net. Supplying the winning goal that sent Barcelona out of the Champions League meanwhile helping Liverpool orchestrate a historic comeback on their way to a Champions League final. Truly one of the best young players in the world. This competition has only enhanced the potential of the Liverpool youngster.

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