A Fire In the House Of Roma #573


Over the last two weeks, I have been a little bit out of the bubble. Believe it or not, I took a vacation to the city itself. I visited Vatican City the Colosseum the Stadio Olimpico and the city of Rome. After a long season, I needed to get away from all of it and just enjoy myself. Unfortunately, while I was on my vacation all hell broke loose there has been so much controversy and absolute chaos over the last year with everything that has gone on. On the anniversary of Roma’s 2001 title, the house of Roma caught on fire. So much controversy and negativity have surrounded this club for the past year Roma are coming off one of the worst seasons in their history at least in recent memory. This is truly a fire and I’m afraid I don’t know if anyone can save it. There’s certainly a lot to unpack as we have to give ourselves and honest realism of what can we can expect going forward. The people don’t deserve this fans don’t deserve this something needs to be done but sadly it’s not as easy as it may seem. Francesco Totti ended is a 30-year career with Roma on June 17th. A moment’s that’s true hurts Roman hearts to their very core. Francesco Totti is not just some player that wore the colors he is the colors the club’s identity and symbol. This is the house that Totti built a house that seemingly has caught fire and Totti as painful as it may have been had to do the best thing for himself leaving to avoid the third-degree burns. After 25 years of service, Francesco Totti retired but following his retirement, he took a job as a director at Roma a job he has done for the last 2 years. The frustration he felt over this ultimately led to a resignation that the Roma Legend never wanted to make. This all starts at the top with James Pallotta and the owners who had failed to allow Francesco Totti to make any crucial decisions within the club. If anyone’s qualified to make choices that will largely affect the future it is Francesco Totti this club does not belong to the owners it belongs to Totti and the people in this city. The matter in which he was treated Daniele de Rossi not receiving an extension on his contract, to the way this club has continuously sold key players year after year after year to the lack of involvement by the ownership group that has made the fans live in this misery. When I say there has been a fire I don’t know if there’s a better way to describe what has gone on. I don’t have the solution hopefully somebody does there cannot be a disconnect between the fans and the club together we should be winning trophies not helping others by giving them great Roma players at disgraceful prices. This has been an absolute disaster the worse is yet to come.

Italy Soccer Roma Totti Leaves


The timing of Francesco Totti resignation could not have been any worse. You can’t blame Francesco Totti or any part of the situation but hearing this news on the anniversary all Roma’s 2001 title season just put gas on the Fire. It’s not like this announcement created everything but it certainly ignited the problems. After Totti resigned from his position press conference on Italian television as he attempted to explain what drove him to make this decision and some of the situations that lead him to come to this conclusion. It felt like a speech to a nation everyone in the city of Rome and most of Italy hold Francesco is one of the most iconic icons in the history of Italian culture, not just football. You could tell based on his words and his emotions it was something he never wanted to do. He even mentioned that he would rather have died than leave Roma he has been involved with this club for a long time it is his home it is his family. His frustrations continued and continued to build up he was not made important parts of building the team and his ideas were either ignored or not taken into account. According to Rome has former captain he was kept out of certain meetings and his opinions and ideas been valued. According to Totti Antonio Conte said OK but the separation between Totti and the board to a massive gap. It is pointless trying to explain how much Francesco Totti means to the city and the people but the thing is regardless of all this Francesco Totti wanted to work for Roma he was not able to do it because of the people around him stabbed him in the game excluding him from everything. All Francesco Totti wanted to do is build the best Roma. A large part of his decision to step down was the distrust in the relationship that was fueled by turmoil and the lack of involvement he was given by the club. The club hit back at the Roman icon saying that no decision is made alone completely ignoring that that’s not the point. Francesco Totti was being excluded from big decision making he left because there was no way he could make an impact on the people who did not value him. He did not totally rule out a return it is not a goodbye but I Farewell. Under new ownership, Francesco Totti would gladly return to the club that made him the man who he is today. He has now made it public that he disagreed with the club decision not to give his longtime friend Daniele de Rossi a new contract after he specifically made it known on a numerous of occasions that he desired one. Daniele de Rossi would have played for free that’s how much he loves the club. The way they have handled Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi in the back half of their career is nothing short of disgraceful. Whether it’s coaches’ management or whatever the case maybe they were not given the proper respect they deserved. There’s not much more to be said. Despite everything that Francesco Totti currently feels he urged the club to maintain Nicolo Zaniolo and Lorenzo Pellegrini as he insisted that they are the future of the club. Since his resignation things have only gotten worse the club quite honestly it is in complete disarray it has been a disaster. This was the final pin drop as the house of Roma is truly on fire now. There doesn’t seem like there are and strides in ousting the fire. This season although there are good pieces in place Roma may be even worse I’m not totally ruling out that Roma could surprise some people this year but given what we know to this point it’s hard to imagine they will be pushing Europe.



There is no question given everything that is going on that’s the only solution really is for James Pallotta to sell the club. The decision he has made over the last 2 years has angered Roma fans to the point of protest. This is something I fundamentally disagree with. I completely understand why Roma are protesting they have every reason and right to be upset. However, as fans we don’t support this club for the ownership we supported for the club’s I feel that buying the merchandise and going to the games are incredibly important it would be disingenuous for the fans to stop going to the games. However what can be done really? This has gotten as bad as you could possibly imagine. All Roma fans want to do is win something It could be worse Roma will never be relegated they will always be a top-10 team but the thing is despite all that they have suffered for so long. They are some of the most loyal fans in sports and they have not deserved this in any aspect. Fans go to the games they support the team no matter what. The stadium should have been built already instead they barely started. We need someone to buy this club who is prepared to make quality decisions to take Roma to the next level. Don’t get me wrong James Pallotta did some nice things with Roma during his time owning the club but the time is running out we need someone to come in here to take Roma to where they truly belong. Rome is the best city in the world it is the capital of the world it deserves great football and success. We can go over everything he has done wrong over the last few years the departure of Daniele de Rossi and Francesca Totti are at high on the list.



From the football point of view, he has held the team back by letting go of key pieces almost regularly. Just a few seasons ago Roma had Miralem Pjanic Mohamed Salah Alisson Becker Antonio Rudiger Gervinho as well as many other players capable of winning the league. Selling is not the problem not accurately replacing what Roma have sold has been the problem. Don’t get me wrong Roma has no excuse for selling key players every season. However, this club cannot sell Mohamed Salah for 38 million he is now worth at least a 150 million. Alisson Becker was the most expensive goalkeeper in the world at one point when Roma sold him for 75 million they replaced him with Robin Olsen who cost 8.5 million and it didn’t make it through the whole season. Roma didn’t really replace Pjanic either even though Roma had their best season statistically the year after he left they still lack that figure in the Roma team. Beyond that Roma are likely to potentially sell Edin Dzeko to Inter Milan for under his value, Kostas Manolas Roma’s most important defender in the last decade to Napoli. Stephan El Shaarawy Roma the best player last season to China for 20 million that’s like half his value. Believe it or not it Florenzi could join Edin Dzeko at Inter Milan. This is mental Roma are selling players not only for under their value but to rival teams. Meanwhile, Roma needs Defenders a goalkeeper more explosive players in the Midfield a replacement for Edin Dzeko and then some. That’s not to mention that few others still could potentially be sold. It has been a disaster the silver lining is the young Talent within this team but how long can we actually keep them? The bottom line is simple Roma need to stop selling and start building real change is in order occur the club needs to be sold to someone who is prepared to do right by Roma. Roma has hired an excellent sporting director Gianluca Petrachi has been chosen for the role, joining from Torino. Also Paulo Fonseca from Shakhtar Donetsk who is a fantastic coach who plays aggressive attacking football which is exactly what Roma need. Roma has the coach and sporting director in place as well as a young nucleus. However, none of it matters without an owner who will take the responsibility of building this team properly. The House of Roma is on fire and I’m not sure what can be done to save it. There’s so much more of the story that can be dissected even further but there’s only so much of this I can take. Roma does not have the Champions League money and it will be more difficult to sign qualities to improve on last season. The one thing that cannot happen is fans becoming disconnected from each other. The only way we are going to weather the storm is if we stick together and we should protest but in a way that makes the most sense. This building might be burning but in the long run, the fans and the people of the city will keep it upright. But again nothing changes until James Pallotta sells the club. Roma, we got a problem.


Totti If the new owners believed in me, then that would be great.
“They knew my intentions and what I wanted, to give so much to this club and team, but they never wanted me to, in all honesty. They excluded me from every decision.
“The rapport with Franco Baldini (technical director) has never existed and never will. If I made this decision, it’s only normal that there were misunderstandings, problems within the club.
“What I can say is that I will never hurt Roma. This is far worse than retiring as a player. Leaving Roma is like dying. I feel like it’d be better if I died.”

“I was never involved in a genuine technical project.
“In the first year, that can happen. In the second, I realised what I wanted to do and we never got together, never helped each other.
“One of us had to go. I stepped aside because you can’t have too many people sticking their oar in and causing chaos. Everyone should do their own job and leave the others to get on with their own work, that’d allow everything to run smoothly.”
Totti did not want to make it a complete goodbye after all he’s done for the club but said it would take a new owner to come in for him to return.
“If I were to return to Roma, we’d need a new owner,” he added.
“So many have told me over the years that I am too much of a weight on this club. That I get in the way.










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