Roma & Juventus Swap Spinazzola and Luca Pellegrini Agreeing to 29.5 Million Deal #576



The summer transfer window has officially opened. After several weeks of trying to get some of Roma’s affairs in order, they finally are in a position to start making some deals. Part of this summer window will be about maintaining crucial part of the team while other parts of this will be more or less about getting quality players to try to build this Roma team into something special going forward. For several weeks Roma really couldn’t do any business in the market because they were still trying to finalize a deal with their Now new sporting director Petrachi who had previously worked at Torino there were some complications in trying to get out of his contract in order to join Roma. Nothing can move forward without Roma establishing a sporting director in place. He officially arrived last week and wasted no time and trying to get some deals done. Juventus and Roma engaged in talks over the last week regarding in a possible swap deal including Roma youngster Luca Pellegrini and Juventus versatile left back Leonardo Spinazzola. The talks between the two clubs went relatively quickly as they found an agreement as the deal was completed a rather smoothly as Spinazzola becomes Roma’s first signing of the summer. Roma with this deal getting a quality player with the experience that can fill the void both in the attacking and defensive areas. It will end up being a swap plus cash deal rounding out a total of 29.5 million. The deal concluded roughly 48 hours ago as contract was handed to both players. The players flew to Rome and Torino respectively to undergo their medicals. Leonardo Spinazzola arrived in Rome as he was greeted by Roma personnel arriving at Roma’s International Airport on Saturday afternoon. He completed his medical prior to signing a three-year deal where he will earn 2.5 million a season. Roma adds experience and versatility with the signing he was one of Juventus better players in the back half of last season on their way to a Scudetto title. He has been with Juventus for many years but only recently made it into their first team. He spent many years on loan most notably at Atalanta in which he played a role in the club finishing in Europe two consecutive seasons. He’s a player that is ready and excited for the challenge that lies ahead. The project has been explained to him and he admitted that ever since he was a kid he has admired Roma. He has become the first signing under new manager Paulo Fonseca. Luca Pellegrini went the other way agreeing to a deal with Juventus after completing his medical on Sunday afternoon as the Roma academy graduate joins the League champions. A strong signal from Roma’s new sporting director this signing signals his intent more signings will surely follow.


“I’ve always had a real affinity for Roma, ever since I was a little boy – from back when [Gabriel] Batistuta was at the club. I used to celebrate like him. So I’ve always had a liking for the club, and Roma have always played a good style of football that I enjoy watching.”
He added: “And then of course the city is amazing, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The stadium is amazing, the fans are brilliant and so passionate – so I am really happy to be here.”

“I think it is a ‘Year Zero’ for this Roma,”
“As they explained the project to me, it will be with a lot of Italians, a lot of young players, so this is the start of a new adventure for us. For me that is something very important, because it is a new cycle with a new coach in charge.
“It’ll be a good group; I already know seven or eight of the lads from the national team so I think there’ll be a good spirit, and hopefully we can build something together.




Leonardo Spinazzola signs with Roma Following an exceptional campaign with Juventus. He Started his career in the Youth System of Virtus where he spent eight years followed by another three seasons with Sienna. He continued to develop and grow as a player he we started seeing some of the promise. He eventually caught the eyes of one of the biggest teams in Europe Italian Giants Juventus. They adopted him into the Youth System taking him on a loan before completing a deal to join the youth set-up at Juventus. During his two years in the Juve academy, he was viewed by many as one of these their most promising prospects. He received many accolades and awards at youth level before he made the jump to the senior team. However, Juventus was a very strong team at the time so it was always going to be very difficult for him to break into that being behind so many great Defenders that already existed within the squad. He went on several loans over the years as he continued to develop into a more refined player. He perfected his craft in Serie B with the likes of Empoli, Virtus, Sienna among others. Even though he was in Italy second-tier he continued to display the potential and quality he possessed. In many of those Seasons, he was one of the most important figures within the team. With Sienna, he took them on the brink of promotion as he justified his quality and importance. Juventus continue to send him on loan every season as it certainly appeared that they didn’t believe in him that much. It may have been a slow progression but when he had his moment he was exceptional. He went to Atalanta and Vincenza Before he had his breakout season in which he really starts to show his potential. During the 2015/2016 season playing for Perugia, it was during that season you got a glimpse of what he could become. Perugia did not gain promotion but they secured a top-10 finish and he was one of their best players that season. He started nearly every game making 34 appearances it was his best season to that point. However, h would only build on that and get better. In the 2016-2017 season, he returned to Atalanta on a two-year loan. He was a crucial part of what was an incredibly special season for Atalanta. They reached heights that no one expected them to reach. Not to the level of what they did this season but he thrived under Gasperini and was a crucial part team that made an unlikely run at Europe. As Atalanta secured a top-four finish that gave them automatic entrance to the Europa League group stage. Prior to that season, they had never been in any European competition in history. It was a very special season not only for Leonardo Spinazzola but for the club that was trending up. He put together an even better season than the year before. The next season Atlanta finished in a Europe once again finishing 6th. Another incredibly strong season for Atalanta as Gasparini continued to create magical things with the team. Atalanta won their group in the Europa League But eventually got knocked out in the round of 16 by Borussia Dortmund despite a real fight. Leonardo only made 18 appearances that season due to injury concerns but none the less continue to show excellent progress in Bergamo. This season he was brought into the Juventus team after having not played a single game since he joined the club a long time ago. He became one of their most important players playing the really crucial role in his attacking left-back position and was influential in the club Champions League comeback against Atletico Madrid. He became a very important part of the team in some big moments giving Juventus another dimension late in the season. Regardless of the deal, he will be missed Roma appear to be getting a steal.


Leonardo Spinazzola will be an influential piece in Roma’s upcoming season. In what could be in a very important first signing for the Romans. It is a more or less a fair deal but not one of equal value. Juventus are a little foolish to have a let go of Leonardo Spinazzola based on the season he has had. In every transfer deal, there is a winner and a loser. Even though Luca Pellegrini is younger it is quite obvious that Roma got the better deal here. Leonardo Spinazzola is experienced extremely athletic with attacking and defensive capabilities. He is incredibly dangerous going forward with the ability to play multiple positions. A Very versatile animal he will fit right in with the type of football Paulo Fonseca likes to play. He is a manager that prefers attacking football that plays with no fear within his convictions he is a perfect piece and to fit into the system that the Portuguese manager likes to play. He’s experienced incredibly intelligent and it gives Roma a proven starter who can play right away. Alex Kolarov is getting older and Leonardo Spinazzola is very capable of taking that role and to be honest at this point in time it is possible that the Serbian left-back will not be back next season. Regardless he is an upgrade at this moment just 26 years old he has the capability of being and really important part of this Roma team for the next 5 years. Meanwhile, Juventus basically gave him up for a youngster that is yet to prove himself. Don’t get me wrong Luca Pellegrini is incredibly talented and has a bright future ahead of him. He was a Roma Academy graduate who eventually showed some real promise at Caligari last season on loan as well as in the under-21 European championship. Despite all that he is incredibly raw and is not ready to start games for a team like Juventus. He is going to be some player in the years to come but the fact of the matter is simple he makes too many mistakes in important moments and although he’s talented he needs a little bit more discipline in the way he plays. If this is a long-term investment for Juventus then it’s a smart buy but in the here and now which is obviously important to Roma he didn’t cut it. He has the potential to be really good one day but Juventus are trying to win the Champions League and I’m not sure he is an upgrade to Cancelo who might be leaving. He can give Juventus quality off the bench in the way he attacks and moves forward and can presents danger offensively. However, at this moment Leonardo Spinazzola is a much better player and has more maturity experience and has developed in some pretty undesired circumstances. He will be a leader for this team and has the drive and the mentality to upgrade the Roma defense after an abysmal display last year. He is perfect for Paulo Fonseca and he will thrive in the Rama colors. It is always sad to lose a product and a Roman born player that Luca Pellegrini is but once you evaluate this situation this deal was too good to pass up Juventus get a player for the future and Roma get an upgrade at left-back it is a win-win for both teams But undoubtedly Roma got the better player.


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