USA Women’s Soccer Increase vs Equal Pay Part One: Growth Of the Game #580


For the longest time, women’s football has been disrespected and not viewed as even a proper sport. Along with the belief, it is that it’s not real football and that is Sunday league Pub team could beat the best of the best in the woman’s game. It’s been like this a really long time some people in the community I have even suggested that they should stop playing and go back in the kitchen. The women’s game for the longest time had lacked the same things that make the men’s game so appealing and why it is the highest rated and most watched sport in the world. The Woman’s World Cup is essentially the only platform that the women across the world have to change the narrative. They have that opportunity to do this on a regular basis but it took longer than you might have thought. The most die-hard football fans on the planet in the past wouldn’t even think of watching The Women’s World Cup. In all honesty, I would categorize myself in that place. It’s not just me though it was the majority of the football Community men and women at times had this opinion. I have to talked to women for the last several years who can’t watch the World Cup as much as they want to because the quality is unbalanced. During that time football fans came for the stars, not for the game. This Sport has never really been truly enjoyed by this community. Even though a lot of people watched the World Cup final and some of the women games to a certain extent it’s been unappreciated by everyone. No, it’s not just because of women its because of the style of play and some of the thing it lacks in true football. Every tournament it has got a little better each time. The viewers increase each tournament the game is growing and it would be foolish to acknowledge anything else. This has been a tournament that has completely changed the narrative of women’s football. A few years ago I wouldn’t even take this tournament seriously. Whether you’re supporting the US Italy France Germany China regardless the game is changing. That old narrative doesn’t exist anymore.

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France
We have seen teams from all the continents show their true colors. Coming together as football Nation showing the passion like the Italians the Never Die attitude like the Netherlands the grace of English and even the dominance of the United States. It has been a world cup of absolute Magic it doesn’t really Stack Up Against the men’s World Cup but nonetheless, we have seen great strides in all areas. The women’s game is something to be respected now I never really believed we would reach this point but I’m screaming passionately at woman’s World Cup time is changing. Not just with me with a lot of the football community that hasn’t taken the game seriously in the past. There’s so much positive weekly that we have seen from this tournament all of this is important to mention it really has been a tournament not only for the football community but women’s football as a whole they all deserve our respect. The USA Officially announced itself as the best Dynasty we have ever seen the women’s football. Taking down a Spanish team that gave them everything and then some who even at times looked like the better team and it was unclear that the USA was going to win. It was certainly a tough road traveled. In the quarterfinals, they met up with one of the favorites to win it the hosts France and a high-powered attack a game in which France dominated had control but despite that USA took advantage of the chances beating off the host country. In the semi-final, it was a true test against England. It was a battle to the very wits end a match of absolute dramatics that could have gone either way. To set up the Perfect final possible the European Champions Netherlands against the world champions the United States. Going up against Lieke Mertens the best player in the world even though she wasn’t at 100% you could not have written a better storyline. The lack of heath from the Netherlands best player could have largely impacted the result of the match because she is just that good. Nonetheless, the United States proved to be the best team in the world-conquering Another World Cup back-to-back conquering their fourth title a storybook ending to the Dynasty of women’s empowerment & football. However, all of this is not why I’m here. The behavior and class from the United States in this tournament was absolutely unacceptable they are champions but at many points, in this tournament, they didn’t act like it. Being the best is more about winning and success that’s about all that and the way you carry yourself. This doesn’t apply to everyone but the majority of the US team didn’t do themselves Justice by the way they carry themselves all the way to the final. Nonetheless, there’s no question they have deserved a pay increase a pretty significant one. However, until you show the class and dignity as a footballing nation equal pay is off the table for the time being. I sincerely hope we can get to a place in the near future where they reclaim the class that they seemingly have lost during this world cup. As I attempt both sides of the arguments as we evaluate both the positive and negative aspects of what we have seen this summer. I will be fair but I will not apologize for what I believe. I will make arguments for equal pay and against it before I get to my closing argument. I understand this is a sensation subject but this has been a very active topic during this world cup so let’s chat!


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