USA Women’s Soccer Increase vs Equal Pay Part 2: Why USA Women Should Get Equal Pay #582

Why USA Women Should Get Equal Pay


Women’s Soccer Most Historic Dynasty

World Cup:1999,2001,2015,2019

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France


From the football point of view, the US Women’s National Team are the best in the history of women’s soccer. The Woman’s World Cup only have had 7 tournaments only three teams have ever won. The US Women’s has 4 World Cup trophies and has been to 5 finals. Only twice has this team not made the World Cup final. This is the greatest dynasty in women’s soccer and I don’t think it’s particularly close. Is there a specific reason why the US woman has been able to stay at this level for the longest time of course but it doesn’t make anything less impressive. It’s unfair to try to compare this women’s team to the US men’s and I stand by that point but none the less we have to truly appreciate what this team has accomplished. Mia Hamm was the greatest player in the history of women’s soccer. She was dynamic highly-skilled and an unbelievable type of intelligence with a character that didn’t necessarily like the spotlight the polar opposite of this team but none the less the face of the sport. The US women had the best player in the world for two decades despite that in that timeframe they only won the World Cup twice. This generation of us woman just won back-to-back. I think the saying that people don’t realize about this team is they don’t have a top 5 player. In women’s soccer at least in the current time there are only two names that truly matter in this sport. The Netherlands Lieke Martens and Ada Hegerberg they are Messi and Ronaldo of this sport. They have separated themselves so much from everybody else it’s not even close. USA doesn’t have a superstar at that level or anywhere near it. Obviously, Megan Rapinoe is one of the greatest midfielders of her generation and Alex Morgan is a top-10 player in the world not to mention the young dynamos in the Midfield Mallory Pugh and Rose Lavelle. I’m not trying to understate that this is a great team they have been historically great. However, that’s what makes it so much more impressive the last three World Cups they have not had a top 5 player in their team. At no point in time has any American women player over the last two World Cups been considered the best player in the world. This team is totally and utterly stacked from top to bottom but they don’t have that next level player. Considering the fact that they don’t have that player it is truly remarkable what they’ve been able to accomplish. This dynasty has its legs and could even continue as unbelievable as that may sound. Although I have many issues with this team what you see on the field is what you get. This team might have character problems and might be giving the armbands to the wrong players in consecutive World Cups but nonetheless this team comes together they share the same values they have that will to win. Together they are incredibly dynamic and impossible to stop. In this tournament, they have beaten multiple top 5 and top 10 players in the world. In the round of 16, they beat Spain and Jennifer Hermoso a top 5 player. Then in the quarterfinals against France, they had to deal with Le Sommer a top 5 player and Henry a top-10 player. Then again against England, they face a top 5 player Lucy bronze a top-10 player Ellen White and a top-15 player Toni Dugan. That’s not to mention even though she wasn’t fully healthy the best player in the world Lieke Martens, and a top 10 players and Daniëlle van de Donk and a top 5 player Vivianne Miedema. As well as the best goalkeeper in the world Sari van Veenendaal. The United States has one top-10 player and two players in the top 20 That’s really good but considering the star power the US had to face it is absolutely remarkable what they have pulled off. They were in the easiest group in the World Cup but they faced superpower quality every single round of the tournament. I’m not a person cheers for the US Women’s National Team but you have to respect and appreciate what they have done. I’ll say it again they probably faced seven top 20 players in the world that is a tall task in high order. There’s no question in my mind that this team deserves a paid upgrade. I’m not necessarily saying all the way to equal pay but the Gap should minimize drastically. These girls should be making more money than they are. This generation of women soccer is better than the one that Mia Hamm played in and that’s truly saying something becuase she was the greatest player in history. It doesn’t matter what you say or does this dynasty reserves massive respect. The game of football is changing and the way they have performed against some of the best players in the world has been remarkable.Let’s be honest collectively throughout the US women have the best most talented team in the world but it’s never that easy they don’t have that Superstar who can take over a game I respect Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe and they are amazing but they don’t have the power to take over again like some of these Stars they knocked off that in itself shows exactly how great they have been throughout this entire tournament. I hope in the next two years they can earn equal pay as well so don’t pay me to be the bad guy because only one component is preventing them from having everything.




The USA Structured Development System


The United States women the girls and women that have played for this country in the ranks involved in the new age a football in America. The women’s Federation has a very beneficial system largely attributed to why they’ve been so successful. Historically in the world, Women rights in America are far superior and are treated more equal than another country. Obviously, you can make the argument that women are not particularly well in America but in comparison to other countries in Europe and Africa they are treated much better and have more rights. A lot of people make the argument that since women are a better team they should be paid just as much if not more. I think a lot of people don’t understand the infrastructure of women’s soccer in America. In America, soccer is the sport that someone belongs to them. That’s not to say that men in the United States don’t play soccer but we don’t have some phenomenal players. Christian Pulisic and Weston McKinnie they are the anomaly. For the most part soccer in America is a woman’s game. There’s no real surprise that they have developed themselves as one of the best soccer nations in the world. There have been seven World Cups & have has won four of them there should be really no surprise about that. In the United States, the women in this sport are set up for Success while the men are set up for failure. Even though we have other sports for girls most of them and gravitate towards soccer. Which is such an amazing thing from someone who talks about this game on such a regular basis it is a beautiful thing to see the United States at least in the women’s game evolving to a point of incredible popularity. It is almost comparable to European Academies. While the women’s team largely scouts players from colleges in high school like anyone would they don’t have the level of Academy as they do in Germany where they take a kid as a seven-year-old and develop him into Toni Kroos or Thomas Muller. The development system that they have implemented in Germany has made them such a superpower in the sport of football. Similarly, the US has sort of adopted the same philosophy they’re not necessarily are taking young girls at is a 10-year-old and developing them into Superstars but from high-school to college they are developing them allowing them to have opportunities to play meaningful games. The structure that is in place for women to be successful could not be more clear. So to a certain extent, they should be rewarded for working as hard as they do to develop the soccer stars of today. They largely benefit from this philosophy. However, men do not have that benefit. Men in America have so many options in sports and soccer is one of the least popular sports in the community. There’s basketball baseball American football hockey as well as many other options. This community can only hope and pray that we get 1 star that will pick soccer over the rest of the sports. The problem is our best athletes are playing other sports. IF LeBron James instead of playing basketball play soccer growing up we would have a World Cup worthy winning team. The fact that they don’t is not the fault of the men & we can’t punish them for it. However, we shouldn’t punish the women for doing things the right way either. The last decade women’s soccer has gone about developing talent the development is the big reason in which us women have been the dominant force in football. This is an incredibly effective system So because of all this you can make a legitimate argument that this is one of the biggest factors in the battle for equal pay. They do things the right way and they have a perfect philosophy in developing stars they should be paid like stars many people in the country feel like that is a contributing factor. Even though I may disagree with this argument based on how they have conducted at their organization they certainly deserve some kind of recognition for the way they’ve done things if the men had the same philosophy we would be winning World Cup not failing to make them.



Create more revenue In America & have accelerated numbers


I find it actually really strange that we were actually paying players for international Duty. Playing for your country should be an absolute honor and not something we should look for validation for. If you win the World Cup bonuses should be in place but outside of that national teams should only get paid under special circumstances. The fact that money is involved is part of the problem and why all these girls are fighting for it. However, given the circumstances, you can make a legitimate argument but equal pay not only should be on the table but should be executed almost immediately. The number difference is staggering. The Gap is massive and a pay raise is certainly in order even if we don’t raise it to equal pay we certainly should be giving the US women a big pay increase. The US women with all bonuses together make a roughly 124,000 less money than the men’s team. Which I believe is utterly ridiculous whether you believe in equal pay or not there is no denying that that is criminally unfair given how much success this US Women’s team has had versus the amount of success the men have had. Make no mistake the men are playing more difficult opposition and there are more dynasties in men soccer that can give them bigger problems that the women have faced. Brazil Belgium Italy Germany France Etc. There’s no debate that the level of competition is just higher but nonetheless. The fast of this US Women’s team has been more successful than the men’s buy a staggering Margin they at least deserve a major pay grade not only collectively but individually. Evaluating the comparisons the pay Gap is massive. The USA men elimination in the round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup the team collected 9 million. The US Women’s winning the World Cup they only collected 4 million. Then in the men’s for winning the World Cup the team gets 400 million these numbers are too far apart. The US Women’s team collects more Revenue and it does significantly higher numbers. Just to be clear I am just talking about the men’s and women US national team if we were collecting all the data men soccer vs women soccer it’s not even close. So we have to keep that in mind when we’re evaluating all this information. In terms of merchandise sales, the US woman has blown the men out of the water as the US Women’s National team jersey is the highest selling us Jersey of all time in the US. However, if we take into account the amount of Christian Pulisic Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea jerseys that have been sold that number is just a little closer. The most popular soccer star in the United States is Christian Pulisic an individually he does better than the women’s individually. However collectively as a team when comparing the two national teams the women’s outsell the men significantly. It is not right that the men make so much more money than me women do. Even though I’ve made my point very clear of what I believe the Gap is too massive we need to close it significantly with the hopes that eventually we can give equal pay that is deserved but rewarding them for equal pay at the moment would be disrespectful to the game of football.






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