USA Women’s Soccer Increase vs Equal Pay Part: 3 (Cont.) #583

Pay Increase in Women’s football

Lieke Martens & Ada Hegerberg are the two names that matter the best players in women’s football by quite a distance the Messi & Ronaldo of this time period and in there sport the most important names in the game make less then 400,000$ a Year that’s just not right is it?

There should be a pay increase for not just the US women but for women’s football as a whole. The biggest stars in this game have incredibly low salaries. I believe that we should be paying our stars in women’s football higher than we are. I’m not talking about American soccer I’m talking about the world. There’s no reason people like Ada Hegerberg & Lieke Martens should be making under 5-10 million. Those are the two players I think about the most because the distance between quality between them and everyone else is not even close. They run this sport. Let me start by saying this under no circumstances do any of these women deserve ballpark numbers that men are making but that doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t be making a High salary. It would be incredibly disrespectful to the sport to give them equal pay throughout the game with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In fact, I think we can make a real argument that we should be paying our top five players in the world between 5 and 10 million and I think everyone on a World Cup squad who is somewhat of a regular on it should make at least 1 million. We have to increase the pay a little but it’d be unfair to balance the books on the global scale but we have to be paying them a little bit more than we are. The women’s league in the United States is horrible it gets low numbers throughout. Even the European leagues struggle to get higher numbers than the US soccer league. Across the board, the top players in this game should be making bank. Not a crazy amount of money but enough on a yearly basis to earn the wealth and lifestyle of professional athletes. I don’t necessarily think we need to modify it too much but a pay increase is in order you adjust the payment to the Stars to realistic financial status and maybe slight increases around. Right now the best player in the world makes 400,000 a year that’s not to mention that Lieke Martens isn’t even in the top five in earnings which is ridiculous. I’m not saying change the entire global scale but you need to start paying these women higher on Club level. A rookie in the NBA makes more than the best player in the world in women’s soccer. Hegerberg and Martens are on such a level they should be paid like it. I do realize it is arguments more about the best players in the world rather than the United States team but none the less around I think women’s soccer needs to be paid significantly higher but within reason.

Class Respect & Egoless :Carli Llyod,Crisitan Press, Tobin Heath, Mallory Pugh & Rose Lavelle


The United States Women’s National team as good as they have a character problem. The way they have conducted themselves the way they have behaved the way they have infiltrated certain things in the media in all honestly this is not a team outside of the football point of view that has made America proud. They’re obviously certain people and certain things that have made this a very prideful team and rightfully so. However, collectively over this tournament, they have not painted their character in a positive light. I will get into more specifics as this goes on but before I do that I think it would be unfair not to give respect and admiration for the players that that went against the lack of humility from the team to have class and respect not only for themselves but for their opponents. Carli Lloyd, Christian press, Tobin Heath, Mallory Pugh, and Rose Lavelle. These four women young and old showed unbelievable class in quality throughout the tournament. Showing their true colors even though their teammates did not share or act on the same values. It was such a breath of fresh air to see how they conducted themselves throughout the whole tournament. Even when their teammates were not holding themselves in that way they did it regardless. Carli Lloyd in the last World Cup I thought should not have been given the captain’s armband and in the World Cup throughout it, I thought she lacked some class and came off a bit selfish. After scoring a hat-trick in the World Cup final she celebrated her own success before her teammates. I thought the media gave her too much attention and was given the player of the tournament even though she didn’t deserve it. She went a complete 360 from a selfish person with no leadership to one of the true leaders on the team. This World Cups took a hit on her ego she had to come off the bench after being one of the greatest Strikers in American history that is a big step down. Nonetheless, she took it with honor and pride and had the responsibility of leading the team and giving them moral support when she wasn’t playing even beyond that though. In their 13-0 demolition of Thailand’s the entire world saw how much class they truly Lack. Especially with some of the celebrations but Carli Lloyd scored in that game. At the time of the goal United States was winning 12 to 0 I’m not a big fan of running up the score but after she scored the goals she did not celebrate. Showing respect rather than trying to fuel more fire into the humiliation. Mallory Pugh USA’s youngest player also scored in that game at the very end of it even though this was her first World Cup goal she barely celebrated. Mallory Pugh also did not play as much as she probably would have liked but used the time to evaluate her teammates and learn from this experience. She wasn’t condescending she was evaluating of learning from a once-in-a-lifetime experience she understood that she’s the future of the team and she needed to take everything she could. She just held herself in such high regard throughout the entire tournament nothing but respect for USA’s darling. Rose Lavelle was one of the best players in the tournament and even though she celebrated both of her goals against Thailand they were early in the game. She was the breakout star in this tournament but yet show respect and humility through every game. She was very aware that nothing was going to come easy even though there was a certain level of arrogance she didn’t buy into it she showed respect and held herself in the highest regard she should be one of the people being considered for captain in the near future USA has struggled to give the armband to the right people but she definitely deserves it for the way she held herself in a very respectful manner something I can get behind. Tobin Heath the real Captain of this team it makes literally no sense That she’s not wearing the armband. I’m not sure there was a more respectable player in this entire tournament. She had a captain’s contributions not only being a terrific player in this tournament but also leading the team. However, something that has stuck out is the way that she has shown the utmost respect for every player and team. In an interview after they beat Spain in the round of 16 by the skin of their teeth. She had a lot of positives and nice things to say about the Spanish national team and even consoled their star player after Spain was eliminated from the tournament. She is class personified and she showed that every single day with the way she carried herself and the way she led. Also Christen Press was a Class Act constantly took her ego aside having to come off the bench several times but there’s nothing surprising about this Christian press has been in class her entire career she doesn’t have an egotistical part in her brain she is just different not surprised at all by the way she carried herself she’s been doing it this way her entire career. All these players have shown tremendous humility in class even though the majority of their team has not done that I think the way they held themselves gives hope to the future generation. these four players are excluded from every Point against this I’m going to make and I thought that it was important to mention that there’s a class within the US team even though it’s hard to see.

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