Roma’s Summer Recap and Season Preview Part One #592


Serie A opens its doors in just a few weeks as Italian football is nearly back. There’s been a lot of changes since the end of last season. Last season was a season to forget for Roma. For the third consecutive year, Roma sold a key player seeing Allison and radja nainggolan, as well as a few others, head for the exit door. Things that have grown increasingly frustrating within the club as fans are starting to get fed up with Roma President James Pallotta. Last season couldn’t have gone much worse Roma is a team with ambition and every season they want to compete for something. It was one of the worst seasons in years for the Romans. Roma had finished in the top three the last 5 Seasons. It truly was a season with all sorts of problems. From the beginning right to the end. It was a team of inconsistency as Roma a could have won more games than they did. failing to beat some of the bottom teams seem to be a big problem. They struggled throughout the season and even carried some of those struggles in it to the champions league. Defensively and goalkeeping issues also highlighted a disasters campaign Robin Olsen was not a worthy player wearing the shirts as he was eventually replaced by Antonio Mirante. Roma seemed to fall out of the Champions League race early and never seem to recover. Eventually, Eusebio di Francesco was sacked and they brought in Claudio Ranieri the Roman manager for the final 12 games to Coast this Roma team into Europe. It wasn’t all glorious but Claudia Ranieri did the job that was asked of him driving Roma to a sixth-place finish which eventually ended up in a Europa League spot not the expectations and the standard for this football club but given the situation he delivered. At the end of the season, it was confirmed that Daniele de Rossi would be playing his last game for Roma as the club decided not to extend his contract. This angered fans and a revolution started against James Pallotta. Then following the emotional departure of the captain it got worse. On the anniversary of Roma’s 2001 title while I was in Rome at the time at the stadium the great Francesco Totti the best player to ever wear the shirt quit as a sporting director just like the fans he was fed up with the ownership. It was a troubling situation as the face was going by the wayside. However new changes approached in the early summer.




New Manager: Paulo Foncesa 

This was going to be a new generation of Roma with everything having collapsed the Club had to try to build back up its reputation while starting to build something different. Roma needed to sell not only the manager position as Claudio Ranieri left the club after his 12-game stint. Not to mention sporting director Monchi left halfway through the season. Roma needed to find a manager and a sporting director. Roma looked through several Alternatives with Genardo Gattuso Bologna’s Mikhailovich Sassuolo manager Robert de Zerbi and Shakhtar Donetsk manager Paulo Fonseca. It was very important and crucial that Roma got this decision right all-in-all I believe they made the right decision. After a week of evaluating all their options, Shakhtar Donetsk’s Paulo Fonseca was appointed manager early in the summer. It was absolutely the right decision Roma haven’t had attacking minded manager for several years. The attacking style will be very effective in Italian football. He successfully won nine trophies while in Ukraine. He also had success in various clubs in Portugal. He is a manager that has a higher winning percentage than Antonio Conte that tells you everything you need to know. It’s very difficult to compare the two but his track record is very impressive. His teams have done well in Europe both in the Europa League and the Champions League which makes this the perfect fit. He has even beaten Guardiola’s Manchester City and Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli that had the highest point total in the history of the club. During the Champions League a few seasons ago when they were grouped with both and finished second in the group only to Manchester City. I would describe him as an overachiever he is one of the most underrated managers in Europe and Roma are lucky to have him in charge especially in a time like this when things aren’t going well. He typically operates out of the 4-2-3-1 formation but is willing to adapt to most situations he has at that type of intelligence that he can find a way to figure it out. His tactics will suit the personnel that he has at Roma. As I mentioned Pablo Fonseca is a very tactical attacking manager. He likes to initiate his counter-attacks coming from the back playing from the goalkeeper forward. You can attribute a lot of his signing based on the way his teams play. His Shakhtar teams on the counter-attack were absolutely vicious. He has Speedy players within his side that are capable of fitting into that system. The appointment of Pablo Fonseca in itself is proof that Roma has a legitimate chance at winning the Europa League that’s not to mention that his impact alone is enough to get Champions League football for Roma next season. It will be a tough job but that’s how highly skilled and intelligent he is and we have seen very impressive things early in the job which has given Roma fans some hope for the upcoming term. It is a growing belief is that he can be largely influential on an incredibly young core. Roma has a surplus of young talent within the squad with the likes of Lorenzo Pellegrini Justin kluivert Cengiz Under, Nicolo Zaniolo, Adamou Diawara as well as many other young talents who have yet to make their entrance on this first team. The impact that Fonseca can have on them can be very important there will be growth from all the young Talent this season just watch in a year every single one of them will have drastically improved. Especially the impact he can have on Cengiz Under I see a big breakout season from the Turkish star. Pablo Fonseca has won everywhere he’s been he has the pedigree and has all the resources to turn of this Roma teams into a winner very quickly upon his appointment Roma are certainly one of the favorites for the Europa League because he is here in Rome. This was an incredibly important decision to make and I imagine it was incredibly difficult it is so important they get this one right in a few months I’m almost certain there will be no denying that he will prove his worth at this Football Club.



New Sporting Director: Gianluca Petrachi 

AS Roma, Gianluca Petrachi visita il centro sportivo Fulvio Bernardini


Another big issue that had to be addressed was finding a sporting director. Cedric Massara took over when Monchi quit mid-season. However, he went off the AC Milan as Roma were in search for a full-time replacement. This is another decision that had incredible importance based on what kind of players Roma would be able to bring in would depend on who Roma was going to hire as the sporting director. Roma only had one name in mind. Gianluca Petrachi who has worked at Torino for the last decade he has done some really impressive work. It was a little complicated to get this deal done as it took a lot longer than initially expected the deal eventually got finalized at the very end of June. Essentially Roma couldn’t negotiate very many deals without a sporting director in place as soon as he arrived he got straight to work and started pulling us deals left and right. He had done some very good work a club like Torino who has a limited budget. He brought in Daniel D’ambrosio Matteo Darmian Ciro Immobile as well as many others. He has made drastic improvements over the last several years as Torino, for the most part, have been a top 10 side in Italy. Last season he got Torino to the Europa League something that truly no one expected. He comes in with good credentials and an ability to get deals done and that is exactly what he has done all summer. One thing to know about him is he doesn’t put up with toxic situations and uncooperative players. He seems like the right fit for this team given the players he has brought in and some of the statements he has made from his very first day at the job. One of the biggest problems with the club is President James Pallotta most Roma fans want him to be as a little involved as possible. Gianluca Petrachi shares that same vision. He respects who he works for but he is under the belief the club Owners should keep their distance from the director. In the game of football if you want to build something special you have to let the directors handle the football side of things whether or not it works or fails will be dependent on at the success or failure of the sporting director. Given that it’s their job on the line he feels that the executive decisions should be conducted by the director. In regards to what players to sign what players to sell there can be involved from the president but the director should have the time and space to make the decisions. Having James Pallotta not that much involved it’s great for the club and it also gives Petrachi space to do his job. Petrachi has found a middle ground between business and football he can balance both things that are a high priority for Roma. While building a team they mustn’t bet against themselves. He intends to slash the budget as much as possible. He wants to keep things balanced in terms of wages and bonuses he wants to make sure he’s not overpaying anyone. The more balanced the wages are the less likely Roma will have to sell important parts in the future. Petrachi has a very strong personality and does not stand for a lack of discipline and respect from anyone he works with. If he feels any hint of toxic environment he will remove anyone who is influencing a toxic environment. In one of his first press conference, he said that he only wants to sign players that want to play for Roma if anyone doesn’t want to be here he will get rid of them. That is exactly the type of character and ambition that Roma needs to have not only on the field and on the bench but in the front office. He has dealt with worse situations than the one Roma find themselves in which is encouraging given the state of the club. He was not well-liked initially when he took over Tornio they would throw things at him and have all sorts of different types of antics he turned that situation around and he can certainly turn this one around. Ever since he started working he’s pulled off good signings at good prices and players that fit with Paulo Fonseca. The two of them are ready to work together and make Roma into something great again. 




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