Roma’s Summer Recap and Season Preview Part 3 Positives #593

Addressing Needs at Center back & Goalkeeper

Roma answered the Bell when it came to their biggest needs this summer. Last year from a goalkeeping and defense standpoint they were atrocious. Especially after some of the summer sales, it was really important that Roma get these two things right. It could not have been a higher priority. Even though they haven’t really figured out the striker situation they have filled the positions they needed to fill up to this point. Roma had to get another goalkeeper and some defensive help. Those two items were at the top of Roma’s summer priority list and they delivered on both accounts. After a horrible season by Robin Olsen, it was incredibly clear they needed to move on. They identified Real Betis goalkeeper Pau Lopez as the top Target. They opened negotiations early so they could get the deal done as soon as possible. It took weeks but eventually, they got the deal across the line signing the goalkeeper for a record fee. Then after selling their most important Defender, they hopped on it right away. Signing Gianluca Mancini from Atalanta who was the perfect fit for Paulo Fonseca. Roma has a newly improved defense & he will have the responsibility of being at the heart and soul of the backline after the void left by Kostas Manolas. In addition to that Roma also added a wingback Leonardo Spinazzola from Juve. They made major upgrades not only defensively but in goal. Roma’s defense last year was so bad this season it should drastically improve. It was really important that Roma dealt with this early in the summer Roma now have a team that they believe in and a defense and goalkeeper that can be pretty special for Roma this year. They will not be conceding as many goals as last season as their biggest need has been more or less fixed. Roma also upgraded in the midfield signing Jordon Veretout and Adamu Diawara that will give them more of a dimension in midfield adding to a young nucleus. It has been a pretty special window. Roma hasn’t signed that many players but they filled their needs and that’s the most important thing for this team going forward. Roma is still a few years away from being a title Contender challenging Napoli Inter Milan and Juventus but they put together enough pieces within the Market to return to Champions League next season.

Retaining Young Core

One of the concerns going into the summer was whether or not Roma would be able to retain the young talent within the squad. There were several teams interested in Lorenzo Pellegrini, Cengiz Under, Nicolo Zaniolo, Justin kluivert, Bryan cristante, and many others. The important thing was keeping this team together losing the talent would have made things increasingly difficult not only to replace them but to get this club back and Champions League. A lot of these young players had offers that were very enticing from some of the top clubs in the world. Everyone felt it was common knowledge that Cengiz Under was going to leave Roma this summer. Countless times he was linked in some big clubs who reached out to his Representatives. However, despite all the distractions surrounding him he remained a Roma player and has looked incredible during the preseason. The Turkish star is the most importance and dangerous player in Roma’s attack and will fuel attacking football that Paulo Fonseca will bring to the Olimpico. In addition to him Nicolo zaniolo seemed like he was going to leave this summer but Roma never truly considered any offer that came their way around in the youngster. It would have been a gut-punch to get rid of Nicolo zaniolo so quickly after his breakout season last year we saw a similar situation with Moise Kean going to Everton. Nicolo zaniolo stays put as Roma we’re able to retain him & are preparing a new contract. Keeping all this together is really important Roma have an influx of talented youngsters that are capable of doing some special things together. This team will continue to grow together. The youngsters have had another year together and will make drastic improvements. Keeping them together is incredibly important for what Roma wants to accomplish in the coming season. Roma just might have the best group of youngsters in Italian football. They get the best out of each other and they continuously are improving collectively. The Kingpin to all of is Lorenzo Pellegrini who once again turned down offers from England to stay home. This team is extremely explosive athletic and intelligent and the youngsters are a big part of that the improvements we should see this season’s coming from them should be tremendous. The attacking football that Paulo Fonseca plays Will play into the strengths of the young core that Roma have. Roma had to keep them together they didn’t have a choice.

Paulo Fonseca’s Attacking Football

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this Roma team in a new age of Roma football. For the first time in many years, Roma has a manager Pablo Fonseca that Prides himself on attacking the football. Roma has not had a manager like this in a very long time. Pablo Fonseca in the attacking point of view is a genius. Roma has dealt with a lot of defensive managers in recent memory. Pablo Fonseca teams with a large part of the time rely on the counter-attack. We have seen what he’s been able to do with Shakhtar Donetsk supplying attacking football largely being utilized on counter-attacks. His style and identity as a manager have frustrated the likes of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and Mauricio Sardi’s Napoli who they successfully beat in the Champions League two years ago. He is likely to operate out of the 4-2-3-1 formation with a style that comes from playing out of the back pushing forward. Roma has signed players that will fit his system. The athleticism that exists within the squad will make this team incredibly exciting this season. Justin kluivert and Cengiz Under are incredibly fast and on the counter, they will be lethal. Something I have always wanted to see from Roma is more counter-attacking football with the personal that have last season they should have been utilizing it much more frequently. This will be a much different type of Roma team in years past this team has been well-constructed to favor attacking the football. That’s not to say defensively it’s not important but it all comes together it connects through the entire field the way to orchestrate attacking football comes from the back. He has signed particular players that will fit what he wants to do with this Roma team. Fonseca teams in the past have been vicious on the counter-attack given the young nucleus of Talent Roma have they can be incredibly effective as Fonseca intends to supply them in his attacking tactics. He has speed and pace within his team with kluivert and Under as well as Lorenzo Pellegrini and Bryan cristante who have the immense passing ability. Everything sets with one another and together this team has the potential to be one of the most dangerous teams on the counter-attack. This attacking brand of football will be incredibly effective and fun to watch.

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