Roma’s Summer Recap & Season Preview Part 4 Negatives & Predictions #594

Thin Striker Options

There’s obviously a lot of positives to look at going into the season but we cannot dismiss some of the problems that might be cause for concern for this upcoming campaign. Edin Dzeko has to go he has been pushing for the move to Inter Milan for months the toxic locker room must be removed as soon as possible. I really don’t need to reiterate how important edin Dzeko is to me is one of my favorite players to ever wear the shirt but from the football point of view Roma need to cut their losses and sell him as soon as possible. I believe his value is about 18 million he’s still a player that can get you 10 goals and 10 assists in the season despite that Roma are trying to get 20 million for him. There is a growing belief that this deal will get done in the next few days. That is where the problem comes in Patrik Schick probably gone and edin Dzeko will be heading that way too. Who is going to play Striker for Roma next season? Roma has an incredibly strong Midfield and a much-improved defense. However, you’re going to need a striker this season. The transfer window is closing very shortly Roma needs to move him as soon as possible so they give themselves enough time for a replacement. The problem is if Roma can’t figure out a way to find a replacement in time they will be screwed. If edin Dzeko leaves and Roma don’t bring anyone else in or don’t have the time to bring anyone else then it will Force to play Diego Perotti as Striker. They don’t have a lot of options at the moment Diego Perotti isn’t a natural Striker but he could probably play that position. Given everything that Roma has right now if they sell at in Dzeko before they get a replacement this is going to be a serious problem. Roma right now needs to stop trying to find another center-back and get a striker. Roma can have the best defense in the world but if they can’t score they won’t get Champions League next season. It blows my mind that their focus isn’t on getting a replacement this is absolutely necessary. There is not a lot of time left and they need a striker in before the start of the season. They need to abandon their search for another center-back and make this their priority. Roma has been linked with Gonzalo Higuain, Mariano, and Mauro Icardi. at this point, I don’t think it matters who it is but they cannot go into this season with just one Striker Roma is going to need some depth at that position. I’m on the record that I don’t want Higuain but he’s better than no striker. This team is mostly but it’s mostly put together however A Striker is something absolutely needed and I think it would be foolish to sell Edin Dzeko before this happens. It seems like a long shot but maybe Roma could agree to a swap deal with Mauro Icardi who is not part of Inter Milan’s plans no matter what happens Roma needs to deal with this immediately it should be their only concern at the moment. There is a possibility that Roma will go into next season without a true Striker that concerns me and won’t be fixable until January get it done!

Adapting to Key Losses

Roma lost some important pieces over the summer the question now is have they been replaced? The hope is that Roma can adapt to losing some key players. Kostas manolas left for Napoli and Stephan El Shaarawy went to China. Those are two of the most important players on the Roma over the last few seasons. That’s not to mention edin Dzeko is probably gone as well who is the 8th highest scoring player in club history. When trying to replace key pieces sometimes it can be very difficult. It’s going to be a real test and how they adapt to it. While Roma has made signings to replace some of these players it’s easier said than done. Gianluca Mancini has been assigned as a man to replace the impact that Kostas manolas had in the Roma defense. Meanwhile, Roma hasn’t found a replacement for Stephan El Shaarawy it’s hard to say whether or not they will find another winger but it is slightly concerning. Justin kluivert and Diego Perotti are both capable of playing that role but it is still something that has to be addressed. Roma has lost key players in every season basically over the last 5 years it’s never as easy as it seems to deal with the absence of important players. Roma needs to find their identity early to avoid inconsistency and other problems that they faced last season. Roma can’t go any further back this needs to be a breakout year with a push in the right direction. Given the losses that they have faced this summer they have a big job on their hands, this is never easy to replace players like Kostas manolas and Stephan El Shaarawy. They may have not been as important and impactful as some of the other losses Roma have dealt with over the past few seasons but they are not going to be easily replaced. Kostas manolas was the heart and soul of the Roma defense & as good as Mancini Is it will be tough to fill his shoes. Roma needs to come together get on the same page early given what was lost.

Lack of Leadership

One of the biggest question marks going into the season is who will be the leader of this team. There’s no questioning who it was and who it has been over the last 20 years. Francesco Totti was the leader and the symbol of Roman football. followed by his friend and brother Daniele de Rossi who is a gladiator leadership is in his DNA he has been from the majority of his career one of the best leaders in football. The young players would follow Daniele de Rossi Into the Fire. This may not seem like a hugely important thing because it is a mental thing rather than what happens on the field. However, they are lacking that and somebody needs to step up and take on that role for Roma. When things aren’t going well when the chips are down when they lose consecutive games who’s going to lead this team out of bad situations. It is a fairly complicated question obviously Alexandro Florenzi will be wearing the armband this season as Lorenzo Pellegrini as vice-captain. However just because they will wear the armband doesn’t mean they will become the leaders of the team. A leader is born in troubling situations Roma need to identify who that person is in the locker room who is going to hold their teammates accountable. What player is going to get the best out of the people around him? It’s a very difficult but important problem and my fear is Roma won’t have that leader necessary to take them where they want to go. I believe in Alessandro Florenzi’s capabilities of being a leader and I think Jordan Veretout could take on the leadership role given what he has been through to get to this point. However, with all that being said Roma still lacks that leader and their identity if it takes a long time to figure out it could be trouble.


League Table: 4th

Coppa Italia: Semi-Final

Europa League: Winner

There has been a lot of changes at Roma since the start of the summer. When the season ended the club could not have been in any worse shape. There was controversy in regards to the board Daniele De Rossi’s departure and Francesco Totti even quit his role as director largely because of the president. There wasn’t a lot in the team going forward with many parts likely heading for the exit door. The notion was that Roma should have blown it up. Keep a few pieces and blow up the rest of it. There was no sense of positivity or optimism heading into the campaign. The league has only gotten stronger with a lot of new additions and managers throughout Italian football it is going to be harder than ever to get back into the Champions League. Given all the circumstances Roma rebounded rather quickly they got in the right manager Pablo Fonseca who has the pedigree in European competitions and plays an attacking style of football that Roma has been asking for. They got a new sporting director. Despite losing Kostas manolas and Stephan El Shaarawy and probably edin Dzeko that’s a lot of key pieces missing from the puzzle. Nonetheless, Roma signed players that fit with the manager and filled some really important needs. They addressed the goalkeeping and defense situation with Pau Lopez and Gianluca Mancini. As well as upgrading the Midfield with Jordan Veretout Roma did not make a ton of signings this summer but it was the right amount the most important thing that occurred this year was retaining the young nucleus that Roma has to their disposal. The absence of Daniele de Rossi is going to be tough and Roma are going to have to find a leader within them but despite that, they have put this team together really nicely. Let’s face the facts Napoli and Juventus are still significantly ahead of them in terms of ability to win even Inter Milan at this point are in a much better position after hiring Antonio Conte. There’s no escaping that this is a project but just because of the project doesn’t mean Roma can’t still make it the champions league. They will have to fight AC Milan and Atalanta for the final Champions League spot. AC Milan has had a rather underwhelming summer despite getting in the right coach. Then Atalanta will be playing in Champions League this year and I don’t think they have the discipline and the endurance to handle multiple competitions. That’s not to mention they have lost several parts of their team and it will be more difficult than ever to get that Champions League spot. The most important thing for Roma this season is to start strong they have the Derby the second week of the season and they can’t allow momentum to go against them early in the campaign. Pablo Fonseca is the best manager for this team and I think Roma made a lot of strides in the right direction. As far as the league table goes I think Roma will get back into the Champions League getting 4th they still have a ways to go before they put themselves in position to contend for the league title but right now I think they have a significant advantage on AC Milan and Atalanta for that Champions League spot anything’s below 5th is an unacceptable season and I think Roma will respond. Roma for the first time is going into the season with little to no expectations No One believes they can become something and I think they will use this to their advantage this could be a dark horse team especially given the Young core that Roma has. I am a little worried about the striker position but if everything is sorted out before the start of the campaign they should be in for a much-improved season. with Pablo Fonseca, I think Roma make a Deep Run in the Europa League. Fonseca is a manager built to win this competition if they are given favorable matchups in the Europa League I think they can build enough momentum to win the entire competition. this is a young athletic and talented Squad Roma doesn’t have a true leader yet but if they’re able to put everything together there’s no question in my mind that Roma has a great opportunity to win the Europa League. As media personnel and writers we have to be critics but I’ve always felt you have to go into the season with some optimism I am picking Roma to win the Europa League. ao in total I have Roma finishing fourth in the table as they still have a ways to go before they can legitimately compete with their counterparts it’s been a long time since Roma have won a trophy with Pablo Fonseca in charge there is a good chance that Roma win something this season it won’t be easy but all Roma need is a little momentum and that can be achieved.





Roma.English: Markus Conte on Negatives, Positives and Predictions 






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