Nicolo Zaniolo Inks New 5-Year Deal to Stay In the Capital #596



Roma’s pre-season tour wrapped up this week against Real Madrid as we look forward to the opening of Serie A. As it approaches Paulo Fonseca and Gianluca Petrachi continues to strengthen the squad ahead of the new campaign. Roma does not have a lot of time but they were doing everything in their power to wrap up a few more deals before the start of the new season. However earlier today the future of Nicolo Zaniolo became much more clear. Nicolo Zaniolo came to Roma last year in a swap deal that involved fan-favorite Radja Nainggolan. He turned out to be one of the young stars in Italian football. There is no question about it that he is the future of the national team and a star in the making. He burst on the scene when no one expected him to. Very quickly he became one of the highest-rated prospects in all of Europe. His Sensational debut season in Serie A and a productive showing at the under-19 Euros this summer it encouraged. After such an incredible first season there’s no way Roma would have sold them right? It was a question that was almost impossible to be answered. He had a lot of interest from Tottenham & Juventus. He reiterated his commitment as he cut his vacation short to come to training there was still uncertainty that has been all put to rest. Over the last few days, Nicolo Zaniolo and his Representatives have been communicating with Roma in hopes of securing a new contract extension. Both sides have been negotiating for several months but it didn’t really come into fruition until a few weeks ago. The negotiations eventually settled Wednesday as Nicolo Zaniolo agreed on a five-year deal making 1.7 million per season which is a major increase from the 700,000 he was making prior to the deal. This is an extremely important thing for Roma to get done and it was important that they got it done now because once the season starts Not only would have been more complicated but rumors and speculations regarding his future would have intensified. Roma gets this deal done securing one of the young bright stars of Italian football after such a promising season Roma just couldn’t afford to let him go. As he is essential to Roma’s project that features a young nucleus of talent. New deal signed and delivered for Nicolo zaniolo as the season approaches.


“A year ago it was an easy decision to choose Roma, and today it is even easier – after a season that helped me fall in love with this team and this city,” said Zaniolo.
“I would like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to tie myself even closer to these colours – it is exactly what I wanted.”

“This decision underlines the conviction, shared by both the player and the club, that Roma is where Nicolo can realise the vast potential that so excited the fans last season,” club chief executive Guido Fienga said.
“We are certain that he will play a huge role for this team in the future.”




Nicolo Zaniolo was a little known Prospect when he arrived last summer. He was by most accounts considered Inter Milan’s the top prospect in their primavera. There was a growing reputation and believe that he could turn into a superstar prior to the deal being made. Initially, Inter didn’t want to include him in the deal but they caved to pull the deal off. Radja Nainggolan was a fan favorite at the Stadio Olimpico someone who showed great loyalty to the club and was prideful of the shirt. Nonetheless, Inter Milan was keen to get their hands on him however Roma will not going to let him go that easily they wanted the compensation they demanded Nicolo Zaniolo must be included in the deal after some pushing and budging eventually Inter Milan agreed to the deal. It turned out to be a catastrophic mistake from Inter Milan. In short order, they gave up on him and shortly afterward they realized the type of error the club made. It took a little while but Nicolo Zaniolo quickly became a rising star in Italian football Despite everything it was incredibly controversial as not everyone is on board with it initially. Nicolo Zaniolo when he arrived had yet to make one appearance in Serie A. He was given his professional debut on the biggest stage of them all against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. On the biggest stage, he showed some promise. Slowly but surely he started getting into the team more regularly and eventually once he got experience under his feet hit the ground running he became a regular for Roma. His first Serie A goal came against Sassuolo around Christmas time it was one of the very best goals scored in Italy last season. He displayed excellent control and dribbling causing the defender and goalkeeper to fall down as he put the ball in the back of the net for the first time. He continued to display progression as he was quietly becoming the next young star in Italian football. During this time he also made his debut for the Italian national team he was must-see TV a box office attraction. He only improved after his debut goal by scoring an unbelievable goal from the ground against Torino. Then in a very crucial match against AC Milan at the Stadio Olimpico, he found the back of the net again scoring what was a crucial goal in a very important moment of the season. However, his Shining Moments came on the biggest stage the brightest lights of Champions League football against FC Porto in the round of 16 the young 19-year old scored twice being the youngest Italian to ever achieve such honor and the second-youngest player ever after Wayne Rooney. He was no longer just a prospect he truly arrived has a star. Despite him lacking some consistency late in the season it was a sensational campaign for the young kid. He has the future of Italian football in his hands that’s how good he is. He showed maturity and quality for a player much older. He was a crucial player for Roma throughout the season and truly become one of Europe most productive young players.  there is no surprise why a lot of Heavy Hitters were after him he resembles a younger version of Francesco Totti with an immense passing ability the physicality and toughness as well as an unbelievable knack for scoring goals however he is just warming up I believe he’s in for another breakout season with a new coach that prefers attacking football he will thrive. Cengiz Under, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo Zaniolo the future of this team if they stick together and stay put Roma can be something truly special.


Nicolo Zaniolo was the young star in Italian football last season there’s no disputing that. However late in the year, he didn’t have that consistency as he did earlier in the year. He has an attacking manager Pablo Fonseca in his system can be incredibly dangerous if he can get Nicolo Zaniolo to play as he did for the first half of last season on a consistent level this team can be incredibly dangerous to a certain extent it’s hard to be optimistic after such a poor year last year but the young nucleus that he is a part of I think can be very effective in his system. It is unclear where he’s going to play for this upcoming campaign. I think he’s very versatile and has a maturity and physicality to play practically anywhere in the Midfield. He is a central midfielder by design but has the ability to play on the wing which can be incredibly important in certain tactical situations that Fonseca can dictate with the way he goes about his lineup. I believe he can be incredibly dangerous on the wing. Putting Lorenzo Pellegrini in Central Midfield having Cengiz & Zaniolo on the Wings could be an incredibly lethal attack. Regardless where Nicolo Zaniolo is played he will be able to adapt to the situation and become an incredibly effective player. Fonseca can get the best out of all the young players this team could put fear into their opponents that’s how talented this group is. In a lot of ways, Nicolo Zaniolo is the perfect anchor to this style of attacking the football. Like I said he reminds me of a young version of Francesco Totti. His football intelligence is off the charts not to mention a high level of passing ability. He is also a very physical and tough player meaning he can contribute in some defensive situations sticking his foot in and making some tough tackles. He is truly an all-around type player that Fonseca can play within many different ways. I think he’s a going to be an incredible asset on both sides of the ball. It was an incredible debut season for the youngster now that he’s got his new contract he’s got to show his ability on a regular basis I would like to see him become one of the leaders of the team in the Midfield he may be very young however I believe Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo Zaniolo & Cengiz are the future of this team going forward. We should see a breakthrough season from Nicolo Zaniolo he could develop into one of the best players in the league and behind a tactical Genius Like Paulo Fonseca, it is only going to help him grow into becoming a more complete player which will only help Roma as the club progress.


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