Inter Get played as Edin Dzeko Commits Future to Roma on A Three-Year Extension #599


Roma has been incredibly productive over the last 48 hours extended the contract of young Stars Nicolo Zaniolo and Cengiz Under as well as completing a 3.5 million transfer for Turkish Center back Cert Merit. The motivation behind the deal is to solidify their squad for the upcoming season. Roma made a major breakthrough one that came as a huge surprise. A move that stunned not only Roma but Italian football. Edin Dzeko agreed on a three-year extension as Roma lockup the Bosnian bomber when nobody and I mean no one expected them to. It felt like a foregone conclusion that Edin Dzeko would be Joining Inter Milan. New Inter Milan manager Antonio Conte saw Edin Dzeko and Romelu Lukaku as the perfect pairing in his new system. Edin Dzeko ultimately wasn’t interested as he extends his stay in the capital. As it appears he never really had a desire to leave. Edin Dzeko snubs Inter Milan as of that Milan Giants got played. Edin Dzeko came on loan from Manchester City 4 years ago he has been an important part of the team ever since his arrival. He is Roma’s 7th highest scorer in club history with 87 goals in 179 appearances. The Bosnian extending his stay in the capital solves Roma’s Striker problem. This was a deal nobody saw coming but I have to give a lot of credit to the sporting director for pulling this off. While all the Inter Milan stuff was going on he was working behind the scenes trying to offer Edin the best offer possible to convince him to stay long-term. As Roma have wrapped up three extensions in the last 72 hours. Despite being 33 years old he is still effective boats with the ability to score and facilitate. Extending his contract shows the loyalty to the club that he has always displayed a big season is certainly on the rise after his future having been officially determined.


“Over the last few weeks I have realised just how much the club wanted me to stay,” Dzeko said.
“My conversations with the board, the work we’ve been doing with the coach, the relationship with my teammates and the love of the fans has all made me realize once again what I had already learned during these four years – that Rome is my home.
“Here there is everything we need to win something and I am delighted to be able to stay here even longer.”

“Before last season even finished we had reached a decision: Edin would be one of the pillars we would build our new side around,” said club chief executive Guido Fienga.
“Over the last few months nothing has changed. We are delighted that Edin recognises that if players want to win then Roma is the right place to be.”


Before Edin Dzeko arrived in Rome had shown his quality and consistency at the top levels in two countries. Being a Two Time Premier League Champion with Manchester City as well as a League Champion and Golden Boot winner with Wolfsburg. Before a minute was played in Italian football he had one multiple trophies in Germany and England and scored 50+ League goals in both the Bundesliga and the Premier League. He came to Roma on a loan with an option to buy at 13 million a price that looks like pennies. His first year in Italy he went through some Growing Pains despite a disappointing debut season he did score in the Roman Derby against Lazio and scored a crucial goal in a win against Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico in just his second game. Roma ended up going through struggles that season and struggled to find his footing despite that Roma secured a top-three finish. He scored 10 goals in that first season which was an underwhelming amount. The next season he proved that he just needed time in what was the greatest season of his career. It ended up being the final season of Roma Legend Francesco Totti. It was one of Roma’s best seasons in club history. They broke records for points consecutive away wins as well as many others. Roma fell just short of the title despite earning a club record 87 points. Individually it was one of the greatest Roma seasons ever. He scored 39 goals in all competitions which was the highest ever in club history he broke records and started passing Roma Legend on their all-time scoring list. The Following season after Mohamed Salah left as he was to a certain extent hung out to dry but nonetheless, Roma had a very impressive season finishing third in the league however their Champions League campaign was one for the ages and Edin Dzeko was behind the brilliance. Roma was in the group of death against Atletico Madrid and Chelsea. Against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge he had a performance for the ages despite being down 2-0 they found the way back. Edin Dzeko scored one of the best goals of the competition striking a volley from the halfway line into the roof of the net in what was a two-goal performance. Roma ultimately went on to win the group in the round of 16 against Shakhtar Donetsk in the second leg Edin Dzeko scored a crucial goal that sent Roma to their first quarter-finals in a decade. Against FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi after the first leg, everything seemed lost. The second leg of the Champions League Quarterfinals at the Stadio Olimpico was a match never to be forgotten. Edin Dzeko scored an early goal as Roma did The Impossible coming back from a 4-1 deficit to beat Barcelona after Manolas scored one of the most important goals in champions league history. They eventually went up against Liverpool and Mohamed Salah in the semi-final they got absolutely annihilated 5-2 but Dzeko again scored a crucial away goal. In the second leg, Edin Dzeko scored again as Roma came one goal short of the ultimate miracle. It was a Champions League campaign to never be forgotten he scored 24 goals that season. Last season the team collectively struggled and went through two managers as well as had issues with inconsistency even in a poor season in which they finished in 6th Edin Dzeko scored 14 goals and had 11 assists to go with that it wasn’t a great season for the Bosnian but nonetheless he was still incredibly impactful at times. Say what you want about Edin Dzeko he’s personally one of my favorite players to wear the shirt he has had two incredible seasons and another very good one & one bad one he may be 33 years old but he can still contribute and be an impactful player for this Roma team. He has shown loyalty to the club he considers it his second home. I’m excited to see what he can do with this club over the next three years he is the 7th highest scorer in club history & that number will only go up now.


The Edin Dzeko Saga finally comes to its conclusion the results were almost the opposite of what we expect. Since Antonio Conte took over Inter Milan add ideas for the 3-5-2 formation he wanted Romelu Lukaku Edin Dzeko upfront. He got Lukaku but those negotiations with Roma over edin Dzeko was very tough and challenging to overcome. They had been in constant negotiations for weeks in what was in light of a media stirrups. Their reports came out that Edin Dzeko was trying to force a move-out and agreed with personal terms at Inter Milan now that we are here those claims proved to be false. Roma, we’re not interested in selling Dzeko that was abundantly clear by the board and directors from the jump. It was going to take a big offer for Roma to change their position. Even at 33 years old Edin Dzeko is an incredibly effective player who can be an important piece to a contending team. Inter Milan slowly put in bids but none that match the validation of Roma. Roma was asking for 25 million throughout the process Roma didn’t really lower their demands at any point at least not that I’m aware of. Eventually, they were talks of a swap deal for Mauro Icardi it was a very enticing offer and Roma even entertained it with some bids that included a swap between the two players but it didn’t come into fruition. Like Roma had previously stated the preference was to keep a hold of him but they looked elsewhere just to be safe. The later it got the more unlikely the deal became. If Roma were going to sell Edin Dzeko they would need to find a replacement quickly as the season is just around the corner. Meanwhile, in-house the notion was everyone at the club wanted edin Dzeko to stay here. Behind-the-scenes the sporting director and coach were working on an extension to prevent Inter Milan from stealing away their top scorer from last season. Paulo Fonseca gave him the armband in some preseason games and was on the record last week saying that selling Edin Dzeko is not an option. There were no reports of Roma being in negotiations with him over a new contract they somewhat did it behind the scenes I was shocked when he extended the contract. After the press release announcing the deal Alessandro Florenzi the Roma captain came out and said the best signing Roma could have made is to keep Edin Dzeko here. This will give the clubs in the team a boost in morale. Edin Dzeko is a player capable of double-digit goals and assists under the new regime of attacking football it is my belief that we can get him to be playing his best football as we saw a few years ago. Pablo Fonseca attacking system will help edin Dzeko grow and become more consistent this season trying to recreate the form he had a few seasons ago. Edin Dzeko can be dangerous through the air and that ability to get teammates involved. The way they will press and go forward in counter-attacking situations and just their entire identity and results to attack in football he can be a huge asset upfront. He may not be very fast but that’s the beauty of his system he doesn’t need to be if he is clinical in front of goal and gets his teammates involved and plays like the all-around Striker he is he could have a productive season this potentially could be a match made in heaven. He has shown commitment and loyalty to this club. Mohamed Salah Kevin Strootman Pjanic Alisson Becker Antonio Rudiger Kostas Manolas are all gone. While Edin Dzeko remains that shows a certain value he genuinely wanted to stay he shows his loyalty yet again. He’s the only one left he wants to win something with these colors he is already at Club Legend in my book this Roma team under this new regime is capable of trophies, in the end, all the goals he has scored will matter because before he retires he will win something with this club which will justify that the goals he scored weren’t all for nothing.



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