Serie A Season Preview Part 2 Survival Mode 17-14 #598

17. Brescia 


Brescia is a team that I believe everyone wants to get behind given what they’ve gone through to get to this point. One of these teams is being relegated and one of these teams is surviving. I don’t see a scenario in which they both remain in Serie A following the season. You can make an argument for Brescia and against them. The importance of Sandro Tonali and Alfredo Donnarumma couldn’t be more clear. Sandro Tonali is being chased by a large portion of Europe he is one of the best young prospects in Europe. I believe he’s going to have a breakout season as we finally get to see him at the top level. He will have the opportunity to use this season as a springboard into greater things next season as well as starting to develop his talent. I’ve watched him several times over the last few seasons and he is just special he jumps out of the TV screen you can see the type of impact he can have on a match in the way he controls his possession and orchestrates for others. He will be hard to deal with however not sure his impact alone is going to be enough. The goalkeeper and the defense is a huge concern I think they’re going to concede a lot of goals this season. Don’t get me wrong Lecce also needs to deal with this but they have signed players in those positions. Brescia hasn’t been able to do that it just appears from the outside looking in that they have not covered the bases of survival. The Midfield is strong with Tonali and they have a few other pieces that can be really effective this season. However, the concerns of slightly outweigh the encouragement this season. It will be very close between Brescia and Lecce and even though Brescia have the superstar there are other components that I’m not sure they will live up to the hype. Alfredo Donnarumma is a scoring machine in Serie B. He has been a monster in that league with 67 goals over the past few seasons. I do question his durability and whether or not he can be consistent at the top of Italian football that is why I hesitate to think that they will survive to season. He will not be alone and I think he’s can be productive but the goals will minimize and how much of a hit will that take on the team. They also have brought in a very productive Striker from the second league in France Florin Aye. If both Strikers can be productive there’s a chance they can survive it will be a fight to the death between them and Lecce but in the end, even though I am more convinced by some of the proven commodities Lecce the signing of Mario Balotelli saves them from Relegation by the skin of their teeth.



16. Udinesse

Udinese v Bologna FC - Serie A

Udinese will once again maintain at their place in the top of Italian football. I believe they will struggle maybe not to the point where they’ll be in a relegation battle but they will be low moments that they will have to endure during many points of the season. Let’s face the facts Rodrigo de Paul was responsible for 18 of their 43 points last year when you count his goals and assists. Without him, they would have finished in 19th and been relegated. His future is currently uncertain there are eight days until the start of the season yet the transfer market doesn’t close for another two weeks there is a possibility that he will not be on the team for the majority of the season. I do believe Rodrigo de Paul will stay intact in the side if he leaves I still think they have enough to stave off relegation. Whether he stays or leaves doesn’t change their position for me. Obviously, it would be a huge loss but Udin has enough requirements to keep themselves in a good position at least in the bottom half. I don’t think they’ll be in a tight relegation battle but I think they will have scares throughout the season. They have brought Striker Cristo Gonzalez from Real Madrid who was one of the top scorers in Real Madrid B over the last few seasons he is someone who has the ability for a breakout season. Admittedly they may be a little low in this spot but certain things would have to connect for them to make a drastic jump from where I have them this season. They have some solid pieces in addition to Rodrigo DePaul with Kevin lasagna a wildly inconsistent striker capable of giving you quality goals on occasion. They have a questionable goalkeeping situation defense is good, not great they will concede goals the question is whether or not their offense can handle the load. How far this team goes is largely dependent on Rodrigo de Paul by himself I’m not sure how far he can take them. Last season he took them as far as he possibly could. He is one of the very best players in the entire league but he cannot do it alone we have seen players regularly do well but not accumulate the points there are some issues they have to figure out. They are a team that is capable of picking up points against big teams but also capable of dropping points against inferior opposition. It will come down to the games they play against the bottom half of the table that is where my concern lies. They will struggle but I think they have more than enough to survive the season if Rodrigo de Paul has another breakout season then maybe this is a little low but then again his future is uncertain regardless of that they should be safe from relegation but it won’t be easy.







Genoa over the last few years has looked like they were just inches from relegation. This year I think they escape it again. There are some underwhelming concerns about this team. Last year they had Piatek for half the season where he was one of the top scorers in the league then they lost him to AC Milan and everything changed. Without him despite beating Juventus they were not the same team they struggled for the majority of the season had somewhat of a lack of spark. They’ve made some pretty good signings and they’ve kept some important players for this upcoming campaign but I think this team is going to have quite a bit of difficulty. I’m not going to say they’re going to be in a battle relegation but it certainly could turn into that. Genoa is a team that could go either way they could overachieve like spal did last year or they could be dragged down into the relegation battle ultimately I do not think it will happen but it certainly is a possibility because I have some real concerns with their squad. This isn’t a very high scoring team and that could become a somewhat of an issue. They have players with the potential to do well but scoring consistently is not something I fully believe they can do. Christian Kouamé needs to have a breakout season or this team is going to struggle to put the ball in the back of the net. He needs to take the next step of his career. Ideally, if he could score ten goals next season it would change the perception of what they can accomplish. Overlooking last season there are not many players who are proven goal scorers that’s why I have them this low. If they had a couple more proven Strikers it would change my opinion slightly. They have Antonio Sabrina and Andrea Pinamonti they have also added Lasse Schone from Ajax he is their best player with the capabilities of scoring as well as being effective in other areas my feeling is that offensively they’re going to struggle. I like some of the defensive reinforcements they made with the likes of Christian Zapata who will now get regular playing time in Genoa. As well as the Romanian goalkeeper Talent Radu their defense is actually pretty solid with Criscito they can make it difficult on their opponents to score especially at home. I fully believe that Genoa can steal points from big teams that’s why for me relegation is off the table. They will struggle offensively and there may some other glaring issues in terms of consistency they certainly have enough they will survive the season.



14. SPAL


Spal has been threatened by relegation at points during the last two seasons. Last year they overachieved after it looked almost certain that they were going to be relegated. I think they will be in this conversation this season but ultimately I think down the stretch they have too much quality not to secure their safety. During the second half of last season they played great team football they beat Roma twice last year and even Juventus so this is a team capable of pulling out big results whether or not they can do it consistently is uncertain at this point. Even so, the team has a weakened a little bit with some crucial losses. In spite of that SPAL has enough Talent around them to maintain their spot in Serie A without question. They won’t be that threated but they won’t push Europe either. Manuel Lazzari left for Lazio Philip Costa went to Napoli these are two pretty significant losses however I think SPAL recuperated quite nicely they brought in Federico di Francesco on loan which could be a really big signing they could use him as a forward or in the void of the midfield left in the attacking Midfield they have a very solid attack I do not doubt their ability to scored the goals the question is whether or not they can prevent them. I like Alfred Gomis as a goalkeeper but there are parts of this squad I’m not entirely sold on defensively they can have moments where they play well together but I think over a 38-game season they will be exposed on occasion, however, the biggest points to their positioning will be on the shoulders of Andrea Petagna. He is the sole reason this team will not be relegated this season he is just too good and too consistent to allow that to happen. Last year he scored 16 goals in the league that’s more than enough goals to keep a team from the Drop Zone. They have some creativity in the Midfield along with a striker that is capable of 15 or more goals next season. If you have those two things your chances of going down are very low. Now if an injury takes place in the attack they might have a problem but as long as he is healthy he will keep them from relegation. They won’t overachieve the way they did last year I just don’t see that as a possibility given what they lost but they still have a good enough team to retain their status. There will be times that they will struggle and fail to find their feet but in the end they have more than enough not to get dragged into a relegation battle at this point I’m not sure they will be threatened by it unless there’s an injury that takes place Andrea Petagna is scoring goals they are more or less safe.


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