Serie A Preview Part 5: Pushing Europe 10-7 #601

10. Florentina


Florentina went through a lot of changes this summer and even though that usually means it will be it down year, in this case, there were changes of positivity and optimism. Italian American businessman Rocco Commisso became the majority owner of Florentina it has given the fans a lot of hope for the upcoming season. Montella has been brought back his manager despite not having done a particularly well since he took over late last season. During the second half of last year, Florentina was the single worst team in the entire league if I’m not mistaken they are still on a winless streak their last win came midseason. They went from a top-10 team to nearly relegated last season they’re using this year to improve on that. I see drastic improvements this season they certainly can’t do any worse than they did a year ago finishing and 16th in the league which is unacceptable for a team like Florentina. This season I see them getting a top 10 finish. Going forward they are going to continue to build this and become a better more refined team. A lot of the changes have been very positive. Florentina goalkeeper Adam Lafont has left the club given the opportunity for Dragowski who was Sensational on loan last year at Empoli a chance to be the starter. He is one of the best goalkeeping prospects in all of Italy and Florentina will be much better defensively this season. They have a strong defense with the likes of German Pezzella and Cristiano Biraghi they have the ability and intangibles to stop teams. They also have a significantly strong Midfield with Bryan Dabo Marco Benassi and a new star in Polish football Szymon Żurkowski who is going to make a name for himself this season. All that adds with the signing of Eric Pulgar who was Bologna best player last season and can be a very important piece of this team for this upcoming campaign. This Florentina side also should have a relatively strong attack with Federico Chiesa and Giovanni Simeone if he is indeed in the club’s plans. They also brought in Kevin-Prince Boateng during the summer who can be an impactful player if he wants to. However, I do recommend some caution Kevin-Prince Boateng has been on almost as many teams as the years he has played he doesn’t always give everything and could be a problem in the locker room at times. They must control that situation if they can get him to buy in it could be a truly importance of signing. They have everything required to make a real push for Europe this season but I think this year they just fall short it will be a year that they developed and they really start to become a more compacted and complete team but they just not ready for the big jump as of yet it will take steps to develop and build their squad into a winner they lost Luiz Muriel and Jordan Veretout two incredibly important pieces I think have the potential to finish in the top 10 and I think they will. Hopefully, Federico Chiesa can become that player that we’re all waiting him to be. I’m not so sure he is in the Nicolo Barella class extremely talented but overhyped and has not lived up to expectations if he’s able to do that they have a chance at a European place but at this point its difficult to see them out of the top 10 it will be a year of progression for Florentina.




9. Sassuolo


Sassuolo pulled off an improbable finish last year under the brilliant guidance of manager Roberto De zerbi. This team has all the pieces in place to have another season like they did last year. Sassuolo is a team that I believe is capable of chasing Europe it will be a long shot but the team that Roberto De zerbi has is definitely capable of that. They could be a dark horse candidate to get into the Europa League I was even tempted to put them higher because of what they have around them. They have qualities in multiple areas with the abilities to steal points against a top team. They have goal scorers that could come from multiple areas a strong and a defense that can be productive. This is Roberto De zerbi second season in charge and I think they take another step forward granted might be a small step but it is a step-up in progression. Sassuolo and Florentina we’re close and it was very difficult to separate them but I’m giving sassuolo a slight advantage given the limited amount of changes that have taken place. They have quality throughout the squad really challenge for Europe but they certain have the potential within their squad. They could have a potent attack lead by Berardi who is wildly inconsistent but if Roberto De zerbi can get the best out of him and try to maintain some consistency with his star could have a true breakout season for the striker. He would not be by himself he will have Manuel Locatelli also shouldering the load and maybe the most underrated signings of the entire transfer window. Francesco Caputo arrived after Empoli was relegated last season he is capable of scoring goals at high numbers. He is explosive and consistent and can it be that difference-maker up front. This team also has a decent Midfield behind them with the life of Pedro Obiang from West Ham he could have a breakout season as well as Philip Duricic and the Very explosive Alfred Duncan who is one of the most underrated players in all of Italian football they have quality in multiple areas a good goalkeeper and a defense that can hold themselves to a certain standard. They may not blow you away with the names that they have but collectively as a unit they can be very effective and can surprise some people. You take all the pieces they have together with a brilliant young manager in Roberto De zerbi and this team really has no limits how far they can go. They could potentially crack into the Europa League it would be a difficult challenge and I’m not sure they will do it but they have the potential to. There are some concerns within the team they’re lacking that cutting-edge that may be required for a European place but they have a lot of nice pieces in place to progress on what they accomplished last year. We will see some more progression from this team that could be a team to watch in the future they’re not quite where they need to be but I think this season will see more development and progression with a team with the potential to do some great things. Next year we’ll just be another stepping stone as I believe this team gets better.






8. Torino


Torino made Europe last year when no one expected them to. It was a tremendous season for the Turin Club. They finished seventh in the league last season and had one of the best defenses behind a very solid backline and the best goalkeeper last campaign Sylvester Sirigu. This summer they have done a pretty tremendous job of maintaining their team from last season. They are on the verge of making the Europa League group stage. Ultimately I think they will get it and that is why I believe Torino will find it difficult to recreate the success they had last season. It won’t be a drastic difference I have them dropping down one spot from where they finished a year ago. Even though Torino has maintained essentially everyone from their team last season they haven’t added anyone significant that will make me believe they can make an even bigger jump. However, with all that being said it’s still is an incredibly strong team that still have an opportunity to fight for Europe again but it will be more difficult this year. They have a team good enough to go deep in the Europa and I believe this club would want that opportunity. There’s a lot of to like about this team even though I have them drawing back a little bit they’re still capable of being very effective this season. As I mentioned it is a very strong defense with a goalkeeper capable of making every big save. He is protected by his backline by Amando Izzo Lorenzo di Silvestri Cristian Ansaldi as well as more depth at that position. Torino might not be the greatest offensive team but defensively they have all the tools and resources to be a top defensive team once again. This team also has a strong attack led by Andrea Belotti last year was a breakout season for the Italian scoring 17 goals in all competitions. Despite that, he has a shoulder of the load to carry he is by far Torino’s best offense of player and may not have a lot of help up front but they secured Simone Zaza on a permanent deal hopefully he can give Andrea Belotti the help he is looking for. I don’t have a lot of concerns because Belotti is capable of carrying the load he already has four goals this season in the Europa League qualifying rounds. I see him as a top scorer in this league once again. However, it still is a big load to carry even though he is capable of it but it is concerning especially if he has a run of bad forms at the wrong time. I’m more or less like what they have with this team my biggest concern is the Midfield. Daniele Baselli is an incredibly smart and effective player but outside of him they don’t have a lot of depth at that position and they could be exposed if they do not get a handle on it. You could argue that they could push Europe and I think that is a real possibility it’s going to be tough but it isn’t implausible. They will be in a fight for that final Europa League spots but for me, I’m afraid unless they win the Europa League they won’t be back in this competition next year. Another strong season but they pull back just a little bit.







There is very little separation between Atalanta and Lazio almost Inseparable in terms of quality and what they have to offer this season. Arguments could be made for both sides Lazio has the Europa League and an opportunity to win it meanwhile Atalanta is going to have to juggle a Champions League schedule which I’m not sure they’re ready for. It’s very difficult to decide between the two but all bias decide I have Lazio taking 7th. The fact of the matter is this I do realize Atalanta is going to be playing a Champions League schedule for the very first time this season it is going to be very difficult for them to maintain their spot in the Champions League this season I see them pulling back despite that they do have too much Firepower offensively for them to steep down this low. Lazio had a very disappointing campaign last season finishing all the way down in eighth place this season they will improve on that even if it is only slightly. As much as it pains me to say this Lazio have made some pretty decent signings this summer. They added a very important key to their Midfield with Manuel Lazzari from spal. The move will give their Midfield more depth this upcoming campaign they also have signed Dennis Vavro from Copenhagen as it will give Radu a valuable center-back partner. This is still a very strong team that is the troubling part the league has gotten so much stronger over the last couple of months that this may seem a little bit low for Lazio but their team just isn’t enough to finish higher than this. They have a lot of good pieces in place and they have the potential to overachieve and get into the Champions League but that’s easier said than done especially when we have seen all the teams in those places that have strengthened from last season. Their defense is an issue which is why they this still needs in those areas this summer even though they should improve in that area it still needs some work. Fortunately for Lazio Thomas Strakosha has remained in the capital. He is one of the better goalkeepers in Italy and he is absolutely essential for Lazio’s European Chase. In the Europa League, this team could do really well but in the league, I think they will struggle at points they quite easily could be in a European place this season they have the pieces together it’s whether or not they connect in the way everyone is depending on. A relatively strong Midfield that features Luis Alberto Correra and Milinkovic Savic who needs to have a breakout year once again after being somewhat disappointing last season. Then up front they have one of the most dangerous finishers in all of Italian football Ciro Immobile even though he’s getting older he must be consistently putting the ball in the back of the net if he fails to do so on a high cliff it’s hard to see them making Europe this season. They’ve made a lot of good moves and they put themselves in a great position and have a great coach, in the end, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to fulfill their aspirations. It will be a very productive season for Lazio but unless they win the Copa Italia like they did last season I see them missing out on Europe once again but are certainly capable of Europe none the less.

2 thoughts on “Serie A Preview Part 5: Pushing Europe 10-7 #601

  1. I agree with you. I don’t believe Fiorentina will get a European spot. However, if they place higher than last season, they’ll earn more prize money, so it’ll be good for them.


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