Fedrico Fazio Signs New Deal as Roma Maintain the leader In defense #604


Roma only continues to get ready for the season as Serie A kicks off this weekend. Roma has spent the last week solidifying their squad by constructing new contracts for several players. In fact, that is all they have done for the last week and a half they’ve been working behind the scenes to tie down important players for this upcoming campaign. They let the preseason play out before getting the deals done but ever since their preseason campaign has ended Roma sporting director Gianluca Petrachi has been working night and day getting these deals done rapidly as they wanted all the players extend and locked up before the start of the season. These type of contract extensions can take time but surprisingly they secured the deals rather quietly. Last week they extended the contract of Nicolo Zaniolo, Cengiz Under, and Edin Dzeko. This week Roma agreed to terms with Federico Fazio on an extension yet again getting the deal done rather quickly and quietly as it was not reported by anyone until he signed the contract itself. Federico Fazio is one of the most experienced defenders that Roma has on its team this season. It is still to be determined whether or not he will be the starter starting center back this upcoming season to play alongside Gianluca Mancini nonetheless this was a significant deal because of the experience and Leadership he brings to the side. The big argentine adds to the list of players that have been locked up ahead of the new campaign. Whether or not they bring in another Center back before the end of the transfer window has yet to be seen as it stands he will start Sunday’s game against Genoa. Since joining Roma from Spurs three seasons ago he has made 135 appearances scoring 11 goals. Federico Fazio only cost Roma 2.5 million and for two of his three seasons in the Roma colors, he was widely considered one of the best center backs in the league. He performed well last season but just not at the same level. Federico Fazio even further shows his commitment to Roma and the new project that lies ahead.


“It’s my second renewal with the club and I am incredibly pleased,” Fazio said.
“From the very first day here I have felt that the club has confidence in me, something that is important to every player.
“I’ve sensed that belief from everyone who works at Trigoria – a place I want to stay at for the long-term.”

“Federico is a key player within our squad, and because of that we are delighted to be able to extend his contract,” said club sporting director Gianluca Petrachi.
“We will be relying on his ability and his experience, qualities which will also be hugely important in the growth and development of our younger players.
“Federico will be a mentor for our defence and for our lads.”


Before Federico Fazio’s arrival in the capital, he enjoyed success in a very productive 7 years at Sevilla. He won the Europa League Copa del Rey and super cup during his time there. His career got lost in the wind when he joined Tottenham Hotspur he flopped in the Premier League but found his foot again in the Italian capital. Roma signed him on a loan with a purchase option for 2.5 million and an outrageous small price for how productive he was during that first season. Luciano Spalletti Roma side made history that season it was one of the best seasons Roma ever had in their history. They scored over 120 goals in all competitions behind the brilliance of Mo Salah& Edin Dzeko and Stephan El Shaarawy. They also secured 87 points which were the most points earned in Roma’s long history. That’s not to mention Edin Dzeko broke Roma’s single-season scoring records scoring 39 goals and winning the Golden Boot. Even though they didn’t win any trophies it was a record-breaking season. As result Fazio would be starting center back during that year he immediately became one of the best center backs in all of the Italian football he scored four goals in that first season was incredibly dangerous on pieces. That season he was one of the most underrated signing that year. The Following season Roma activated his by options purchasing him for the 2.5 million that was agreed. A lot of changes took place Francesco Totti had retired Roma had a new manager and Mohamed Salah and Antonio Rudiger left for Liverpool and Chelsea respectively. Roma was unable to maintain their same level of consistency they displayed the season before but none the less still had a very productive season in the league earning themselves third place and a Champions League spot. The most remarkable part of that season was the Champions League campaign which saw them make it to the semi-final that came along with a historical come back that will go down as one of the greatest moments in champions league history. Roma was drawn in the group of death that featured Athletico Madrid and Chelsea. Roma by surprise ended up winning the group largely behind two incredible results against Chelsea. In the first match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Roma trailed 2-0 but eventually found their way back into the game. The Equalizer turned out to be one of the greatest goals scored that season. Federico Fazio sent a cross from midfield that met the foot of edin Dzeko as the Bosnian smashed it into the back of the net in what turned out to be a 3-3 draw. The goal was fantastic but the assist from Federico Fazio was just as impressive having the accuracy and state of mind to send that cross. Roma beat Chelsea in the reverse fixture before ultimately winning the group. In the Knockout stage, they came from behind to beat Shakhtar Donetsk and then had a date with Leo Messi in Barcelona. Despite a strong performance, they lost 4-1. In the return fixture at the Stadio Olimpico, it was one of the greatest Champions League moments in history. Roma did the Impossible coming back from 4-1 down to beat Barcelona 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico. they ended up losing to Liverpool in the Semifinal. Federico Fazio again displayed a tremendous season as he continued to prove to be one of the best center backs in the league. This past season Roma were an absolute disaster failing to live up to expectations. They lacked consistency on an almost regular basis there were very few things to be looked at in a positive life especially given the expectation that this club has every season. For the first time in years, they failed in making the top three in what was a disastrous sixth-place finish for Roma. Federico Fazio still was good but made too many mistakes as well as the entire backline which is not the fault of the Argentine alone. Despite all that he scored five goals for Roma as he was one of the highest-scoring defenders in the league. We have seen Federico Fazio play like one of the best center backs in the league in two of the three seasons there’s no doubt in my mind that he can recreate this next year.


Federico Fazio will likely be the starting center back for Roma this season even if they sign Rugani which I do not want them to do. Fazio at this point is a better player and should be the starter. Roma brought in Gianluca Mancini the two of them are expected to play side-by-side which could be incredibly important. Mancini and Fazio are high-volume goal scorers for their position. Not to mention both are tall and big in stature it is going to be incredibly difficult to defend them on corner kicks because of this. This pairing has the potential to be incredibly productive this upcoming season. We saw for two seasons Federico Fazio was one of the best center backs in the league. With a new goalkeeper who will be able to communicate with his backline more effectively, we should see improvements. Even if Fazio can’t entirely recreate himself as we saw a few years ago he still can be a very good Defender even others issues he’s not the quickest but he has the defensive abilities that Roma certainly need this season. Even if he’s not at that level he still can be greatly effective because of his leadership skills. He has proven he can be a leader especially for the young team that surrounds them. Roma signed a lot of young players this summer his partner Gianluca Mancini is in his early twenties meanwhile Fazio is approaching his mid-thirties. Federico Fazio is likely to take him under his wing and Mentor him. Gianluca Mancini has so much potential at that position Fazio has done this for three consecutive seasons last season wasn’t his best but he knows the league extremely well. I believe that the two of them will gel and Fazio will be able to get the best out of Mancini this season. I will say this once and I will say it again he is better than Daniele Rugani they should ditch that transfer plan in the trash. Federico Fazio has shown loyalty to Roma since he’s arrived the clubs have now shown loyalty and commitment to him handing him a new contract that he deserved. 

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