Roma vs Genoa Talking Points #609


Roma opened the season last night as a new era began in the capital. Paulo Fonseca was appointed as the new manager of Roma as a different Roma truly begin on Sunday night. They hosted Genoa a team that had significantly strengthen from last season. It turned out to be an absolute thriller in what was a six-goal affair positives and negatives were highlighted in a 3-3 draw. Fonseca’s attacking football showed its promise as Roma looks absolutely lethal on the attack. Cengiz Under struck inside 10 minutes gave Roma the lead with a beautiful run inside the box before putting the ball in the back of the net to give Roma the 1-0 lead. They controlled the majority of the game but Genoa seemed to take advantage are their chances. Former Inter product Andrea Pinamonti took advantage of a defensive mistake to equalize making it 1-1. Roma retaliated with a response from Edin Dzeko. The Bosnian Striker pulled off one of the best goals he has ever scored. Taking the ball inside the Box avoiding a swarm of Genoa Defenders putting it into the bottom corner as Roma retook the lead. However, Genoa got back into the game yet again right before halftime following a horrendous Juan Jesus mistake as Genoa scored from the spot as Criscito equalized. Immediately to start the second half Alex Kolarov to made it 3-2 following a freak freekick. Roma finally had pulled away but miss-defensive assignment late in the game led Christian Kouamé scoring a diving header making it 3-3. Roma had several chances to close the game including one that was unfortunate not to find the back of the net as the points were spared in Rome on Sunday evening. It was a display of incredibly effective attacking football but defensive problems highlight Roma failing to get three points. The Derby is upcoming this week and Roma needs to sort it out because a loss next weekend would be unacceptable.


Roma’s Attack is Acid Fire

The biggest positive that can be taken from the draw was the effectiveness of the attack. Roma is going to score a lot of goals this season based on the way they play football. Roma has not had an attacking style manager in a long time the brand of football they played last night was something we have not seen for a very long time. Pablo Fonseca system incredibly favors an attacking style of football. It’s not just it was effective they were dangerous every time they came forward Roma are going to score on counter-attacks pretty regularly this season. There were multiple times in the game last night Roma had four players going forward and quite honestly could have scored more than three goals. That style of football will have some concerns because it can leave Roma a bit exposed at the back. However, if you just look at the way they played coming forward and getting into dangerous areas. They controlled the bulk of the possession they found the ways in which they can dictate their opponents. This attack is acid fire that is how effective this will be this season. It’s not just the way Roma play it’s the personal the team has and last night it worked perfectly with what Fonseca was trying to do to break down Genoa. Bryan Cristante and Lorenzo Pellegrini are some of the best passers in Italian football they dictated the Midfield got the ball onto the wing to the speedsters who got into incredibly dangerous areas. Cengiz Under and Justin kluivert maybe two of the quickest players in Italy. Not to mention they have Edin Dzeko in the striker position who is a clinical finisher when he gets good service. This is an attacking a minded system that will continue to improve as the familiarity with the team will get stronger. We haven’t seen that many new signings yet once in the talent is more included in this attack Roma have the chance to be one of the best-attacking teams in Europe. This is the same system that Pep Guardiola had trouble with. Last night we saw some incredible promise from this attack. Under and Kluivert have the potential to really explode on the wing and I believe Edin Dzeko can get 20-plus goals this season. Going forward everything seemed to click that is one part Roma that I am incredibly comfortable with throughout that game even when it Genoa equalized there was just a feeling that Roma was going to get another goal because of the velocity and aggression of the attack. Roma in the past had had issues dealing with clinical finishing in front of goal that will not be an issue at all this season this team is guaranteed goals Roma have other issues that need dealing with but this isn’t one of them.



Genoa’s Resilience 


Genoa is a team that when they’re at their best can be incredibly effective and hard to beat. They narrowly got relegated last season but this is not the same team they have improved massively and it showed last night. This very well could be the most improved team all of Italian football this season. The personality that they have in different areas has huge value. Will they finish top half maybe not but the potential is all there with the team they have to their disposal. For the first time in a long time, Genoa brought in players and improved their squad this team probably will not be in a relegation battle at all this season. I still think they have work to do defensively they were really bad last night especially on the Edin Dzeko goal where a swarm of Genoa defenders couldn’t stop a slow 33-year-old Striker. However, with all that being said they showed an unbelievable level of resilience. Roma had the lead on three different occasions. Genoa kept coming back. Genoa did benefit from some poor Roma’s poor defense but none the less they kept coming. They had a significantly less possession they just took advantage of opportunities. This is a team that can surprise you I know it’s just one game beyond that they have a real team now. Maybe not one that can challenge anything significant but a comfortable place in mid-table would be a very productive season for a team that has been in a relegation battle for the last 4 Seasons. They’ve escaped by the skin of their teeth multiple times they learned their lesson by bringing in players that can help them maintain stability this season. They deserve an enormous amount of credit for the way they fought against a significantly better team.



Defensive Issues 

EC2P9lIWwAE7lC5Last year Roma defensively was a huge problem it seems to still be an issue as they let go of a lead three separate times throughout the game. I got to give credit where it’s due late in the game Federico Fazio performed exceptionally well but as a group, they really struggled. All three goals could have been easily avoided. I said this last night and I’m going to reiterate it now this is a huge problem but there’s no need to panic the sky isn’t falling but the circumstances certainly are not encouraging. Roma sacrifices three separate leads at home. That’s the problem I have this is manageable Fonseca certainly knows what he’s doing he will find a way to get this group to be more productive and mistake-free going forward. You cannot make these mistakes in big moments like this. Genoa didn’t have very many chances but when they did they took advantage of them the reason why is because Roma gave them the opportunity the score on each occasion. The defense of errors and mishaps lead to all three goals. You cannot blame Pau Lopez for anything he did because the defense made it so difficult for him to stop anything because of different scenarios. Whether it was a lazy tackle that led to a penalty. Juan Jesus just not using his head on the play. I admire his leadership his passion and the way he always plays for the badge but beyond that, he can’t make that mistake at that moment. Roma was seconds away from halftime with lead had he not made that tackle you can’t say for certain whether or not Genoa would have scored. That’s not to take anything away from Genoa because they perform exceptionally well based on mistakes that Roma made they made this game a lot easier for them. On all three goals, defensive errors helped them get back into the game. It was an unacceptable defensive performance you cannot sacrifice three goals at home in which the way they did. Fonseca will have a plan to address this but Roma quite easily could have had three points last night the sky isn’t falling but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a problem.




 Kouame and Pinamonti Striker Parnership 

The biggest problem I thought Genoa would have this season was the lack of a goal-scoring threat. It is something they struggled with I felt it would struggle with this season again. That is the big question surrounding them whether or not they have players who can consistently find the back of the net regularly. To be a mid-table team you need least need one player who’s capable of scoring. There was a big uncertainty whether they can put it all together upfront. The Midfield and defense were less concerning the biggest problem were who’s going to score the goals and can they do it consistently. It is an incredibly small sample size based on last night they might have found the perfect strike partnership that was on display last night. The best players in the attack were Christian Kouamé and Andrea Pinamonti. They combined last season for eight League goals which frankly is not good enough to develop that consistency they will need within the team for them to achieve their expectations. Last night both players scored and did an exceptionally good job. Andrea Pinamonti the Inter Milan product is once again going to make that club pay for letting a young star go. Every time he got into the Roma box I started getting nervous he had that physicality and that clinical finishing ability. Even though the assist basically went to the Roma defense it was a superb finish to a great attack. Then Christian Kouamé delivered a late equalizer with a diving header in a crucial moment of the game. It is just one game but if these two can develop a repour with each other and have consistency on a regular basis this could be a very dangerous team. They might have found the goal-scoring duo they have been looking for after last night it looks that way.




Edin Dzeko’s Stellar Performance and Quality 



Edin Dzeko was one of the best performers this week as he thrived in Pablo Fonseca attack. It appears he will be incredibly crucial for Roma this season. All summer it was speculated the Edin Dzeko was going to leave for Inter Milan it never materialized and Edin Dzeko decided to extend his contract with Roma. After seeing the way he performed last night there is no doubt in my mind that it was the right decision ultimately. He thrives he showed quality in Foncesa’s attack last night and it showed his unbelievable value to the team. It wasn’t just the fact that he scored one of the best goals this weekend, in fact, it may have been the single best goal in Edin Dzeko’s career. The way he got into tight spaces being swarmed by Genoa Defenders and putting it in the bottom corner was incredibly special. The attack is not as fluid without Edin Dzeko. He is one of the best passing Strikers in Europe. He got balls into dangerous areas and his teammates thrived on them. In my opinion, it was an all-around performance by Edin Dzeko he was proved to be significantly one of the best players in the league this weekend. He delivered something incredibly special with that performance last night. The result may not have been what we would have liked but he was a catalyst of the Roma attack. His passing ability allowed fast quick players like Under and Kluivert get into space and found the ability to execute. Not only that it was another historical occasion for Edin Dzeko. After not scoring a goal at home until April of last season he scored his first goal of the season in the opener. It was his 88th goal for Roma which puts him 7th on Roma’s all-time scoring list. The longer he plays for this club the more history he makes within it. He has an opportunity to get into the top three. But it wasn’t because he made history last night it was a nearly flawless performance in this style of football he can recreate the consistency he showed a few years ago. One of the best players this week in the league significantly maybe not in terms of stats but in terms of impact and Effectiveness within the attack he was just special.

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